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Innovative Relaxing Bed For Home Office – Sway by Klafs

Fri, Nov 5, 2010 | Beds | By Mike

Those who live contemporary lifestyle probably already know that the biological rhythm is the basis of health and performance. Scientists have proved that short naps during the day can improve people’s performance significantly. Sway by Klafs is a bed that can make such naps much better. It’s softly like a boat on calm water. The main feature of the bed that it stimulates a little movement with the frequency that helps to achieve a more deep relaxation. That also helps to decrease muscle tension, calm down breathing and break thoughts away from everyday life. After 15-30 minutes of relaxation on a such bed your concentration and performance would increase significantly. Sounds like a nice addition for a home office, right?

Source: klafs

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  1. budiyanto Says:

    love to see your article about bed design, such a innovative and creative bed design.