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Modern Storage Furniture With Vintage Drawers

Wed, Nov 17, 2010 | Furniture | By Mike

Franziska Wodicka is a designer behind schubLaden furniture. This unique custom-made furniture is designed for the kitchen, bathroom, office, hallway and every other room in the house. Each piece is is an amazing combination of modern varnished or oiled MDF body and vintage drawers. Most these drawers are taken from old furniture pieces that aren’t able to serve their owners as well as they were. They all are designed to store the kind of things that normally just lie around so they help to uncluttered your living space. Besides schubLaden furniture can become a nice decoration of this space.

Source: schubladen

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  1. Clare Says:

    I love these draws. How much do they retail at? (especially interested in the top design)

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    [...] Manufacture of these storage cabinets in part by using furniture that has not used anymore, plus the material from which new wood and then assembled and incorporated into a modern storage cabinets. Of the many forms of this cabinet has a drawer, it is helpful to store the goods so far can not be stored neatly and always a mess. The use of this cabinet is very versatile, spacious room for this cabinet can be put on the floor, while for the narrow room this cabinet can attach to the wall so as not to disturb the arrangement of the room. via [...]

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