Modern Bathroom Faucet Inspired By Japanese Bamboo Fountains

Noah's shape is inspired by traditional Japanese bamboo fountains

In modern design every detail and touch can change the space and even make a statement. A drapery, an accent table, a chair or any other piece can make your room rock. In a bathroom it can be a towel stand, a bathtub, a sink stand or even a faucet. Modern faucets have almost become an art – lighting ones, sculptural ones, bold ones, they are here not only to fulfill their function but also strike with their appearance and polish your bathroom look.

Today we are going to share one of such faucet designs. The Noah brings the intuitive action of ‘tipping over’ to the faucet. The faucet has been associated with the twisting action since time immemorial, but something about the Noah makes it intuitive to use, and a pleasure too!

The tap has a temperature regulator on the top that can be twisted 90 degrees to cycle between hot and cold. Then you just tip the horizontal pipe over and the water comes gushing out. Convenient and unconditionally pretty!

The design is laconic and modern – a black pipe, which can fit any modern bathroom. It was originally inspired by the shape of traditional Japanese bamboo fountain but it was given a more modern look. It can be used for industrial, minimalist or masculine bathrooms, and its freestanding design is right what you need to make a stylish statement.

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Noah brings tipping over function
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Noah in different positions
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temperature regulation
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Noah in a modern bathroom with a view
Source: yankodesign