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Romantic White House Of Natural Wood

Tue, Nov 8, 2011 | Traditional home designs | By Kate

This beautiful white romantic house is situated in Norway. The house was decorated for a young family with children; the house is white that is traditional for Scandinavia. The theme of pink color of the roof is continued inside but it’s not so bright, it’s soft pastel. The inside is decorated with wooden panels, the furniture is mostly white and pastel, also made of wood. Beautiful wooden beams and panels remind of a house in the village where some of us came to have a rest in summer. Simple wooden floors, rough stone walls, vintage furniture and big windows create a charming sweet atmosphere, calm and relaxing, it’s perfect for growing up children.

Source: nicety, boligpluss

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  1. kid Says:

    Children are not nostalgic. They don’t necessarily feel safer or happier in this style of house as opposed to any other. The values children use to access the quality of a living space are not acculturated, but have to do with space, light, amenity. I speak from personal experience, having dwelt in several kinds of building, and i can say that the frilly trappings make this house too twee for comfort, like the houses of elderly aunts where children’s fun is too noisy and not appreciated. The small windows are a bit chilly looking, too. For a child, floor to ceiling windows that open straight onto the outdoors are the best. The poky little stairs, the attic room and the green window glass are fun, though.

  2. nesrin Says:

    very beautuful..

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