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13 Unique Furniture Pieces Made Of Food Wastes

Sat, Jul 26, 2014 | Furniture, Going Green

Going green is a hot trend now, and many people including designers start to think about the environment. Why wasting food, why not use it for designs and decor? We’ve rounded up several amazing pieces made only from food, and we’ll start from The Salt pendants made from sea salt and a synthetic binder, which are smooth on the outside and rough and unfinished on the inside. Greek designer Spyros Kizis has made a series of chairs and lamps made by mixing artichoke thistles with bio-resin. Made from peanut husk or carrot peels, and mixed with potato starch, the compostable Foodscapes containers by Whomade and Michela Milani are free of additives, colorants, thickeners and artificial agents. Look for more inspiring ideas below!


Purely Industrial Eye-Candy: Naked Table Lamp

Sat, Jul 26, 2014 | Lamps

When I first saw this lamp I was excited! It’s something between steampunk, industrial and minimalist – it reminds me of some fantastic animal – this is Naked table lamp by Shahar Katsav. The beauty of this table lamp lies in the exposure of its essential components. The stripped-down design is composed of a soldering board serving as a base, woven copper wiring that gives it malleability to stay upright, and E-10 light holders in a beautiful formation of eight. Artistically industrial, it almost looks accidental but is much too cool to be anything but intentional! Add an eye-catching industrial touch to your working zone with Naked lamp!


Minimalist Riverside Home With An Outdoor Spa Zone

Fri, Jul 25, 2014 | Minimalist home designs

This fascinating riverside home was designed by Christopher Simmonds Architect Inc. The special feature of the house is a backyard spa as an above grade element, requiring minimal disturbance to the surrounding land. The interior is stylishly minimalist with cool natural touches and furniture; the color scheme continues the style – grey, white and natural wood. Aside from the wall to wall, floor to ceiling views of the yard and spa below connect the indoors and outdoors, which become a single flow. I love the wide use of glass in the interior as it highlights the minimalist style and makes the space look more open at the same time. What a wonderful example of minimalist style!


The Latest Decor Trend: 29 Half-Painted Wall Decor Ideas

Fri, Jul 25, 2014 | Decorating

Wall décor is one of the main details in every interior because the walls create the mood and the atmosphere. We can choose painting, wallpaper, wall decals, tapestries or any other décor – this way you can create a style, show your creativity, so today we’ll talk about a new trend in wall décor – half-painted walls. Any calm and neutral space can be popped up using this technique, and the color combinations are endless! Such an idea is suitable for any room, from a kids’ one to the hallway, and very budget-friendly. Add color and mood to your space without being excessive – just style your room with this easy and elegant stroke! Get inspired by cool ideas below!


Biknit Chaise Redefines Comfort, Luxury And Elegance

Thu, Jul 24, 2014 | Chairs

Designer Patricia Urquiola perfectly utilizes texture, dramatic patterns, and exaggerated aesthetics to bring out both the abstract and functional aspects. The Biknit Chaise shows informality and elegance at once, interplay of comfort and sophistication. The wooden base of the chair is built of thermo-stabilized ash and is designed to endure the elements without losing its warm and woody appeal. Affixed and lying in contrast to the wooden buttress is a powder-coated steel tube. The visually exaggerated woven cords are covered in a special polyvinyl fabric created to withstand outdoor elements. The indoor version of this chair is covered in a rich wool fabric reminiscent of a cozy, woolen sweater suitable for the frigid winter. Combining comfort and style, such a piece is ideal for eclectic décor.


50s Inspired Residence With Bold Accents And Stylish Furniture

Thu, Jul 24, 2014 | Mid-century home designs

This colorful retro residence is situated in Bordeaux, France and was created by Fusion D. The interior is inspired by the 50s and can boast of some modern touches. Every room has its own strong personality and colors: yellow, turquoise, blue or grey; some of the spaces are done in neutral shades. I love colorful accents in various rooms: bright furniture, accents walls and, of course, pop art pieces on the walls. Walls, floors, furniture are accentuated separately in different spaces. Overall, all the spaces merge into one elegant and stylish space. Elegance and eye-catching but still calm – these epithets describe the residence best of all.


Touch Of Nature In Decor: 25 Flower And Plant Inspired Lamps

Thu, Jul 24, 2014 | Lamps, Lights

Plants and flowers have provided an inexhaustible source of inspiration for designers throughout history. One of the hottest rends in décor today is connected with them – flower and plant lighting! You can find a plant for any taste here: big flower pendant lamps, lights reminding of water reeds or big leaves. Such designs are very eye-catching and suitable for any interior from a feminine to a minimalist one. You can make such lamps yourself from paper or fabric, there are lots of tutorials. Bring nature inspiration and touches to your home with flower or plant lamps!


Puzzle-Inspired Flat-Pack Furniture Without Screws Or Glue

Thu, Jul 24, 2014 | Furniture

Throw yourself back a few years and you may remember Konstantin Achkov’s flat-packed plywood furniture made without glue or screws. He continues his original designs with the Electron Chair and Lese collection made with the same “puzzle principle”. Electron is made out of beech plywood cut with a CNC router. There isn’t a single screw or drop of glue used in the constructions —instead he chose to use pin joints—falling even more to its puzzle-like nature. In addition to the Electron Chair, Achkov has also released the Series “Lese”, which includes a lamp, chair and table/stool design. The trio continues the puzzle theme with jointed legs and bases that fold into each other when packed down. Industrial chic and attention to details, so unique!


Lively Eclectic Duplex With A Cool Use Of Colors

Wed, Jul 23, 2014 | Modern home designs

This beautiful colorful eclectic duplex located in Paris, France has been recently designed by Sarah Lavoine. The interior is modern, lively, eclectic and refreshing – all these features were achieved with the use of colors. I love how black and turquoise were used in the white background to attract attention – they look so eye-catching and so bold! White color reflects and increases the light that comes through the window. There are many details that you’ll like: rough wooden beams on the ceiling, chic mid-century modern furniture, industrial lamps and accessories. All together, these things look like an integral whole – so harmonious and inviting!


20 Nautical-Inspired Staircases For Beach Homes And Not Only

Wed, Jul 23, 2014 | Decorating

If you are decorating your beach house or just want to add a sea-inspired touch to your interior, a nautical staircase is an ideal variant – not too into your eyes and rather easy to make. Natural worn wood is ideal as it reminds of a deck. You can paint it with blue and white – just some stripes will be great, or maybe dividing the staircase in two contrasting parts – blue and white? Make a brass pipe handrail detail – it feels like you are on a boat! Handrail made from rope looks very original and is so easy to make! Get more inspiring ideas below!