A Barn That Became A House

Modern Barn Overall

This old barn was taken from Canada to Connecticut and was converted into a home. Russel Groves is one of the architects that worked to bring to life this project. The mechanical, electrical and data systems of the barn were updated but the look and the structure remained. The old stairs remained from the barn is one of the centerpieces. The fireplace in the living room is made of steel but it looks like it’s very old. Modern and stylish furniture gives a wonderful mixture with old wood of the barn. The kitchen is very simple and looks modern; two walls are made of mosaic marble. In the bathroom the modern silhouette of the bath gives a light sculptural touch. The furniture for the bedroom was taken in the local shop, it’s handcrafted but the designers painted it ebony black to get a modern touch. There is even a guest house where traditional style is mixed with contemporary. Could you think that an old barn can become such a fantastic living space?

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Modern Barn Stairs
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Modern Barn Seating
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Modern Barn Kitchen
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Modern Barn Fireplace
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Modern Barn Dining
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Modern Barn Bedroom
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Modern Barn Bathroom
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Modern Barn Guest House