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House Complex of Six Buildings Which Are Linked in Style and Layout

Wed, Jan 27, 2010 | Luxury home designs | By Mike

Darwin Martin House complex in Buffalo, New York is one of a Frank Lloyd Wright’s masterpieces. The complex is created during his Prairie House period and consists of 6 buildings: 15,000 square feet Martin’s house, Barton House for Martin’s sister, 100 foot pergola, the conservatory, the carriage house/garage/stable with a chauffeur’s apartment on the second level, and the gardener’s cottage. The design of the whole complex is integrated with nature as much as possible. Low roofs with gentle slopes, cantilevered overhanging eaves, banded windows are those things that characterize it. Nowadays you can get a tour to the Martin House Complex and check one of the most favorite Frank Lloyd Wright works by yourself. [Darwin Martin House]

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  1. Thais Vieira Says:

    Hi! I love the pictures! The house is amazing! I want to ask if I can take some photos to put in my blog, If I could I’ll put the credits. I’m brazilian, sorry about my english, I don’t speak very well. Thanks!

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