Sustainable City Home With Spacious Interior That Is Filled With Natural Light

This private house on a former industrial area in the centre of Leiden, Netherlands, is designed by Pasel.Kuenzel. Its design solves two main needs of city homes: light and space. The house is divided into two parts, easily recognisable due to the differences in the materials used on the facades. The first, larger, part is contains bedrooms and a living room and features very tall windows that fill the interior with natural sunlight. The second part is long and narrow and contains service areas: the bathrooms, the kitchen, the utility room and the stairway. The roof is not flat but slightly inclined to let more light into the bedrooms and allow people to watch the stars while sheltering the rooftop garden from the view of neighbours and people on the street. { Pasel.Kuenzel | Photos by Marcel van der Burg }

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