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flor carpet 09 trend

Carpet is a part of home interiors for a long long time. Although in many modern interior designs ceramic tiles and wooden floors aren’t covered by anything in order to archive minimalist look. Flor has come up with so great carpet designs that they could become great addition to such interiors. They usually are quite small and have fashionable colors. Thanks to that modern, minimalist interior won’t be spoiled with Flor carpet but it even will become better.

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Luminous Metallics

That’s FLOR 2009 trend prediction. Sophistication and glamour come together with these stylish and subtle stripe tones topped off with a slight metallic sheen. The surface is soft cut pile with a velvety smooth finish.

flor carpet 2009 trendflor carpet 09 trend

Side by Side

Big, bold, black-and-white stripes are never out of fashion. Large regular stripes of white are contrasted against a super smooth, closely-cropped background of velvety black. They are great accompaniment for every black and white interior.

side by side flor carpetblack and white flor carpet

Take A Ribbing

Look closely or you’ll miss those subtle lines of ribbing cutting across the surface. Your feet can feel what your eyes may miss the pleasant variations in depth of those softly etched ribs. Take A Ribbing is the carpet with very interesting texture.

take a ribbing red flor carpettake a ribbing slate flor carpet

Square Dance

Bold geometric of velvety-cut pile softness, Square Dance area rugs can be arranged in a circle pattern or as a pinwheel of contrasting colors. Each rug comes in four tiles that, when laid together, create one individual circle outlined in a complementary color. Or, lay tiles in a quarter-turn pattern to create a pinwheel effect.

square dance tan brown flor carpetsquare dance blue brown flor carpet

Hello Down There and Skully

The first carpet is FLOR’s version of the view from the top: a photo-satellite view of action-packed city streets printed on soft, smooth, very short cropped velvet. The six tiles come together to form a seamless cityscape in a single rug.
The second one consist of white skulls whimsically dance across a deep, rich black background. The combination of cut and loop fibers brings Skully to “after”-life. Multiple tiles join easily so everyone keeps their heads together.

hello down there flor carpetskully flor carpet

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flor carpet 2009 trend
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black and white flor carpet
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side by side flor carpet
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take a ribbing red flor carpet
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take a ribbing slate flor carpet
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square dance blue brown flor carpet
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hello down there flor carpet
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flor carpet house pet
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flor carpet little late of this
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flor carpet ripple bw
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flor carpet stampede bw
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flor carpet tuxedo stripe bw
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flor carpet twist and shout
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