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Japanese House Design with Garden Room Inside

Tue, Sep 22, 2009 | Small home designs | By Mike

The main feature of a small house in Nagoya designed by Suppose Design Office is a garden room in the middle of the house. It doesn’t look like usual garden rooms with a lot of plants and big windows – it’s positioned in the middle of the house and continues its minimalist design. The room isn’t treated differently from other rooms. It has paintings, like other rooms, while they has flower beds and rocks like it has. Everything other inside the house is designed in clean minimalist style to highlight interior decorations which make it truly unique. Having such hard conditions like very small site and very close neighbors locations, architects managed to make the house a great place for contemporary living without losing any features of good house including the garden. [Suppose Design Office]

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Old Comments

  1. Oliver Says:

    absolutely beautiful …

  2. rania vida Says:

    It’s simply best…… I Love it

  3. Pablo Says:

    Nice use of the space they have, but I find it depressing. People need to be connected with nature…this is too artificial.

  4. nate Says:

    honestly… the use of a minimalists environment with an organic touch is simply amazing. the beauty in this home is a fusion of a hard physical edge with the shape and intricacy of life within. Bravo!!

  5. Hz! Says:

    horrible in absolutely every respect, from the mean skylight that dooms the plants to an existence of deprivation and struggle, to the ugly grey trunking on the floor. this is a house of painful corners to strike, of coldly lit rectangular slots. no way would i want to go round in bare feet in there. the toilet in plain view of the dining table?? and imagine the dust and dead leaves and crap that would accumulate in the garden/room. and how witty to have a tall, tall door with a tiny tiny porch roof that affords not the tiniest bit of shelter.
    again i ask; WTF is this obsession with rectangles??? even the sink is rectangular, a fad that would soon exhaust itself if one of the makers ever actually had to clean one of *his* creations. i hope they come back in their next lives as coffin-makers and domestic cleaners.
    whoever designed this was a sadist working for an idiot.

  6. Misha Says:

    Those are some beautiful images, but I have to agree with Hz! This house does not seem to be practical. The idea of dividing spaces with a void is great, but the toilet is in the plain view of the people in the dining room. The whiteness of the space suggests that there will need to be a lot of maintenance to the space to keep it serene. The front of the house is just god awful, that looks like uninviting warehouse somewhere in suburban America. This house is great for paper architecture, not for the real world.

  7. TL Says:

    Have to agree with Hz! there…and who the hell would want to ‘study’/work on that ledge? How does someone even want to take a piss when there is a garden right beside it and glass? Looks like they killed a lot of space by adding the planter by the dining room.

  8. Yoka Says:

    How does one dust rocks?

  9. looking Says:

    contrived, impractical, lunatic. The toilet in plain sight of the kitchen & the dining room is the least comprehensible.

  10. kathryn Says:

    hello!!glad to see such a terrific design.i’m from the Philippines,( a teacher) and we’re planning to have our own house.we are planning to build a house that is by 20 feet by 18 feet only which will have 2 bedrooms, a kitchen, and a receiving area.how i wish you could help me plan our future house.

  11. Chris Says:

    Its an interesting design, but stark and impractible. I couldnt see myself tossing a leg over a wall to sit on a ledge and hell knows I wouldnt dare doze off with my book….
    Im also not so keen on the idea of toileting in the vision of others. Call me old vashioned, but I like my privacy.

  12. Chris Says:

    Im so old fashioned that I cant spell. Which also is very impractible. Oops.

  13. andie Says:

    how do you use the bathroom if u have company over?
    Will everyone have to leave? or shut their eyes?
    there are only glass walls. thats all i can think about when i see this space

  14. Chris Says:

    Aye well, I guess its all in the eye of the beholder… But Im thinking that this design (obviously) utilises a small area; giving the best light advantages. But is it solar effecient?
    It would possibly be be best constructed in a temperate climate.
    Too much cold weather would render it an ‘ice box’ and of course, too much hot weather would make it unbearable to be in.
    I feel its very contemporary and certainly interesting…. But would I want to live in it?
    Well, quite frankly no.
    Personally – I have never owned a fish tank.
    I feel sorry for the little blighters that are caught up in a non escapable ‘show and tell fish bowl’ .
    Therefore my retrospective thoughts are that living in a home like this would feel much the same.

  15. victor Says:

    last pic so cool

  16. Mp Says:

    Nice, has some simular elements with this one

  17. antonio de la garza e illares Says:

    what a hell with a glass wall in the bathroom!!!

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