Futuristic IKEA Kitchen from 2040

Ikea Kitchen

Can you imagine how kitchens would look like in 2040? IKEA visualized its vision for a kitchen of future. The “SKARP” concept has been designed after 2,000 people were surveyed on how kitchens would look like in 2040. The picture below shows how hi-tech kitchens would look like and what gizmos they would feature.

  1. Food is grown on this shelf without soil.
  2. 3D food printer
  3. Fridge, with an interactive 3D screen.
  4. Multi-touch tap.
  5. Self-cleaning surfaces.
  6. This tool displays nutritional info of ingredients.
  7. Remote-controlled cooker.
  8. Retractable shelves.
  9. Height-adjustable cabinets.
  10. Energy monitor.
  11. Genetically-engineered food.
  12. Roll-out chopping boards and draws.
Source: Engadget