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Cottage in a Day

Mon, Jan 19, 2009 | Prefab home designs | By Mike

Prefab homes are become more and more popular nowadays. They started from the small and simple ones and became contemporary houses with everything that need inside. Cottage in a Day is the next generation of factory-built, energy-efficient, green homes based on a 14 foot square module. The cottages are built using structural insulated panels for floor, walls and roof, creating an extremely energy efficient building envelope. It comes in different variations with different additional modules. It takes about 5 hours to assemble the modules and get ready to live house. The project is designed by Michael Fitzhugh.

cottage in a day

cottage in a day front

cottage in a day kitchen

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  1. Michael Plant Says:

    That’s awesome!! Really great idea, are these studio sized? I wonder how much that would cost, great idea for efficient living.

    Well done!

  2. Homesteader Says:

    These look great, it is unbelieveable that they went up in 5 hours. I would also be interested to know the costs.

  3. trellis Says:

    It’s probably important to note that this “only 5 hours” almost definitely does not include installing plumbing and electricity. That it’s only for the construction of the unit, nothing else.

  4. Mike Says:

    Yep, trellis, you’re right =)

  5. drew Says:

    Hi Trellis, yes it definitely does include ALL the plumbing and electricity as a Cottage in a Day is factory finished to the highest standards of craftsmanship. We offer the option for the owner to CONNECT their cottage to water, sewer, and electrical or we can provide that service for them.
    On site after setting, we trim and insulate the lid, inside and out, and it is ready for occupancy after hook-ups and final inspections.
    Check our FAQ’s on the website.
    It was 5 1/2 hours on site with a crane to set these modules.

  6. Sarah Bearup-Neal Says:

    Thanks for writing about Cottage in a Day on your blog. We certainly
    appreciate the attention to all of our hard work. In an effort to keep
    the record straight, Cottage in a Day is a business that hired architect
    Michael Fitzhugh “to draw” a previously determined design, arrived at
    through focus groups, design salons, and transportation limitations.
    While Michael is a talented young architect, which is why we selected him
    to be part of the team, he did not design the Cottage in a Day concept.
    Thanks, and keep watching us.

    Sarah Bearup-Neal
    Cottage in a Day
    Communications Associate

  7. Spanish Rose Says:

    These may be energy efficient, but they’re hideous

  8. Your Mom Says:

    I disagree, Rose. The outside isn’t much, but the inside is pretty sweet, and a damned sight nicer than my apartment.

  9. Angela Says:

    I like the looks a lot and I really like the protective sliding covers for windows and glass doors. Very important for property that you will not be living in year round.

  10. Joze Says:

    What a great way to save on building cost, this sure is an alternative in home construction and has a modern feel unlike the traditional trailer homes. I would like info on the cost and the floor design. I might use this design to build my home.

  11. solarpanelsforsale Says:

    Outside is okay, but the inside is really cool. The holes in the floor to store things are also common here in Japan.

  12. J-Murd Says:

    how much would one cost tho

  13. drew Says:

    costs vary considerably. The prices for the upscale versions are listed on the website http://www.cottageinaday.com Levels of finish, customization to more inexpensive materials, etc, is all possible. Contact us for more info.

  14. Nic Stage Says:

    It’s really neat that they went up in a day and all the savings that implies, but aesthetically they really don’t do it for me. They feel cold and formal.

  15. nmich Says:

    I had a chance to recently tour the Cottage in a Day facility. The process of building these cottages seemed very comprehensive, and follows ‘no waste’ philosophies. All material waste is sorted for recycling or sent out locally for reuse. The cutout for the wall plaque is even used to produce a key chain. It was obvious a lot of thought and design has been put into this product—I was thoroughly impressed!

  16. remylee Says:

    I have seen these first-hand, and I have to say the potential behind the units is huge. Part of my graduate research focuses on green residential prefab, and this is one of the most comprehensive ideas I’ve seen. A lot of value in this product.

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