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Outdoor appliances archive

Compact Barbecue Grill – Plek 66 By Rocal

Tue, Jun 23, 2009 | Outdoor appliances

If you have been enjoying the making barbecue, you will definitely like a new Plek 66 by Rocal. Plek 66 is a modern barbecue grill with very sophisticated design. When it’s closed it looks as a thin rectangle box with black glossy facade. In such state it”s very compact and occupies very little space but in the same time it can be transformed in...Continue Reading...

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Outdoor Garden Pots with Built-In Lighting – Llum By Vondom

Tue, Jun 16, 2009 | Outdoor appliances

Spanish company Vondom likes to surprise everybody by beautiful and in the same time very practical products. To make a usual garden pot isn’t enough for it. Vondom tries to add some additional features to almost every product. For example, we have posted about its creative Moma collection which consists of garden pots combined with small tables. We...Continue Reading...


Translucent LED Light Tables – Lounge from Moree

Whether in the living area or in the courtyard Lounge extraordinary translucent tables from Moree will fill the place with atmospheric light. There are tables as with simple white LED bulbs as with built-in multi-color LED bulbs and remote controls which allow to control entire colour spectrum. By mixing the primary colours red, green and blue, every color...Continue Reading...


Cool Kids Outdoor Play Houses By Cerland

Thu, Jun 4, 2009 | Outdoor appliances

Cerland offers a lot of different wooden products to decorate your garden and to change it into a very nice place. One of its kids outdoor play houses, for example, could become an interesting decoration but for those people who have children. You could choose lovely small house for girls or the one with western design for boys. There are also available...Continue Reading...


Bright Kids Play Houses By Soulet

Thu, May 28, 2009 | Outdoor appliances

If you have kids and nice courtyard then Soulet give you an opportunity to do a wonderful present for them. Every child wants to have their own space or even own house. Mostly all of us watched how kids tried to build small tent and played in it. With Soulet you could fulfill the dream of your darling child and present him bright and solid play house....Continue Reading...


Modular Outdoor Kitchens – KitChen Q from Bianchi

KitChen Q is the new solution for outdoor kitchen design. It follows luxury, contemporary style of outdoor living spaces. The concept is very simple – give an ability to create unique, accessible and personal composition for outdoor cooking. Such kitchen is built with highly resistant materials like stainless steel for any aggressive environment....Continue Reading...

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Outdoor Tables with Flowerpot – Moma from Vondom

Tue, Apr 28, 2009 | Outdoor appliances, Tables

This new Moma collection designed by Javier Mariscal for Vondom, Spanish brand specializing in outdoor objects was presented on Salon Internazionale del Mobile 2009. It consist of series of objects but the most interesting ones are tables combined with flowerpots. The idea is very simple but very practical. Originality always characterize Vondom’s...Continue Reading...


LED Outdoor Lights – Pollicino from Antonangeli

Sat, Apr 11, 2009 | Lights, Outdoor appliances

Pollicino is a LED outdoor lights made by Antonangeli Illuminazione to be used as steps signs. They also are good as swinging lamp to emphasize trees, sculptures, architecture. All you need is to put bulbs on the floor without setting and join in sequence in a easy and safe way. The movable installation permits to change the lighting as per your needs. Can...Continue Reading...


Modular Outdoors Furniture by Kettal

This collection of modular outdoors furniture designed by Marcel Wanders for Kettal. It is named Atmosphere for its clean and airy look. The collection consist of many items starting from armchairs and desk chairs, and ending with tables and sofa modules. Cushions for chairs and sofas could be made from fabrics or porotex and are available in wide range of...Continue Reading...


Portovend Vending Machine Concept

Thu, Feb 12, 2009 | Outdoor appliances

Portable vending machine, can hold up to 36 cans. It can produce a cool or warm storage through a compressor. It is powered through a 12V automotive battery with an ideal rate of 15 hours if fully charged. There are sensors installed with LED light indications of temperature and amount of cans left. The form and shape is inspired by contemporary automotive...Continue Reading...


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