Antler Holders and Hooks To Decorate Your Home

Antler Book Holder

If you do enjoy looks of antler chandeliers you will definitely enjoy products by Antler & Co design studio. If you even have one at your home then you can easily provide it with company. The studio has three different products in different sizes that all serve one purpose – storage. Natural deer antlers are perfect to use as hooks, hangers and holders. Besides all of them are original and unique that makes them perfect elements of living space decor. Here are studio’s products we’re talking about:

  • Dewey Decimal is a holder that can support your books or some other things.
  • Modern Mobile provides you with nice alternative to hiding your art behind glass. It allows them to breath and allows you to show them on your wall.
  • Hanger Holder provides you with a place to hang your hat or cloth.
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Antler Hooks
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Antler Hanger
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Antler Hanger