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Chic Industrial Paris Loft From An Old Factory

Tue, Oct 21, 2014 | Modern home designs

The beautiful industrial-style Paris loft of designer Virginie Denny and her husband, artist Alfonso Vallès began life as a factory — and that aesthetic has been retained, with the polished concrete floors, metal stairs and railings, the collection of industrial furniture and objects, and the low key palette. The space was divided into 2 parts to save the volume: a big space for living and the second part for the mezzanine. The furniture is mostly industrial with mid-century modern touches, and rustic details make the interior more inviting and cozy. Fantastic photos and works of art give personality and chic to the space.


38 Super Cozy And Charming Cottage Kitchens

Tue, Oct 21, 2014 | Kitchen designs

These days, the trend in kitchens seems to be towards brightness and whiteness: light colors, light marble, shiny subway tile. With this article, we’re taking things in the opposite direction: we’ve rounded up kitchens that are rustic, warm, dark, cozy — the perfect kitchen for the cozy cottage of your dreams. Rustic wooden and brick walls, rustic shabby kitchen islands, old hearths and fireplace – all these things will help you to make your kitchen cozy and inviting. Go for vintage and shabby chic furniture and don’t hesitate to use dark shades as they make a statement. Enjoy the kitchens below and get inspired!


Crazy Vialattea Pendant Lamp Of 4 Different Parts

Mon, Oct 20, 2014 | Lamps

Why choosing just one lamp for the space? If you hesitate or want to mix different styles, you’ll love this piece! Vialattea pendant lamp by Paolo Manganaro is right for those who are hard to please – it’s really a unique lamp and immediately becomes the protagonist of your interior. The unconventional design is actually 4 unlikely shades playfully paired together – a real diversity of shapes and finishes of the lampshades. Such a lamp can make a statement in your living room, kitchen, dining room or even bedroom. Easy to assemble and to fix to the ceiling Vialattea has character that cannot pass unnoticed.


Ascetic Masculine Apartment With Luxury Touches

Mon, Oct 20, 2014 | Luxury home designs

This masculine apartment in Moscow could take the title of ‘best bachelor space’ because it doesn’t look too rough and is amazingly refined and elegant. The spaces are dark with some heavy features and materials such as dark wood, metal and stone, which is traditional for every masculine home but this space stands out thanks to its luxury and refined details. A stunning fireplace, a fantastic painting, gorgeous lights and marble panels – here every room has its own peculiarities that really attract attention. Though the apartments seems rather simple and even ascetic but every corner here is pure luxury, every piece of furniture is handmade and every touch is thought over.


Hiding Your TV: 29 Trendy Panels And Doors Ideas

Sat, Oct 18, 2014 | Decorating

Most of designer solutions about TVs can be divided into 2 categories: hiding it or on the contrary, highlighting it. If you like the hiding trend, welcome to our roundup! Panels and doors are suitable for hiding your TV, and the main advantage is that when you aren’t using the TV, you’ll get beautiful décor and dramatic textures. You can either make a focal point of these panels or doors or not attract attention to them. The doors or panels can just open or even fold if it’s more comfortable for you. Look at the ideas below and choose the one that suits your interior!

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Functional And Versatile Pandora Sideboard In Vibrant Colors

Fri, Oct 17, 2014 | Sideboards

Pandora sideboard by Pedro Sousa stands out for the functional character and for the touch of vibrant colors. It assumes itself as a piece, the main function of which is storage, presenting several compartments of different sizes and formats that adapt to the daily needs of the user. In 100% solid oak, this sideboard has four drawers, two doors and one box, giving the possibility of changing the position and adapt the function. The exterior of this exclusive piece is presented in natural solid oak with touches of vibrant color in matt lacquered MDF that can be customized according to the taste of the client. The straight lines mark the sideboard that stands out for its dynamic details, making it a great piece for any residential or commercial environment.


Chalet Lac Gate Inspired By The Surrounding Landscape

Located on the shore of the Gate Lake, on a slightly sloping land of almost 80 000 pi2, this cottage by architect Eric Joseph Tremblay is located near the border of a mature cedar wooded area with inclined majestic trunks. The cottage’s exterior covering is made of stones and cedar, natural and site specific materials, the roofs follow the site’s slope in order to minimize the volume and harmonize its integration in the landscape. The interior of the chalet looks very fresh and nature-inspired: beige, grey, green and light-colored natural wood seem to continue the landscape outside, and mid-century modern furniture makes the space cozier and more inviting.


38 Stunning Christmas Front Door Décor Ideas

Fri, Oct 17, 2014 | Decorating, Holiday decor |

The festive décor theme is to be continued! Today we’ll talk about Christmas front door décor – I know that many of you are looking for fresh Christmas ideas already. Make your front door cute with a wreath snowman, faux colorful gifts, small fir trees, cool frames with ornaments and even deer and fairy-tale creatures! Use the traditional red, silver, gold and green to make your front door sparkle! If you aren’t ready for this and want something more natural, use pinecones and acorns, fir tree wreaths and bells for your decorations. Below we have some ideas to show you how to make your front door really Christmas-like, enjoy and get inspired!


Whimsy Unbutton Furniture Collection Inspired By Pin Up Models

Thu, Oct 16, 2014 | Furniture

Cristina Bulat has designed The Unbutton Collection, a sideboard and two bedside tables, that were inspired by the clothes of Pin-Up models. The Unbutton Collection represents the harmonious meeting between the Scandinavian Design, characterized by clear forms and natural finishes, with the influences of the Pin-Up culture. The drawers are made of solid oak wood with linden veneer on the top face. The Unbutton Collection will be soon launched on the market and will be available almost all of the RAL palette of colors. The furniture is so whimsy and playful, it will add fun and humor to your space.


My Bag Washbasin That Turns Into A Portable Case

Thu, Oct 16, 2014 | Sink

Olympia Ceramica reinvents the bathroom furniture and appliances by offering an innovative unexpected approach with My Bag. Why is it called so? Because My Bag is a combination between a bag, a sink and plenty of storage, it’s a washbasin that folds into a single easily transportable case. Clever and colorful, this system stands on a base made of raw wood that contrasts with the rest of this creation. Inside this box, the valve can be folded to hide in this amazing case. The basin is accessorized to suit many configurations, it can receive a soap dispenser, a storage compartment leather, mirror and so on.