Upcycled Sweetness: Unique Jeans Label Rug

PD Design, Polytuft, 2013. © Sven Persson / Swelo.se

Scandinavian design company Kings of Sweden created an area rug that is about as unique as you can get. Made from a random blend of upcycled jeans labels collected from around the world, the finished result is a global design with a myriad of untold stories to tell.The patchwork variations of muted colors and patinas means the Jeans Label carpet blends easily into any color scheme. Manufactured by Polytuft, the creatively fun Jeans Label rug is 100% jeans labels on the front with a backing of cotton. Available in two sizes – 140x200cm or 160x240cm these Kings of Sweden designed carpets are the perfect art piece for your floor.

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Upcycled Sweetness Unique Jeans Label Rug
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Upcycled Sweetness Unique Jeans Label Rug