5 Cool Bathtubs with Built-In TVs

Red Diamond Bathtub

Buying a bathtub with built-in TV is usually one of the most expensive ways to put TV in your bathroom. Although it’s also the most aesthetic and comfortable one. The TV usually comes waterproof and it’s close enough to get the full experience from watching movies or cable. There are plenty models on the market that vary a lot. Some of them are stylish substitutions to usual tubs for one while other ones could provide enough space for several people to enjoy a spa-like experience. Here are bathtubs with built-in TVs that we find the most cool ones.

TV Tub by Karim Rashid


The TV Tub is designed by Karim Rashid for Saturn Bath Company of Korea with a built-in waterproof television. The TV is incorporated organically into the shape and design of the tub. The oval tub is made out of liquid acrylic resin. {SBK}

Red Diamond by Water Games Technologies


Red Diamond is an ultra-luxurious bathtub from Water Games Technologies that comes with two waterproof 42-inch dual HDTV. It’s designed by Aldo Puglielli and features massage, multicolor lighting, Swarosvki-encrusted champagne holders, GSM module to make calls, and some others cool things. {WGT}

Strip bathtub by Aquamass


The Strip bathtub is designed by Michel Boucquillon for Aquamass. It features smooth, elegant, minimalist curves and made of cristalplant – a mixture of natural materials and resin. It features a built-in TV on its side. {Aquamass}

Luxor by Divapor


Luxor by Divapor is an ultimate massage whirlpool bathtub for two people. It features a 14″ LCD screen with video input so you can watch anything from DVD to Sky or cable while soaking away stress and aches in the comfort of your own home. {Divapor}

La Scala Tub by Jacuzzi


La Scala is a relaxing and entertainment centre in one. It features a 42-inch high-definition Plasma monitor and powerful surround sound system. Besides, it features hydrotherapy jets, underwater lighting, DVD/CD/AM/FM stereo system and a floating remote control. There is space for two in it. {Jacuzzi}

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Luxor Bathtub With 14 Inch Tv
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La Scala Jacuzzi Tub
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Tv Tub By Karim Rashid
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Strip Bathtub