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Fun And Colorful Kitchens With Crazy Patterns by Aster Cucine

Thu, Jun 7, 2012 | Kitchen designs | By Kate

Aster Cucine and Enrico Coveri collaborated to create  Enrico Coveri Living Kitchen Collection. As Enrico Coveri is a famous clothing brand, they created interesting patterns of vibrant colors that reflect the today’s fashion though look simple. Wild Flower is an optical illusion – you see just the colorful juicy flowers that conceal blue zebras on the background. Stone has pattern like a sweep of stones on the bed of a stream. The theme of nature calms down after a long day and gives a cozy feeling.  Pop Heart is a kitchen with pattern of the heart reproduced in different colors, sizes and angles, and multiplied indefinitely – a cool variant for a home in the big city.

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  1. Pierre Says:

    the bright coloured patterns are very Coveri, colour-wise. on fabric and clothing those patterns pop out but on bigger scale application like these, it appears almost childish to me. the stone pattern is cool though it needs the drop light instead of the empty wall. just my two cents!

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