Elegant Outdoor Wicker Furniture – Hug by Schönhuber Franchi

Schönhuber Franchi is one more big company which offers a lot of different products to furnish you outdoor space. With its products summer days could become even more pleasant. One of the latest and the most amazing its collections is Hug which consists of elegant outdoor wicker furniture of gentle and natural color. With this outdoor set you could sunbathe on a comfortable chaise lounge or relax on a big sofa. Besides them there are nice a side table, coffee table and armchairs available. The fun swing is the most unusual part of this collection which could help you to imagine yourself to be a child and get a lot of pleasure. All this furniture could perfectly decorate the space near a swimming pool and could make it sparkling and sophisticated at the same time. If you are liked these outdoor wicker furniture and want more detailed information about it, then you could find it on Schönhuber Franchi site.

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