Flexible Shower Enclosures with Hinged Doors And Panels – New Eauzone Plus by Matki

Matki Eauzone Plus Bespoke

New Matki EauZone Plus showers by Matki gives you a total freedom to choose the right size of an enclosure to best suited for your bathroom. The door and panels can be tailored to your exact requirements by combining the vast selection of standard door and panel sizes. The company also could create panels of the size especially you need. With new enclosures you can make wall to wall showers, corer showers and showers for open recess. Each shower usually consists of hinged door with hinge and inline panels that all are made from 10mm glass. If you’re search for flexible, safe and contemporary looking solution for your bathroom then new Eauzone Plus showers might be an interesting choice for you. { Matki }

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Matki Eauzone Plus Wall To Wall
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Matki Eauzone Plus Clear Corner
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Matki Eauzone Plus Open Recess
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Matki Eauzone Plus Corner Shower