Best House and Apartment Designs of July 2016

In July 2016, we’ve shown you a lot of cool stuff. Here the most interesting house and apartment designs among them.

  1. The whole apartment is done in black and white, the floors are whitewashed wood, textural and cool. The attic space is framed like a whole separate floor, with a glass wall and stairs.
  2. This large apartment was renovated by architect Beata Pultorak in the style that the owners wanted: Oriental. It features a striking living room with a brick wall painted bright red.
  3. Located in Christianshavn in Copenhagen, this beautiful house started life as a smithy in the late 1600s. Now it’s a lovely blend of original architecture (such as the open fireplace) and modern touches, it was completely renovated by the owners themselves.
  4. Built in the late sixties in Madrid, this house has a spirit of that time, that’s why when designer Ivan Garrido was asked to renovate this apartment, the mid-century modern style became his priority.
  5. Outside the Barn House reminds of a traditional Scandinavian one, with back shingles on the walls. The outdoor décor continues the idea with black loungers and a pool with a glass fence, which looks modern while blending with the surroundings.