408 The Coolest Kitchen Designs Of 2019

Here are the coolest kitchen designs that we showed on DigsDigs in 2019. Btw, don’t miss the coolest kitchen designs of the previous year. They are great too!

  • A small kitchen always has its advantages: it’s cozier, you don’t need to look for different things for long because everything is at hand. Here are ideas to design a stylish one.
  • Let’s see how to dress up your kitchen in Nordic style with minimalist or vintage style in mind.
  • The most common thing for a masculine kitchen is dark colors like black or gray, and then just choose furniture and accessories according to your style and that’s it. Here are great examples showing how to do that.
  • Lets see how to fashion eclectic kitchens that function beautifully while perfectly reflecting your tastes and personality.
  • A galley kitchen is a kitchen that consists of two parallel runs of units forming a central corridor, it’s derived from the kitchens on ships. Here are ideas to design one.