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Two Attached Houses with Smooth Cedar Skin

Thu, Aug 13, 2009 | Block house designs | By Mike

These two attached houses are situated in the central neighborhood of North Williams Avenue, Portland. Their footprint is very small so they gain more living space by moving vertically. The shape of the houses is simple cube with windows with a dark skin of smooth cedar. The interior of each home is composed of two distinct spatial orders. The first is a series of six rooms, offset at each half story, and smoothly joined by a series of half flight stairs forming a modified open floor plan. White oak floors, velvety white woodwork and bright walls are components and materials that was use in the interior design. These “wet” rooms define the second spatial order and are placed at the center of the open floor plan like a series of stacked rooms. Besides all that these homes have great city and mountain views thanks to their height. [Atelier Waechter]

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