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40 Awesome Wall Murals Ideas For Various Spaces

Sat, Oct 25, 2014 | Decorating, Wallpapers

Wall murals make any interior look stunning and create special atmosphere in the room depending on their theme and style. If you are after natural look photorealistic murals are the way to go. Natural landscapes, people, city scapes and other pictures are available in the photorealistic wall murals and wallpaper. Wallpaper murals come in various designs as well as materials. They can be used to decorate all of the walls in the room depicting various scenes or gardens and animals. It’s a great way to decorate kid’s room and create a special atmosphere in other rooms. We’ve rounded up for you some of the most breathtaking wall murals, enjoy and get inspired!


Chic Geometric Y Furniture Collection

Fri, Oct 24, 2014 | Furniture

What makes furniture especially chic is simplicity with a couple of eye-catching details and no excessive touches. And that’s exactly what comes to mind when you see the new Y furniture collection by Kutarq! The collection consists of three products: Y Side Table, Console Y and Bedside Cube, and in every piece geometric steel rods embrace solid wood surfaces. The Y shaped metal frame gives a touch of originality to the versatile Console Y. Y side table retains the signature of the Y shaped steel rod frame and the solid oak surfaces have been sanded giving it a smoother aspect. The bedside Cube combines a colored squared low table and a solid oak cube that looks trapped by the table. This collection will be an ideal complement to any modern interior.


Whimsy And Playful Family Home With Vintage Furniture

Fri, Oct 24, 2014 | Vintage home designs

Do you like vintage homes? If you do, then you’ll be excited about this whimsy family home, built in 1950 and renovated by interior stylist Anne-Marie Frazer and her husband Klaas-Jan, a cabinet maker. Hand-crafted decor with vintage pieces that the owners restored accomplish a very personal and charming home, full of character. The playful interiors, decorated in a soft pastel palette, are creative and whimsical, while keeping a great laid-back feel inside this low-maintenance family home. Even the accents here are very soft and sweet; lots of light and adorable vintage and shabby furniture create a very cozy and inviting atmosphere – ideal both for kids and adults.


41 Cozy Thanksgiving Porch Décor Ideas

Fri, Oct 24, 2014 | Decorating |

Thanksgiving is not far, and it’s high time that we thought of some cool decorations. We’ve rounded up some easy and very cozy ideas for porch décor that won’t take much time to realize yet are very cool. You can easily turn your porch into a sweet rustic space putting some hay and pretty pumpkins and gourds onto the porch. Put the pumpkins onto old barrels or right onto the floors and steps to achieve that cottage look. Candle lanterns and lanterns full of pumpkins will look amazing, stylish and glass will them from bad weather conditions. Put a rockie with pillows and blankets and enjoy fall!


Geometric Block Clock From Walnut And Marple

Thu, Oct 23, 2014 | Clocks

Can a clock become a focal point and accentuate your interior? Yes, sure! Especially, if it’s the block Clock by Cincinatti studio Such + Such. Block Clocks are designed and carved from locally found hardwoods – North American Black Walnut and North American Hard Maple. Produced in Cincinnati, the Block Clocks are an exploration of both traditional craft and digital manufacturing. Each clock is individually numbered and offered in locally found hard woods; driven by a battery powered Quartz movement. I love the geometric design of the clocks, they look kind of futuristic, especially with those hands on the sides. Such a piece will really make a statement in any modern interior.


Gorgeous Floodplain Home With Unique Architecture

Thu, Oct 23, 2014 | Modern home designs

The Northwest Harbor House, located in Sag Harbor NY, USA, straddles a tidal estuary and freshwater wetlands on a site that is only 6ft above sea level. Bates Masi + Architects needed to create a home that was sensitive to the environmental concerns and the local zoning restrictions. All the zones within Northwest Harbor House are arranged using an innovative structural system that infuses them with natural daylight and circulating air. The Northwest Harbor House uses the pilings as an integral part of the overall design. The interiors are modern and in calm earthy colors; natural light makes the spaces look even bigger than they are. The architects managed not only to solve all the problems but also to provide stunning architecture and décor.


How To Style The Malm Fireplace: 20 Ideas

Thu, Oct 23, 2014 | Fireplaces

Fireplaces are actual more than ever now because it’s rather chilly outside and there’s nothing better than sitting next to a fireplace in such weather. Malm fireplaces are iconic and nobody can blame you for loving the design. Coming from one of the original manufacturers of freestanding fireplaces and the only one still in existence today, these classical designs offer a multitude of advantages. There are various types and colors – for indoors and outdoors, bigger or smaller ones, in lots of different colors – these fireplaces are fantastic in any space and you can find your variant easily. Choose a bright one to make it a focal point in the room or a calm one to blend into the surroundings.


Refined Linnk Liquor Kabinet With Geometric Design

Thu, Oct 23, 2014 | Furniture

Liquor and wine connoisseurs, this cabinet is right for you! The high-end, handmade liquor cabinet, designed by New Zealand designer Ian Rouse, takes a bar cabinet to a whole new level with its solid craftsmanship. Made from American Ash, leather upholstery, and toughened glass paneling, the design makes it suitable to pull a stool up to or stand and prepare drinks. The cabinet is divided into two sides, one open section for display and another one with a drop down door that doubles as a prep surface. Hexagonal shapes adorn the back walls of the cabinet adding another layer of character. The piece is ideal both for a residential or commercial setting.


Chic Yet Simple Dune House Overlooking The Beach

Wed, Oct 22, 2014 | Beach house designs

The World Architectural Festival has chosen the Dune House by New Zealand’s Fearon Hay Architects as the winner in the Villa category. Nestled in the dunes of a popular beach the home provides shelter and privacy, a raw richness and coastal calm. Despite of lots of stone and marble used in design, the villa is very cozy and inviting thanks to the fabrics used in décor. The house leaves kind of philosophical and airy impression, it looks chic yet simple. The villa is designed to provide both protection and outlook, with spaces opening to a translucent glass screened courtyard and terrace overlooking the beach.


Top 10 Bathroom Decor Trends And 45 Examples

Wed, Oct 22, 2014 | Bathroom designs

Wanna decorate your bathroom according to the latest trends? Here they are, just choose what suits your space most!

  1. Bright bathrooms. It’s easy to see why bold bathrooms are the latest look. Have some fun with colorful fixtures, patterned towels and wallpaper.
  2. Metal décor. The copper metal trend will be around for a while longer. Bring this warm, lustrous metal into the bathroom with your basin, taps, piping or even a copper bath.
  3. Beach touches. Coastal style incorporates natural seaside accessories and elements, drawing inspiration from rocks, shells and natural driftwood.
  4. Monochrome decor. Simple yet striking, black and white bathrooms are always in style.
  5. Contemporary décor. Sleek, simple and unadorned spaces, the use of clean lines, geometric shapes and hard angles are ideal for smaller bathrooms.
  6. Float. Floating sinks and cabinets are all the rave at the moment thanks to the many advantages that they offer.
  7. Lux. Luxury bathrooms are all about freestanding baths, marble and gilt accessories to create the ultimate feeling of opulence.
  8. Minimalistic style. This style of bathroom is all about clean lines and the use of whites and greys to keep the space simple.
  9. Au naturel. Turn your bathroom into a spa-like retreat using materials that reflect the beauty of the outdoors.
  10. Asian decor. Incorporate simple wooden elements throughout the bathroom with clean lines and a minimum amount of adornment.