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6 Smart Tips To Visually Expand A Small Room

Wed, Nov 25, 2015 | Decorating

If you don’t have a big apartment or house, that’s not a problem. Even the smallest studio can be converted and visually expanded by using some simple tricks.

  1. Go for stripes. Vertical stripes on the walls will make the ceilings higher, and a striped rug will push the walls aside.
  2. Use your walls. Order a sliding door wardrobe up to the ceilings because they can accommodate more and leave the center of the room uncluttered.
  3. Look at the scale. Consider the size of the furniture so it looked harmonious in your room; take foding furniture and look for narrow armrests.
  4. Hide the unnecessary things. A plasma or a bunch of wires won’t add charm to your room, so hide them behind sliding doors or somewhere else.
  5. Use glass. Glass can merge with the room décor, so it wouldn’t look so cluttered. Buy coffee tables, tv and plant stands from transparent glass.
  6. Create order using symmetry principles, hang shelves and racks to expand your space.

Portable Industrial BBQ Grill Easy To Assemble

Wed, Nov 25, 2015 | Other

It’s always high time for a barbecue! Especially if you have a cool portable grill to have a picnic somewhere, just like this one from industrial designer Philipp Sack. The grill features 5 pieces of solid 2mm thick stainless steel sheet that easily assemble together without screws or pliers and are dishwasher safe. Side vents with the word ‘bbq’ engraved act as vents for air supply. The packaging is made up of two pieces of solid wood that double as a base for the grill and as a cutting board. I also love the design of these grills – so modern, edgy and stylish! Get your meat and sausages ready!


Small Wooden House With Smart Design And Mountain Views

Tue, Nov 24, 2015 | Small home designs

This small wooden house in Bavaria, Germany, was recently completed by Arnhard & Eck. The wooden house is only 13 feet wide; the kitchen, dining, living and sleeping areas are open plan and connected by stairs. The walls, ceiling and roof are solid wood. The décor is modern, in dark shades and with several bold touches. An area was created especially for listening to music, watching films, reading and enjoying the mountain views. The large windows face Spitzstein, a nearby mountain; a wood-burning stove radiates warmth and comfort. The kitchen and dining room can be extended into the garden during the warmer months by opening up the doors over the two free-hanging terraces.


How To Use Christmas Ornaments In Home Decor: 28 Ideas

Tue, Nov 24, 2015 | Decorating

Christmas ornaments can be used not only on the tree, you can rock them anywhere! Make a Christmas topiary of them, hang them over the table or above the window, attach ornaments to the stairs or rails; take a frame and attach ornaments for a cool decoration. Add ornaments to different compositions: put them into a lantern with some lights, on the mantel, into jars or buckets. Create an ornament wreath or an alternative Christmas tree hanging the ornaments to the strings on the wall. Make cool centerpieces with candles, branches, twigs and lights and add ornaments to the place cards, find more creative uses below!

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Urban Rustic Kitchen Design With Industrial Touches And Contrasts

Tue, Nov 24, 2015 | Kitchen designs

This Sebastian Cox’s urban rustic kitchen with industrial features and lots of space brings a bit of woodland into the city, with some style, using British grown sustainable timbers, a mix of natural colors, inky blue-black dye, and a dash of copper. Steel support beams are painted black and integrated into the design; I love the contrast between light-colored warm wood and blue-black details. There’s a cooker, sink, dishwasher, and plenty of storage; windows overlook the garden giving a wonderful view. The first glazed glass pantry cupboard has slender beech panels, small copper knobs, and a woven panel. The space is very cozy and inviting- just like a kitchen should be!


Elegant And Stylish Boho-Inspired Desert House

This warm desert bohemian house is so inviting, cozy and free-spirited yet elegant that I can’t take my eyes off! Throughout the home white walls provide a clean slate for the decorations. Here you’ll see 50s inspired furniture and lots of cool boho-inspired pieces: rugs, hangings, tribal textiles, woven furniture and of course, unique works of local art done in tribal or boho style – they really create an ambience. The textiles seem to take over the interior – bold, patterned and lively fabrics flash in every room and sheepskins add to the coziness. Hanging pots or decorations help to diversify the zones – this is the case when boho and mid-century modern mix in really a stylish way.


6 Cool Ways To Easily Get Rid Of Unnecessary Stuff

Sat, Nov 21, 2015 | Decorating, Storage
  1. Imagine that you are moving. Take the things that you really need and love and then have a look at all the rest – these are the ones you don’t need.
  2. Check every room. Find out the function of every space and have a look at the objects that aren’t included in that.
  3. Go for charity. It’ll be easier for you not to throw all these things away but to gift them to some charity organizations, so you’ll know that they will be of use.
  4. Find helpers. Ask your family and friends to take part in cleaning your home, so you won’t be bored and maybe they’ll notice some more things you don’t need.
  5. Shopping in your closet. Try on your clothes before your wash it and put things that you like back to the wardrobe, all the others can be given to other people.
  6. Sort your stuff. Put forks to forks, spoons to spoons and so on. Those objects that don’t have a place or a category are likely to be excessive.

Cozy Parka Furniture Collection Wrapped In Wool

Sat, Nov 21, 2015 | Furniture

Using wood and wool, Los Angeles-based Studio Hopkins turns these materials inside out with the Scandinavian-inspired Parka collection. With his Minnesota roots peaking through, Ben Hopkins created a series of open storage pieces that are wrapped in cozy wool cushions, much like a parka would wrap a human. It’s a perfect idea for a winter home when wrapping with wool, knit or fur is right what we want – coziness in every single touch. All the pieces are designed so that you can use both inside compartments and the top surface, that’s very functional. Get comfiness and coziness to your home for this winter with this wonderful Parka collection!


Modern Apartment With Industrial Features And Relaxing Ambience

Fri, Nov 20, 2015 | Modern home designs

The remodel of an apartment in Kiev, Ukraine, was done by SVOYA Studio and the focus was on creating a vast open floor plan and a quiet and peaceful ambiance. The overall design is a combination of modern and industrial features with a slight hint of rustic. The wood boards and ceramic tiles used for the flooring are locally-sourced, the studio also included a series of their own creations, which includes light fixtures and other accessories. The apartment was decorated with paintings by local artists which further supports the concept described so far. The team employed a series of rather unusual strategies such as including an indoor hammock in the living space and using pendant lamps as decorations. Other interesting accent features include a custom wine rack tucked in a nook between the kitchen and dining area.


26 Modern And Smart Kitchen Island Seating Options

Fri, Nov 20, 2015 | Chairs

The island is an important element in most kitchens. However, in modern and contemporary kitchens, it occupies a special place, being the element that usually separates the kitchen area from the living space. Most often, the kitchen island also doubles as a bar, breakfast table and similar options, that is why the seating also has an important role in determining the overall look and function of the whole space. Figuring out the best design option for the kitchen island and seating can be a real challenge. Stools are the most popular solution but you can also go for a pull-out bench. Look at the various ideas with and without cover below to choose the option!


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