25 Cool Ideas To Create A Fancy Kitchen Look

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Kitchen is often the heart of the house, here families cook, talk, have fun, communicate, have meals together and even receive guests. How to make your kitchen look fancy so that every time you entered it you enjoyed the look and felt inspired to cook a masterpiece?


One of the ideas with greatest impact is rocking colored cabinetry, and here I mean not just bold or dark cabinets – many kitchens feature that, I mean non-traditional and out of the box colors. These can be creative shades of blue like peacock, various shades of green like olive or mint, fresh shades of pink or even rust – it depends on what you like. Not sure of the chosen color? Rock two toned cabinetry using some neutral shade, bring in some light-stained wood or rattan, that will create a contrast and the new color won’t be overwhelming.

Kitchen Islands

A kitchen island is another thing that can change the look of the kitchen and it can change it a lot. Rock a unique kitchen island that stands out with its style, colors, design or whatever else you want – this is a hot trend still on, many homeowners incorporate vintage pieces of furniture to create a personalized look. If you don’t know what to choose or don’t want any drastic changes, add a waterfall countertop of some bold stone to the existing kitchen island and voila – the effect will be amazing!


A beautiful chandelier or a pendant lamp will accent your kitchen a lot making it stand out at once. You can have a very neutral or minimal kitchen and a bold chandelier will highlight the design a lot and show off the style. Think vintage crystal chandeliers to give a refined feel to the space, or some scaled pendant lamps, petal chandeliers and much more depending on the style, look and touches you wanna add. Choose not only a light source but also a fantastic accessory!


A bold backsplash is another great idea to refresh the kitchen look easily giving it any feel you want. Skip traditional solutions like subway tiles and go for a jaw-dropping geometric tile backsplash, a bright wallpaper one covered with glass, a shiny metal backsplash that is very practical or a colorful tile backsplash or a trendy terrazzo for a touch of fun. Get inspired!

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a non typical shade of green plus grey stone countertops make the kitchen look unusual and very bold
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a white and peacock blue kitchen is a very eye catchy idea, unusual wooden handles add to the space and make it wow
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a modern pastel kitchen done in soft pink, with a catchy pendant lamp and a white square tile backsplash
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a gold kitchen with a black stone backsplash and a countertop plus a white minimalist kitchen island for a jaw dropping look
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a beautiful pastel kitchen with mint green cabinets, touches of pink, copper and a geometric rug shows off a cool color combo
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a beautiful teal kitchen with white stone countertops and a white tile backsplash and touches of gold looks bold
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a bright kitchen with blue cabinetry, terrazzo countertops, a backsplash and a kitchen island and coral touches is amazing
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a refined neutral colored kitchen with a jaw dropping kitchen island with a waterfall countertop and stunning gold and sheer glass chandeliers
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a navy kitchen with brass handles and pendant lamps, a fantastic waterfall kitchen island in black and white and striped stools
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a farmhouse white kitchen with a unique vintage rich stained wooden kitchen island and a large metal chandelier looks wow
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a white minimalist kitchen with a white stone backsplash and countertops, black fixtures and a gilded kitchen island for a statement
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an elegant dove grey kitchen with a pink stone kitchen island, whimsy black and gold stools and gold pendant lamps
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a minimal black kitchen with a shiny metal kitchen island that brings a glam feel to the space and make it stand out a lot
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a refined vintage inspired kitchen in white, with a bold blue cooker, a white marble backsplash, crystal chandeliers and a vintage desk as a kitchen island
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a contrasting graphite grey and white kitchen with gold handles and matching gold globe pendant lamps looks chic
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a stylish color combo of dove grey and green, with light stained wooden countertops and a leather petal chandelier
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pendant bulbs and a drftwood chandelier with matching bulbs plus blue cabinetry for an absolutely innovative coastal kitchen look
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a stylish black and white contemporary kitchen with jaw dropping gold scale pendant lamps is jaw dropping
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amazing wooden bead chandeliers, rattan stools make this white kitchen glam, chic and very outstanding
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a black kitchen with a beautiful geometric ombre tile backsplash that is a whole masterpiece in here
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a chic white kitchen with brass handles, wall sconces and a statement black and white geometric tile backsplash
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a minimalist white kitchen with a tropical leaf backsplash, green pendant lamps and touches of green here and there
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a modern glam kitchen in white, with a gold geometric backsplash and a catchy geometric pendant lamp to rock
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a white kitchen accented with white long tiles and grey grout plus a light stained wooden hood for more coziness
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an olive green kitchen with black handles and a very eye catchy rust and white geometric print backsplash that stands out