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15 The Most Unusual Lounge Chairs In The World

Wed, Dec 31, 2008 | Chairs | By Mike |
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Usually the lounge chair is the chair that is long enough to support the legs. Usually they are pretty comfortable have a cool but similar design and costs a fortune. Although there are some exclusions from this rule. The design could be unique and even weird. Here are some great examples:

Bath Tub Lounge Chair

Seatub - bath tub shaped lounge chair

Seatub - bath tub shaped lounge chair

The lounge chair has bath tub’s shape. It’s idea is to clean lines between hot relaxing bath and comfortable sitting in living room. The Seatub was designed by London based Baek-Ki Kim.

seatub lounge chair

Splash Lounge Chair by Michael Wendel

Splash lounge chair

Splash lounge chair

The chair idea is inspired by macro photos of water splashes. It has clean white color so it more milk thank water splash. It’s made from sanded down fiberglass, then coated with Bondo.

splash chair

Bonechaise lounge chair

Bonechaise Lounge Chair

Bonechaise Lounge Chair

Designed by Joris Laarman based on the starting point of a chair created by evolution. The bonechaise, as the name suggests, is based on the evolving nature of bones to take away material where it is not needed. The result is an organic, tree-like shape that would lovingly contain you.

bonechaise chair

bonechaise chair

Roman Sculpture Chair

If you love classic you will love Capitello. Capitello can be used for seating or as a stand alone sculpture, indoors our outdoors! This cult classic from 1971 adds a witty accent to any indoor and outdoor space: lounge, terrace, cafe, waiting room. You can buy it for $980 here.

roman sculpture chair

Zero Gravity Chair by Stokke

stokke gravity balance chair

This chair is closest to zero-gravity you can get (presumably without actually going into space and experiencing it there, together with freeze-dried food and suits that invariably make you look fat). The Gravity chair can rest in a variety of positions depending on your mood or task; from upright as an office chair to rocked right back for those noon-time naps. The price for it is $2310 from Stokke.

stokke gravity chair

stokke gravity lounge chair

Birdy Chair

birdy chair

Birdy chair is a great addition to any modern interior. It’s produced by Homebasic and each copy is handmade of wood, liana and leather. The dried liana is made flexible and easy to handle by hot water steam and wrapped on the frame made of wood. When the liana is dried again it is very strong and hard to break.

Pod Modern Lounge Chair

pod lounge chair

Pod lounge chair gives you the secluded feeling of being included in a protective circular shell. It is made up of lightweight, structural foam with a marine grade vinyl exterior from WeatherTex. It is both durable and seemingly luxurious. The chair is available for sale fromFrontGate for $3995.

Soft Pipe Lounge

soft pipe lounge

If you are interested in ultra-modern, minimalist and/or industrial design, the Soft Pipe Lounge is a piece of furniture worth a close look. The seat was designed by Samanta Snidaro and Andrea Fino and made from large iron pipes and has a soft, but not exactly plush, leather cover over the actual seat area of the chaise.

soft pipe lounge chair

Tour de France Lounge Chair

tour de france chair

Low slung and whimsical, the Tour De France lounge chair translates into functional, useable art. Ingeniously handcrafted from both recycled and new bicycle pieces, this unique sculpture merges form, comfort and fun.

tour de france lounge chair

“Barca” Lounge Chair

barca lounge chair

One of the two winners of the prestigious ‘Gold Leaf’ honor at the International Furniture Design Awards in Japan, this ash ?Barca? lounge-chair was designed and made by Jakob Joergensen. The piece was made by sliding the identical ash boards around to form this semi-spherical beautiful shape.

Rotating Chair 777

lounge chair 777

Chair 777 is a concept by German based design group Die Fabrik. The chair is organic in design and can be rotated into three different positions, depending on the mood of the user ? a lounge chair, stool and regular upright chair.

chair 777

Laminate Plywood Lounge Chair by Julia Krantz

Laminated plywood lounge chair

Laminated plywood lounge chair

Julia Krantz produces furniture and vessels that are exceptionally elegant and masterfully handcrafted. This lounge chairs collection is made from stack-laminated plywood. Combining the design of wooden furniture with an environmental concern is one of the main characteristics of Julia Krantz?s work.

plywood lounge bed chair

Bouloum Lounge Chair

bouloum man lounge chair

The chair has human body shape and could be great addition to other human-like furniture pieces like cd holders which I already covered. The Bouloum lounge chair was named after a childhood friend of its designer, Olivier Mourgue, who took the charismatic seat with him when he traveled. As comfortable as it is provocative, one simply must experience the Bouloum to fully understand it. But be warned… once experienced, you will simply have to have one of your own…for about $950.

Teddy Bear Chair

teddy bear chair

Swedish designer, Matti Klenell created this huge chair from a huge teddy bear. Although it looks not so happy as teddy bears should.

Red Flower Chair

Shaped like a beautiful flower this chair can add some color to a room. If you also love flowers than this chair will be a great addition to your room.

red flower chair

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Old Comments

  1. Ena Says:

    Amazing! Birdy chairs, teddy bear chairs and red flower chairs are great addition to any modern interior.

  2. Chrissy Says:

    I love the Splash Lounge chair!

  3. m Says:

    where can I find red flower chair?

  4. m Says:

    Frpm where can I shop red flower chair?

  5. Sunidhi Says:

    Wow… another experience in luxury lounging..

  6. Shannon Says:

    apparently the red flower chair is made my Modis… it comes in blue and yellow i believe as well.


  7. SACHIN Says:

    in modern design concept, i love few like- Bath Tub Lounge Chair,Splash Lounge Chair, Bonechaise lounge chair.
    and few more-Birdy Chair, “Barca” Lounge Chair, Rotating Chair 777….
    all of them are good for modern interior.
    i would like to see more good stuff……….


    I love more an more ur feather Desine to next Generation an i want to deal with ur company


    I love more an more ur feather Desine to next Generation an i want to deal with ur company pls contact me sir

  10. Chelsea Says:

    I love the red flower chair! And I read above me it comes in blue, which is my favorite color. Very interesting chairs, most interesting is probably the bath tub chair…who would want that?

  11. Kristian Says:

    Chair 777 is a plywood-rip-off of Verner Pantons Phantom chair (1998).

  12. vepras Says:


  13. Jay Rathod Says:

    Its like i never seen this kind of chairs before in my life
    I am really happy to see this, I’ll buy rotate777 for my house

  14. MonsterMunch Says:

    iii realy loik the tedday choir

  15. ryan Says:


  16. Isa Says:

    I love the Splash chair. These are all very cool, although a lot of them look pretty damned uncomfortable.

  17. jumbo lemon Says:

    these chairs are shit i want to take a dump on them the owners should kill themselves please kill urself please

  18. jumbo lemon Says:

    kill all the jews they have had enough fun.

  19. Airaloske Says:

    that teddy bear chair is just waiting for a pedobear reference…

  20. ghasem Says:

    HI I woud like to have more information about Zero Gravity Chair by Stokke.


  21. ghasem Says:

    HI I woud like to have more information about Zero Gravity Chair by Stokke.

  22. Susy Says:

    Where can I find the outdoor chair on Barney and Friends that looks like an “S” , spins on a post and seats two people sort of facing each other, looks like a parlor conversation chair or kissing chair?

  23. babar Says:


  24. Spinner Says:

    i love special needs

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