Living Roof Design: A Real Rooftop Oasis

Traci Cavender thinks that practical design doesn’t have to mean sacrificing personal style. This pool house created by her is an infinity pool of green. Its living roof is a sustainable solution and it includes a terraced landscape that lets rainwater percolate into the soil. The rooftop garden sits above high, bright windows it looks as though it’s a floating carpet of beautiful coneflowers, black-foot daisies, and native grasses – it’s like a piece of a meadow. From the main house, the pool house virtually disappears, showing only a rich rug of vegetation unbroken by venting or pipes. With more than ten inches of soil, the roof garden mimics the natural way the earth absorbs rainwater; drain holes cut into the metallic frame that anchors the garden act like boat scuppers, allowing excess water to flow out. Genius, isn’t it?

Source: gardenandgun

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