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Black And White Ceramic Tiles By Versace

Sat, May 9, 2009 | Ceramic tiles | By Margarita

Versace is perfect at all, even at creating ceramic tiles. Collaboration between Gianni Versace and Gardenia-Orchidea has generated and offered to consumers several awesome collections of ceramic tiles. Among them are collections for people who like black and white design and search for high quality tiles. Some people even could think that each of these collections is artwork. Various beautiful finishes make each of these collection original and amazing. Versace logotype decorates borders and adds luxury touch to all collections. For more information you could visit Versace site.

Black And White Tiles By Versace

Black And White Tiles By Versace

Black And White Tiles By Versace

Black And White Tiles By Versace

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  1. Sue | SA Commercial Property Says:

    I do like the use of the black and white, I wouldn’t use this in my home but in the photos where is has been used it looks amazing, and it suits the rooms nicely.

  2. harmonsmith Says:

    very informative blog. I think Ceramic Tile is an excellent medium to explore both for functionality and design. Ceramic tiling is dense and strong, easy to clean, long lasting and does not absorb smell, water or carry allergens. I tiled my whole house which was done by Ciciliot who are professional in this regard

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