10 The Most Cool Glass Staircase Designs

Translucent Staircase

We all know how cool glass staircases look like. The easiest way to check that out by yourself is to visit some Apple stores that feature them. Although sometimes such staircases also could be found in the residential houses and lofts. There are different models of them from different combinations of glass and other materials. Although any glass staircase could become an unique and eye-catching feature of a house. Here are some design inspirations for you.


This translucent stair let enough natural light through to lighting the core of the three levels of the Laidley Street Residence in California designed by Zack DeVito Architecture.


This full-height glazed atrium definitely could become a stunning and eye-catching feature of any home. The use of glass in a main stairway creates an open-plan feel to a house, and as well as creating a focal point, this feature allows light into the very heart of your home.


This staircase was designed by Chistophe Moinat Design for the new studio of Ross Lovegrove in Notting Hill, London. It is made out of bladder-moulded glass fiber and carbon fiber.


The Mobirolo Nika Glass Staircase is a combination of triple laminate, toughened glass with modular steel central support spine.


This staircase is made of laser cut stainless steel structure with, toughened, triple laminate glass treads. It features acid etched glass nosings with LED lighting. Here is some info about it.


This suspended glass and stainless steel staircase is a part of Glass House designed by Nico Van Der Meulen Architects.


This staircase with glass railings and black steps is part of The Ansley Park Glass House by BLDGS Architects.


This is a staircase in a Berkeley home designed by Craig Steely. It isn’t completely made of glass but the glass definitely stands out.


These cool glass and wood staircase design is done by Siller. It’s stylish, simple and minimalist so it could fit in any modern living space.


This staircase with glass railings is located in La Finca 4 House in Somosaguas by A-cero.

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Staircase With Glass Railings
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Wood And Glass Staircase
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Glass Staircase
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Full Height Glazed Arthrium Stair
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Staircase With Glass Railing And Black Steps
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Glass Stair
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Beatiful Molded Glass Spiral Staircase
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Triple Laminate Toughed Glass Staircase
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Glass Staircase With LEDs