Awesome Bathroom Washbasins – Washtrend by Alicrite

We’d like to show you the awesome collection, Washtrend, designed by Carlo Colombo for Alicrite. This is the collection of modern and very beautiful washbasins, which are presented in different kinds. You could find as a high freestanding washbasin as a compact bathroom vessel among products from Washtrend. Although all of them are united by stylish and at the same time original design. Unusual finishes stand out all these washbasins from other modern ones. The silver freestanding washbasin perfectly fits not only for modern, but also for any luxurious and opulent bathroom design. The black and white lay-on vessel could amazingly suits to any trendy black and white bathroom. Any of these presented washbasins could add a stylish and unique touch to any bathroom. You could find the further information on Alicrite site.

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