Modern Houseboat In The Amstel River of Amsterdam

Watervilla De Omval is a 200 square meter houseboat in the Amstel river of Amsterdam. It’s designed by +31 architects in unlike most floating houses a very modern style without losing the characteristic appearance of the typical houseboat. The boat has an open floor plan where everyone can enjoy the views to the water. The distinguished curved line of the facade directly derives from this desire and the restriction that the boat couldn’t be more than three meters above the water. The living area and open kitchen are located on the waterfront. Thanks to that they feature a panoramic view at the Amstel. Following on from the living area and kitchen the bedroom is located on a split level. The split level introduces an open route to the ground floor of the boat. The white plastered walls and ceilings follow the curve of the facade creating a seamless transition from the exterior to the interior.

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