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Open Plan Studio Apartment

Sun, Feb 28, 2010 | Home design | By Mike

This light and well-planned open plan apartment has everything needed on 39 square meters. A comfortable large hall is filled with natural light from windows in living room and has plenty of storage space built in wardrobes. A living room is combined with a sleeping area and a kitchen. Lovely and spacious open plan has painted in white walls and parquet floors. The kitchen has all necessary appliances and wonderful working area thanks to careful planning. It also has a door to a generous 6 square meter balcony. A stylish and very spacious bathroom is tiled and features a washer and a dryer for laundry duties.

[ Photos by innerspec ]

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  1. Laura Says:

    I love studio apartments. They can feel so open and unfussy. The chairs and high table used here really emphasize that. In these pictures, I especially appreciate the use of plants as a barrier or room separater.

  2. Iveta Says:

    Sweet, perfect, special!! I like it!! :) :P

  3. besthomegallery Says:

    An awesome and great interior decoration idea, white based wall color always be the best color choice, I have also a huge of beautiful gallery about similar project too. Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. jehan kuhl Says:

    typical swedish interior. look for more and you’ll see. not bad but so boring, no sense of individuality and not innovative … well swedish. nostalgishly holding on to their glorious … beginning/mid-20th century and very stuck there. a pity for a country like sweden that has very competent but no dary designers.

  5. Bren Says:

    This apartment is the way I would love to live. Less is more.
    My home is more and it drives me nuts having too many things.

    Love it.

  6. Felt rugs Says:

    all a little bit to clinical for my taste, looks pretty but boring at the same time, lacking in warmth.

  7. Julia Says:

    Absolutely magnificent interior design!
    I think i will use some ideas for my apartment.

  8. Bea Says:

    Fy fan vilken tråkig lägenhet. Ser ut som en trist ikea miljö. Hur kul är det med vitt blankt. Känns ganska 1990.

    /Arkitekt SAR/MSA

  9. Jane Says:

    Awesome! Would never want to go to work if I lived in that apartment! Only one criticism…too much white…could do with a bright colour like red to break it up. Still love it though. :-0

  10. Mojo Says:

    If your interested in buying an apartment att just this adress (ulriksborgsvägen) in Stockholm, it’s one for sale at the moment!!!
    Check out hemnet.se to see!

  11. Victor Says:

    Lovely, well done! It looks beautiful, I keep dreaming that I once will have a home like this haha.

  12. BedroomsPls Says:

    It’s nice.

    The only problem with Studio Apartment is when you cook anything in that nice trendy looking kitchen. See that Nice sofa, it would smell like your Baked Salmon Dinner. That Bed, it would smell like your bolognese sauce and garlic bread. Your nice clothes? Yes, they smell like that burger you just grilled from George Foreman.

  13. Sid Says:

    i quite like this, the rug makes me thin of grass. I like grass.

  14. fernando Says:

    Is there any floor plan? blue print? it’s very nice

  15. Amit Singhal Says:

    hi i like this design and look now always this web design , good.

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