5 Hi-Tech Toilets and Toilet Seat Covers

Aqualet Hi Tech Toilet

Technology become more and more sophisticated day after day and it modifies even bathrooms. Hi-Tech toilets came to us from Japan and become more and more popular. They features such devices that allow to wash and dry your bottom, open and close covers without touching them, check your blood pressure, heat a seat, play your music and provide bowls with light. Even though all these features make such toilets a bit pricy but it is the 21st century and probably it’s time to enjoy all new technologies.

Washlet by TOTO


The Giovannoni WASHLET is just the latest stage in the evolution of TOTO’s WASHLET toilet and Clean Technology programmes. FoStefano Giovannoni’s design has been achieved with no sacrifice of technology, and still features a self-cleaning washing wand, a heated seat, a deodoriser and remote control, as well as TOTO’s revolutionary rimless toilet design, Tornado Flush and CeFiONtect coating in keeping with the company’s Clean Technology mantra. The Giovannoni WASHLET successfully captures both the essence of Italian style and the sophistication of Japanese bathroom culture. { TOTO }

SensoWash by Duravit


SensoWash is a range of shower-toilet seats that was designed specifically to meet the needs of today’s users. They offer greater quality of life for a contemporary, uncomplicated and sustainable lifestyle; a new sense for design, comfort and purity. { Duravit }

Autoclose by Pressalit


AutoClose is an automatic toilet seat cover by Pressalit. It features a built-in sensor that keeps the toilet cover open when a user is present, and will gently close the cover when the user leaves the area. It’s also equipped with a soft close feature that will lower the seats automatically as you wash your hands. { Pressalit }

Aqualet by New Linea


Aqualet toilet by New Linea Italia combines a futuristic design with hi-tech features. It has wall-mounted design and a side control gives you possibilities to operate the toilet’s functions, like built-in bidet. { New Linea }

Fountainhead by Kohler


With its clean, contemporary design, the Fountainhead toilet combines superior functionality and enhanced comfort with the inclusion of a heated toilet seat ring and integrated bowl lighting. With just a slight touch the user can actuate the automatic seat and ring opening or closing. Additionally, the toilet will automatically flush when the toilet seat lid is closed. { Kohler }

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Washlet By Toto
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Sensowash By Duravit
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Autoclose By Pressalit
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Fountainhead By Kohler