TORLYS Leather Floors – Contemporary and Beautiful Floors From 100% Recycled Leather

Novara Black Tile Leather Floors

Novara Black Tile

TORLYS, founded in 1988, is a flooring company specializing in beautiful, easy to maintain smart and green flooring. One of their products that is quite unique for the market is leather floors. In its own distinctive way, TORLYS Leather redefines what a contemporary and beautiful floor can be. It is inspired by the quality of fine Italian leather. TORLYS leather floors are made for 100% recycled leather carefully made to high environmental standards and perfected to withstand the test of time. Your peace of mind is assured with a 25-year residential wear warranty. Like with other, more popular floors, these floors are easy to maintain and could be installed by yourself, thanks to a glue and nail-free joint system. If you’re into a contemporary interior design then such floors might a nice and unusual choice for you. { TORLYS }

Genova Chocolate Plank Leather Floors

Genova Chocolate Plank

Catania Plank Leather Floors

Catania Plank

Genova Cognac Plank Leather Floors

Genova Cognac Plank

Modena Wine Tile Leather Floors

Modena Wine Tile

Leather Floors
Leather Floors
Leather Floors

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