Chalet In The Alps With Unusual Geometric Lines

Chalet Béranger is an amazing three-storey chalet by designer Noé Duchaufour Lawrance in the French Alps. This is an awesome minimalist space, it comprises the classical principles of a traditional chalet but given in a modern way far from traditional geometry. Resolutely fluid and modern, the result is a set of lines and organic forms composed around a wooden ribbon. A large, main room is set above the whole construction, defining the central point of the chalet where the family comes together around a warm hearth. Desks, chairs and other objects by the same designer are placed around each room alongside other designer furniture pieces. Wall and floors of both fir and Vals stone surround a Jacuzzi on the first floor, while concrete floors can be found in rooms elsewhere. The space looks very unusual, minimalist and surrealistic, it’s a new view on how a chalet should look like.

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