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Swedish 58 Square Meter Apartment Interior Design with Open Floor Plan

Mon, Feb 8, 2010 | Home design | By Mike

Swedish interior design usually is very comfortable and practical. This open floor apartment is great example of that. It’s located in small but very beautiful city Linnéstaden. The building where it’s located is quite old but the apartment is renovated so the contemporary interior design in addition to 3.40 meter ceilings make these 58 square meters of the living space very comfortable for those who own it. Four windows facing west brings a lot of natural light into the apartment so it look much bigger than it is. The open floor plan is perfect for socializing and social interaction for owners and their friends. White painted walls and boarded wood floors are things that leaves an outstanding impression of cleanness and naturalism .[Photos by Alvhem Mäkleri & Interiör]

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Old Comments

  1. Grace Says:

    Beautiful, but too much white
    add some color in there

  2. Freddy Nutsweat Says:

    Wow!! This is awesome! It makes me want to dip my nuts in some chili and smear it all over the walls. :\

  3. TaylorCleary Says:

    I agree with Grace: needs some color. But I fucking love the whole open floor plan theme. It’s minimal, but not hollow.

  4. Stephen G Says:

    I like the chili with pubes idea… maybe like… textured yanno? with a dark tomatoey brick red….

  5. Mc Says:

    Obviously they do not cook, otherwise they would have put a door in the kitchen or they would end with all furniture smelling of food and the nice computer besides the fridge full of fat.

    A spanish girl.

  6. mary Says:

    It’s a really nice place, but needs a bigger tv! : )

  7. Jason Says:

    I agree needs some color because it looks very blah and bland but really cool layout.

  8. Sid Says:

    I really like the fact it’s all white. Wouldn’t mind living there.

  9. Tyler Says:

    There is no way that is 58 meters! You LIARS!

  10. tiaan Says:

    best renders ive seen in a while!
    will make an awesome apartment one day!

  11. ruby Says:

    It’s ok but where do you put all your stuff?
    Where are all the appliances, bedding, hobby stuff etc?
    How would you keep it warm, it’s Sweden fgs, it’s freezing there but there aren’t any carpets to keep the draughts out.

    Plus in the bedroom the blinds don’t even cover the small winows at the top, so all your neighbours across the street will have their tongues hanging out, at least, when anyone gets ready for bed.

  12. jjccc Says:

    Lovely place im looking for some were to live can i move in please thanks bye

  13. dropstep Says:

    white walls are boring and hard to keep clean.

  14. Jessica Says:

    I have been shopping at IKEA way too much. I can identify it all and also name the pieces. LOL

  15. Chua Says:

    I love the house colours and layout!


  16. Barina Craft Says:

    Interesting wall mounted wine rack. Everything white is just too much though.

  17. Jim Bob Says:

    what if you buy another book?

  18. fajas colombianas Says:

    I love the layout of the house

  19. Megan Says:

    Hahaha picture 16- PC.

  20. Daniel Says:

    Its hilarious reading all you guys entrys.
    This is not really spectacular in any way, but many appartments in Sweden look just like that in Stockholm. -Says Daniel who has been living there for most parts of his life –

    So to answer some things :)

    MC – Spanish Girl – its called “ventilation”, if you observe, over the oven there is a modern ventilation system, ive been living like this and if you have the ventilation on while cooking you do not get odors all over. Also the art of swedish cooking is not nearly as “airy” with lots of oil and stuff as the spanish ;) i know since ive been living in Spain my whole childhood and spend alot of time there with my relatives… half my family is Spanish – and on a sidenote i really enjoy spanish food a whole lot more than the Swedish ;)

    Ruby – your probably from England, right? London? Draughts? Swedish housing is generally well-built, meaning hardly any draught. This appartment could even have floorheating (as i had). ;)
    Beddings and stuff – if you look beside the bed there are big mirrors – they are actually sliding-doors hiding closets.

    All in all i do not find it spectacular or especially pleasing. I dont want to live like that, i actually find a cave in a beautiful warm spot on the planet much more pleasing for my soul on more levels than i could even express with words, but then again i do not really like cities so much ;)

  21. Silver C. Says:

    I love this apartment design/look a LOT. I keep going back to it every time. I wish I had enough floor space ( and an IKEA store in my country) to get this look. I also love the low-rise apartment, it looks so charming! I love low-rise apartments than I do high-rises. <3

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