Vintage-Inspired Delft Tiles Collection In Blue And White


Dutch Delftware is beautiful blue and white pottery and it inspired Sara Baldwin from New Ravenna Mosaics for creation of the Delft Collection. She has created five new mosaics depicting floral, 17th century French Chinoiserie, and classical Roman pineapple border designs. Such a color combination was popular all over Europe and also in the East, so every person would see something interesting it the collection. Beautiful mosaic tiles are great for any modern kitchen or bathroom and are available in jewel glass or natural stone. In glass it is suitable for vertical interior installations. In stone, the mosaics can be installed indoors or out on both floors and walls.

Acanthus Kitchen Backsplash
Vintage Inspired Delft Tiles Collection In Blue And White
Pineapple People Jewel Glass Mosaic
Chinoiserie Jewel Glass Mosaic
Aurelia Jewel Glass Mosaic

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