How To Design A Yellow Kitchen: Gorgeous and Comfortable


Yellow-colored kitchens or dining rooms seem to be very cozy. It is nice to have a good time there, enjoy a family meal and chat to your friends leisurely. This color has a very valuable advantage – it visually zooms little space if you have a small kitchen or it makes your one posh and modern if it is more spacious.

The yellow kitchen is the best remedy for cloudy weather, depression and bad mood, especially in winter. It can also elate you with its warm and energetic tints in spring.

Yellow is the active color. It stimulates the appetite and arouses producing of gastric juices. If you keep to a diet and struggle against the temptation to have a snack, don’t test your organism – it would be better to choose another color, neutral and safe for your figure.

But there can be smartly used yellow accents in the neutral kitchen.  They will make a quiet interior brighter and more expressive. As a variant, you can use mustard-yellow or cool yellow-gray tints.

The color palette of yellow tints is very diverse. Among them you will find one that evokes only your pleasant sensations without a fail. Delicate, translucent tints of yellow will fit the kitchen design rather naturally. For example, classic cream or goldish. They will rejoice you for many years without any efforts. That’s why these tints fit any kitchen furniture in the best way.

The kitchen in yellow is a felicitous combination.

One of the most appropriate color combinations for a positive interior is the composition of bright rich yellow and shining plain white, creamy or milky colors.

Yellow can be perfectly supplemented with many vivid and expressive colors and tints:

  • any tints of green
  • gray and silvery
  • blue
  • pink
  • quiet red
  • brown
  • black

Golden-yellow plus red can impart a light oriental note. Such interior looks gorgeous and comfortable. Yellow plus brown is a naturally harmonious combination.

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Source: Coralz