Heartwarming House Converted From a Village Church

Church Front Fall 1500px 960x

Have you ever wanted to live in a place like a cozy and modest forester`s house? One potter, Ayumi Horie, made this dream true! Ten years ago she bought a village church near in the Hudson Valley and completely renovated it. Now it is a perfect house and studio. However, the house had not left its initial function, so… it is the church too. And it is for sale!

Ayumi hopes that the house will save an atmosphere of art and says it would be hard to find the right buyer who can continue this project.  Look at these warm light wooden floors, and window frames, and furniture! Isn`t it a house in the forest from a fairy-tale, where characters stayed for the night? This house is created for a person engaged in art, faithful and who wants a quiet life with his or her family. Perhaps, it is you? And even if you don’t buy this one, you can try to create something like this at your home.

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