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Extravagant Mosaic Ceramic Tiles – Cupido from Fap Ceramiche

Thu, May 7, 2009 | Bathroom designs | By Mike

Fap Ceramiche offers an impressive array of ceramic tiles and decorative elements. Cupido is one of their mosaic collections which allows to create a sophisticated, extravagant, creative and unique bathroom design. The collection surprises by its palette of colors like red, pearl, black or gem and by its decorations, such as mosaic hearts. There are different kinds of Cupido tiles available. Some of them are warm and natural but others, the most interesting ones, are very extravagant. Cupido’s ceramic tiles could freedom for those who has creative imagination and help to create beautiful, eclectic space. [Fap Ceramiche]

Extravagant Mosaic Ceramic Tile

Extravagant Mosaic Ceramic Tile

Extravagant Mosaic Ceramic Tile

Extravagant Mosaic Ceramic Tile

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  1. harmonsmith Says:

    I think Ceramic Tile is an excellent medium to explore both for functionality and design. Ceramic tiling is dense and strong, easy to clean, long lasting and does not absorb smell, water or carry allergens. It is excellent as a bathroom tile and it comes with knowledge it value increases more. I have tiled my whole house which was done by a very good installer Ciciliot a professional in this regards and they did their job very well.

  2. renana Says:

    Shoe Mosaic Bathtubs for Glamour Girls by SICIS,what is the price?

  3. Zz Says:

    I do like ceramic tiles, but i personally prefer mosaic tiles. I think they have more character because they are so small.

    I love the glass mosaic tiles, if used with the correct lighting can have wonderful effects.


  4. X10 Home Automation Says:

    You wouldn’t believe this but I have spent all day researching for some information about this. You’re a lifesaver, it was a essential read and has helped me out to no end.

  5. Rakesh Says:

    Hi i am from NEW DELHI(INDIA).I have some requirement for mosaic tiles if you can get in touch please.


    Rakesh Aggarwal

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