Best of January 2009

Best of January 2009

From this month I will show you some summarized of best designs finds of the month. Below you’ll find the best product and house designs over the last 31 days. That is an overview of designs you shouldn’t have missed in January 2009.

best of january 2009

Best Product Designs

  1. 10 examples of modern green furniture.

    modern green furniture
  2. 10 the most comfortable lounge chairs in the world.

    the most comfortable lounge chairs
  3. Designers radiators for home heating by Danny Wan.

    Danny Wan's radiators
  4. Alarm that you can smash every morning.

    morning smash alarm
  5. Dark Japanese kitchen designs.

    dark kitchen innovative island
  6. Alux Illumination Table.

    alux table lamp
  7. Steel colored kitchen design by TayoKitchen.

    steel colored kitchen
  8. Wall-mount kitchen faucet by Kohler.

    wall mount kitchen faucet
  9. Creative Bath Themes.

    Bee bath

    Bee bath

  10. Nespresso Citiz Coffee Machines.

    nespresso citiz
  11. Modern designers carpets by FLOR.

    flor carpets
  12. Murano modern range hoods by Futuro.

    murano collection of range hoods
  13. Modern cat scratcher.

    modern cat scratcher

Best House Designs

  1. The most futuristic house design in the world

    the most futuristic house
  2. The most minimalist house in Japan.

    the most minimalistic ghost house
  3. Catskill modern mountain house.

    mountain glass house
  4. “Tahiti” – Sydney’s harbourside house.

    sydney harbourside house pool
  5. Passage weekend house by TNA Architects.

    passage house