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Wood and Metal Ceramic Tiles – Lignite from Tagline

Wed, Apr 15, 2009 | Ceramic tiles | By Mike

Two natural elements: wood, and metal, merge together, to give an inspiration for new Tagline ceramics collection called Lignite. New tiles create atmosphere that catch distant past and the new shapes of present. The intense color, the wooden veins, the metal reflections are things that brings nature in your home interior design. Lignite ceramic tiles are suitable for use in homes, commercial zones and other places with hight traffic. Tiles come in different sizes in order to look cool in any room, big or small. Italian company Tagina showed that they could make really beautiful and quality products for designing living spaces.

Tagline Lignite

Tagline Lignite Gray Interior

Tagline Lignite Black Wall

Tagline Lignite Black Floor

Tagline Lignite Brown Interior

Tagline Lignite Black

Tagline Lignite Brown

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Old Comments

  1. harmonsmith Says:

    very beautiful tile. I have tiled my whole house which was done by a very good installer Ciciliot a professional in this regards and they did their job very well but I never thought about these things. Thanks for the useful blog

  2. Sarah Bentley Says:

    I am designing my home, and I think that the wood and metal ceramic tiles are beautiful, I was wondering if there is any chance that you could send me a couple of samples? that would be so amazing if you could. please e-mail me and let me know.

  3. Debbie Says:

    where can I get them?

  4. Luisa Says:

    yes where can i get them?


  5. JEN Says:

    Where can I get the Tagline Lignite Brown wood tile?

  6. JAY Says:

    just give me a tagline for tiles thats enough for me >>> THANK YOU !!

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