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Ultra Ergonomic K1 Sideboard For Offices

Tue, Aug 19, 2014 | Sideboards

Nils Holger Moormann presented a new view at the office and home office sideboards, it’s K1 Sideboard. With this sideboard, the designer wanted to use all the unused space in the sideboard, every inch of it. Narrow and broad, closed and open elements provide a wide variety of planning options. The storage system has distinctive horizontal slits and the front and rear of the system are identical. This piece will look amazing in any minimalist or just modern office; your home office will look really chic with it. The strict graphics around the system are retained, which makes the entire K1 system the ideal partition.


Scandinavian Kitchen Design With Retro Touches

Tue, Aug 19, 2014 | Kitchen designs

Scandinavian décor is very beautiful, full of light and simple to create even yourself, that’s why many homes are done in this style. Today I’d like to tell you of a beautiful Scandinavian-inspired kitchen design by Swedish kitchen design company Ballingslov. Cabinet doors in a soft lime green, simple white tiles and a beautiful marble bench top made of this kitchen an inviting and very functional space. In the middle of the space, a bench, also in lime green, and a pair of Tolix chairs in white create a cozy breakfast area for an everyday use. Beautiful retro touches like tiles, furniture and the rug make the space even cozier and comfier.


33 Industrial Bedroom Designs That Inspire

Tue, Aug 19, 2014 | Bedroom designs |

Industrial style is gaining popularity now and it is suitable for any room you choose. If you hesitate and think that it’s too rough or gloomy for a bedroom, we are ready to assuage your doubts! Industrial style is considered masculine but I assure you – it can be even feminine if you choose the right colors and accessories. The most popular wall décor for industrial spaces is brick, just white or rough wood.; add an eye-catching detail, for examples, an oversized art piece. To continue the style take metal pipe furniture, and the bed may be on wheels – looks amazing! Industrial spaces aren’t devoid of color, so paint your furniture, put colorful cushions, lamps or a bedspread. Enjoy the original variants below and find inspiration!


Ceramic Mia Table Lamp Of Two Cones

Tue, Aug 19, 2014 | Lamps, Lights

This ceramic Mia lamp by Italian designer Federica Bubani comprises a cone-shaped shade that fits inside a larger base in a variety of positions. The light is designed so that the upper, smaller cone containing a fluorescent light bulb sits within or on top of a lower, larger base. Its position determines the direction and brightness of the light. By arranging the top cone in different positions, the light can be either direct or indirect with varying degrees of intensity, depending on the gap left between the two cones for the light to shine through. Cool, simple, aesthetic and comfy in using!


Ultra-Stylish Scandinavian-Inspired Home In Australia

Mon, Aug 18, 2014 | Scandinavian home designs

Award-winning interior designer Fiona Lynch has transformed this traditional Victorian terrace in Australia into a sleek and ultra-stylish home. Ornate Victorian architectural features and mid-century modern furniture blend with other modern finishes and accessories to achieve a truly distinctive contemporary residence. I love the calm color palette of black, natural wood and white – it’s relaxing and every piece matches with perfect taste. The polished brass cabinetry in the kitchen and brass accessories over the whole house as they bring warmth to the masculine palette of black and natural timber, and add a cool twist to the space. Every accessory is absolutely stylish and beautiful, what a circumspect design!

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26 Trendy Storage Solutions That Wow

Sat, Aug 16, 2014 | Furniture

Storage doesn’t have to be ordinary, in fact – it most certainly shouldn’t be. Your things can become a part of décor if you find a proper storage piece for them. Let me inspire you with these ideas and tips to free up some space in your home, the fashionable way. A stylish remedy for an overflowing closet is a decorative ladder. Old or new, reinvent the stairway to storage. Especially friendly to heels, this is a great solution to making some extra closet space. While out on your morning run, take that fallen branch that blocked your way, paint it and suspend it in a space for eye-catching fashionable storage. Just like that you have a piece that is as artful as it is functional. Look for the inspiration below and contain all the clutter!

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Decorative Moiré Mirror With Optical Patterns

Sat, Aug 16, 2014 | Mirrors

The idea behind Moiré mirror was to create patterns in vision that don’t really exist, these patterns are created by a light source behind the mirror and rotating disks. A moiré effect is created by overlaying two identical patterns on parallel transparent surfaces. Displacing or rotating either surface creates a new pattern not visible in either layer alone. The two disks are made from one-way mirror glass with a patterned lightproof film on the reverse. They are mounted on a steel frame in front of two concentric circular neon tubes. The mirror provides a simple reflection until the back disk is rotated, activating the moiré effect and revealing the light behind – controlling light through mirrors can be a cool decorative solution.


Very Simple Finnish Summerhouse In Black And White

Fri, Aug 15, 2014 | Scandinavian home designs

Usually the Scandinavian houses on different blogs are Danish but this one is nothing of that kind – it’s Finnish and you’ll see the difference. I love completely everything about this Finnish summerhouse. Graphic design, the use of black and bare wood, the simple style overall. The style is bare: simple black, natural wood or white walls, no art pieces or curtains – only the beauty of simple and natural things. Weathered black wood makes the interior not so sweet as typically Scandinavian Danish houses, there are not many vintage pieces. All the furniture pieces are necessary and functional, redundancy is not for this home. If you like charming Scandinavian minimalism, you’ll love this interior!


30 Grey And Coral Home Décor Ideas

Fri, Aug 15, 2014 | Decorating

Grey and coral are a fantastic color scheme, soft and calm, suitable for any modern interior and also for beach houses. It’s great for bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms and even home offices, grey and coral are contrasting yet very relaxing, especially if you add beach accessories to the interior. Grey is easy to use in décor: grey walls, floors and textiles; coral should be used more carefully due to its brightness: a coral statement wall or coral statement furniture, pillows, lamps or bed headboards will look awesome and not excessive. Get inspired by the ideas below and apply this color scheme to your home!


Industiral Link Mini Pendant Lights Collection

Thu, Aug 14, 2014 | Lamps, Lights

What I like about modern design is that creators see beautiful in ordinary things, and this lamp series is no exclusion. Link Mini Pendant is a series of lighting featuring a hand-blown glass shade that complement the lighting’s sculptural design, adding an element of sparkle and color to this slightly industrial-styled fixture. The glass is set into the Vintage Platinum-finished aluminum setting like a precious gem, displaying the craftsmanship of each of design houses that participated in creation. The pendants comes is different color like Blue (Steel) Bubble Glass, Clear Bubble Glass, Clear Glass, Clear with White Threading Glass, Gold Bubble Glass and so on. Ideal for a minimalist or industrial interiors!