Country House Design in Denmark – Sinus House by Cebra Architects

This house is built on 1735 square feet area of clean grass. Beautiful Denmark meadow surrounds the house from all sides making it contemporary urban dot in the middle of nature. The whole house looks like a cut object because of smart using of exterior colors. The main color is black but there are some cavities in the house painted in pure white. Inside, there is anything that usual family could possibly need and nothing more. Rooms aren’t very big but that is more than enough. The garage for one car is also part of the house. Unusual design and smart using of space are things which make the house interesting. [Cebra]

Sinus House Black And White Exterior

Sinus House Kitchen

Sinus House Bw Exterior

Sinus House Black White Outdoor

Sinus House Living Room

Sinus House Dining Area

Sinus House Floor Plan

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