24 Rooms in 344 Square Foots Apartment

rooms apartment sliding panels

If you think in metric system like I do you may think that 344 sq ft is a big space although it isn’t so. It’s just 31 sq m so having there 24 rooms is absolute record of space saving projecting. Gary Chang made that possible by using shifting wall units suspended from steel tracks bolted into the ceiling. These “rooms” hide a lot of luxury and high tech stuff that make that home not just “saving space solution” but also a great place to live in Hong Kong. For example, there are extra-large Duravit bathtub, steam room with color therapy and massage, the Toto toilet has a heated seat and remote control bidet and so on. The interior design has science-fiction quality of the color scheme — mostly black and silver, washed in eerie yellow light. Mr. Chang uses a hydraulic Murphy bed of his own design, hidden behind a sofa during the day.

24 rooms apartment

24 rooms apartment sliding panels

24 rooms apartment hall

24 rooms apartment 344 foot

24 rooms apartment interior

24 rooms apartment murphy bed

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rooms apartment hall
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