How To Create A Mediterranean Interior: 27 Ideas

how to create a mediterranean interior 27 ideas cover

Mediterranean style is rather popular for decor today: it’s very relaxing and chic, and it’s absolutely timeless. Such a style reminds of cool vacations somewhere on the coast, and it’s great to decorate any space of your home, whether it’s a beach house or not, and if you miss the beach holidays, there’s nothing better! Wanna know how to incorporate this style into your home decor? Here are some cool ideas.


First of all, choose the right colors, which characterize this style. These are various shades of blue and green, brown and of course whitewashed surfaces. Everything seems to be whitewashed with sea breeze and sun beams. If the decor seems too boring to you, don’t worry, you can always make it interesting with textures: add rough wood, whitewashed brick, jute and sisal. Such materials feel natural, sea-inspired and look eye-catchy, and even if your space is all-white or cream, you will highlight it with textures.

a mediterranean bedroom features whitewashed brick and tiles on the floor, everything is white except for bedding
rough brick on the ceiling, white walls and whitewashed wooden floors, greys and white
a modern Mediterranean bathroom look is achieved with rough concrete, wood and wicker baskets
the living room is done in white, greys and a beautiful shade of blue, the panelstops the show
the main shade here is cream, there's a touch of rough wood and wooden beams on the ceiling
if white seems too boring to you, you can play with textures adding jute, wood and brick
everything is whitewashed here, and the accents are made with an art piece and a pallet coffee table
Spanish inspired ktichen in soft shades, with tiles and a rough wood ceiling with beams, a wicker basket on the hood
the terrace is done with a white hearth decorated with azulejo tiles and rough wood furniture


The furniture should be very simple, no refined touches or too bright colors. You can go for white or whitewashed pieces, natural shades of wood and something like that. Wicker furniture is welcome! As for upholstery, it can be in the same shades that are characteristic for Mediterranean style or just white or creamy. You may add shabby chic and rustic touches, or go for vintage looks – some patina and shabby chic stuff. If it’s an outdoor space, you can always go for whitewashed brick or stone benches with blue printed or creamy upholstery.

a stunning shabby turquoise sideboard and matching vases scream Mediterranean
rough wood and wicker furniture is characteristic of this style, so you can take it for every space
pallet furniture with blue printed upholstery and pillows is cool for the terrace
wooden furniture with creamy upholstery is traditional for Mediterranean style
very simple furniture with white upholstery is right what you need
wiker daybeds with blue print uoholstery is right what you need for an outdoor space
if it's an outdoor space, you can make benches of whitewashed bricks or concrete
a carved wood bed with blue printed bedding is perfect for a Mediterranean feel in your bedroom
a modern white upholstered bed, rustic and shabby wooden beams and floors
a laconic Mediterranean bedroom with a platform bed and nightstands


Besides textures, you can spruce up your space with bold or just eye-catchy accessories that match the style. For Mediterranean style these can be sea treasures, azulejo tiles, which are so popular and traditional for Mediterranean style – you can see them in many Mediterranean cities, they cover houses and even streets. Decorative plates and plain baskets are also a great idea to apply to any space, not only a kitchen. You can create whole arrangements of baskets or plates to add a colorful accent to your space.

the mantel is decorated with corals, shells, pebbles and straw hats on the wall add to the decor
the stairs are decorated with traditional blue and white azulejo tiles
colorful wicker baskets and matching rugs to decorate the entryway
shabby aqua pots with a touch of rust look amazing in a Mediterranean interior
wicket baskets, a wicker lamp, shabby vases and natural wood touches add to the white space
fish shaped and painted dishes and plates are perfect for a Mediterranean dining space
aqua, blue and turquoise glass bottles with shells and herbs for a Mediterranean arrangement
blue and green decorative plates styled on the wall of a dining room