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Futuristic Kitchen Concept for Small Room Layout – Rubica by Lodovico Bernardi

Thu, Oct 15, 2009 | Kitchen designs | By Margarita

Recently we have posted about young and creative designer, Lodovico Bernardi, and have already shown one of its interesting products – its very flat folding dining table. Now you could appreciate its another original project – the concept of very functional kitchen for a small room. As a majority of progressive designers Lodovico Bernardi tries to create a kitchen furniture which can satisfy all people needs and at the same time occupy a minimum of space. This concept, which is named Rubika, could give wide versatility to the kitchen’s room. Rubika is almost consists of adjustable, folding and rotating constructions which make it very comfortable and practical. Unfortunately this is only concept, but we hope that soon such kitchens will be available for everybody. For further information you could visit Lodovico Bernardi.

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  1. Toni Zova Says:

    Such simplicity, what an inspiring design. A bit too ‘white’ for my taste but a genius design none the less.

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