A Dining Table And An Art Object In One

Inspiring nature again! The dining table Fili D’ Erba by Reflex is inspired by plants as its name means ‘stems of herbs’. Isn’t it a masterpiece? All the parts of the table are made of solid handblown glass from the island of Murano. The base is composed of three glass legs and air bubbles glisten within the glass. The top is transparent and the legs are available in several combinations: blue, turquoise, frosted white; emerald green, grass green, frosted white; Black, grey, frosted white; all frosted white; rugiada Murano glass; gold and murrine. So you can choose your own colors to match your dining room. The base is 29″ high. I think it’s not just a piece of furniture but also an art object. Are you impressed by this table as I am?

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