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Unique Statement Frankie Pendant Modules From Felt

Tue, Jul 7, 2015 | Lamps, Lights

Making a statement with lamps or lights is a cool trend today, and this lighting system is a perfect piece for rocking this trend. The original Frankie pendant, launched in 2013 comprised panels made from recycled acoustic felt that slot into triangular solid-ash arms, and now studio Designtree has added a corner module to its flat-pack. Extension panels and additional arms elongate the shade so it can house multiple bulbs. Launched this year, the new corner module introduces the possibility of 90-degree bends into the system. All three Frankie Pendant modules can be mixed and matched to create L- or X-shaped lamps in a variety of sizes.


Serene Minimalist Apartment With Copper Accents

Tue, Jul 7, 2015 | Minimalist home designs

This lovely serene apartment in Berlin is a recent project by the Polish architectural group LOFT. The style of the interiors is minimalist, black, grey and white with pretty copper accents. Besides tackling the interior layout and design, LOFT also designed and built some of the furniture and restored other pieces, too. There’s much light in the apartment, and I love how the designers used concrete and natural warm-colored wood. Black color isn’t used widely, it’s just for making accents; black mixes ideally with the shades of wood used and together they create that special luxurious feel.


34 Charming Shabby Chic Kitchens You’ll Never Want To Leave

Tue, Jul 7, 2015 | Kitchen designs |

Shabby chic style is so charming, so beautiful and so cute! I think it’s rather girlish, too, so if you are going to decorate a feminine home, this style is perfect. Today I’ve rounded up some amazing shabby chic kitchens, and believe me, they won’t leave you indifferent! Go for light and pastel colors for décor as shabby chic means sweet and a bit worn vintage. Create your own shabby chic kitchen furniture – just take some vintage furniture, paint and sand it, and you’ll get a unique and personalized kitchen. Floral textiles and just sweet pastel ones are right what you need to finish the kitchen décor. Get inspired!


Creative And Eco-Friendly Arbor Coat Stand

Mon, Jul 6, 2015 | Storage

We’ve already told you about a lot of coat stands but this one is so original that I couldn’t help sharing it! Denver-based furniture manufacturer Housefish have launched a new tree-inspired coat stand. The Arbor features a branching, stable structure that holds a multitude of coats and bags and is available in Walnut or Maple wood. Made using Housefish’s signature digital puzzle joinery, Arbor’s assembly is simple: just connect two screw. Like all Housefish pieces, the Arbor is made in Denver, Colorado using a blend of advanced digital manufacturing techniques and meticulous handcraft. All materials and parts are 100% eco-friendly: formaldehyde-free sustainably harvested wood, recyclable metals and VOC free finishes are used.


40 Beautiful And Cute Shabby Chic Kids Room Designs

Sat, Jul 4, 2015 | Kid bedroom designs |

When I look at shabby chic kids’ rooms, I wish I had a little daughter! Shabby chic style is one of the most popular for children’s spaces, to be precise, for girls’ rooms because such a cute and chic style is perfect for a little princess. Pink, blush, grey, white, pastels combined with ruffles and floral patterns will become a breathtaking base for such a room. Then you’ll need vintage and shabby chic furniture: a canopy bed, cute cabinets and open shelves, a table, a play kitchen and chairs. Crystal chandeliers, lamps, buntings, signs and flower decorations are right what you need, and if it’s possible, find shabby chic toys to continue the theme. Make your little princess happy!


Fun Shell Collection: Creative Storage Units For Every Use

Fri, Jul 3, 2015 | Storage, Vases

Flexible and simple designs now rule the world because they meet a lot of various needs and are easy to change. Colorful, friendly and happy, Shell Collection from Tete De Bois are right like that – these are baskets, recipients and vases for every use. Handmade of Eva rubber, these items are washable, non-toxic, UV resistant, soft-touch, flexible, light weight and recyclable. They come in four sizes and the coulisse allows you to modulate the opening based on what you want to contain. You can use them to contain any kind of object in any interior and exterior space: food, magazines, plants, toys, firewood and whatever you want, this collection is easy to place in every kind of environment.


Eclectic Home With South African And Japanese Influences In Decor

Fri, Jul 3, 2015 | Unusual house designs

This home in Cape Town, South Africa, belongs to a couple of artists, and I think it can be seen at first sight. The front room is divided with a fireplace that separates the living room from the studio space. The mix of materials, styles and curated pieces in the living room demonstrate the owners’ unique voices in their fields. The kitchen is where the Victorian, mid-century and industrial aesthetics really mix. The owners make statement walls feel full with added objects that complement the feature, without pulling attention away from it. Japanese and African influences are seen throughout the home, for example, a collection of South African and Japanese plates hanging on interchangeable wooden picture rails, or a collection of Kabuki masks.


28 Lovely And Inspiring Shabby Chic Bathroom Décor Ideas

Fri, Jul 3, 2015 | Bathroom designs |

Shabby chic bathrooms are so cute that when you see them, you just can’t get enough! Many celebrities and designers choose this style for their bathrooms because it makes the space refined and really chic, every shower or bath becomes a sophisticated experience. Refined tiles or whitewashed wood is right what you need to clad such a bathroom, speaking about colors, light ones and pastels are the best choice here. Vintage bathtubs and washbasins, exquisite ruffled curtains instead of usual shower ones, stunning old-fashioned mirrors and cabinets will make a base of your shabby chic bathroom. Adorable chandeliers and candelabras, greenery and big windows will help you to polish the look.


Showpiece Santa Fe Bronze Sinks With An Aged Look

Fri, Jul 3, 2015 | Sink

These rustic bronze sinks are nothing less than incredible. The Santa Fe Bronze Collection, by Domain Industries, are showpiece sinks, no question. They’ll be the focus of any room you put them in. They’re formed from specific casting methods to produce such a rustic, aged look, and it’s a living finish that ages over time. The patina will become rich and subtle, antiqued. I love that every sink has its own character – some of them are sea-inspired, other remind of caves, so you can incorporate such a sink into any bathroom. Have you ever seen such glorious sinks? People will be lining up to use the powder room!


Tiny Scandinavian Apartment With A Smart Space-Saving Design

Thu, Jul 2, 2015 | Small home designs

This small Scandinavian apartment located in Gothenburg’s city center is just 36 square meters but it accommodates 1,5 rooms plus kitchen. The living room is exceptionally bright and airy due to the large windows in the north, exposed wooden beams on a white background set the tone for a stylish black and white color palette, subtly present throughout the apartment. The kitchen is tasteful and timeless with beautiful doors made of oak and mechanical equipment in stainless steel. The kitchen’s design and the open plan offer good work areas, as well as a social interaction with the living room. One of the highlights of the apartment is a charming sleeping alcove, with a friendly window near-by. This home proves that a small apartment can accommodate everything you need and even more.