Amazing Colorful Glass Mosaic Tiles – Vetrina by Mosaico+

Mosaic tiles are one of the most attractive wall coverings. Thanks to a very small size of the tiles you could create a great composition by pieces with different hues. You could also use such tiles as wall decorative element and combine it with ceramic tiles of more big size. New range Vetrina by Italian company Mosaico+ is an awesome example of mosaic tiles. Its biggest advantage is a very large selection of colors: 72 chromatic hues in a glossy finish and 32 opaque matt ones. All colors are based on a precise reference to the Pantone® system, which is universal chromatic standard. That allows to easy find the right color that would match with other ceramic tiles and the whole interior design. The size of the one glass tile is 10×10 mm and before to become a wall decoration these tiles are mounted on berglass sheet of 327 x 327 mm. Of course mosaic tiles are more difficult to fix than usual ceramic wall tiles but these glass tiles can create an amazing energizing effect and give unlimited creative freedom. More information you could find on Mosaico+ site.

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