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High Tech Katedra Desk That Charges Your Phone

Sat, Nov 22, 2014 | Desks

Desnahemisfera designed an office desk, named Katedra, out of contrasting materials that even includes a built-in wireless phone charger (AirCharge). A curved white Kerrock surface is used for the desktop which sits atop what looks like a stack of wooden beams. The blocks are actually three, push-to-open drawers that are cleverly disguised. The AirCharge means your phone will always be charged. The charger is connected to an LED-charging indicator which flashes white when it’s in standby mode and turns red when you set your phone on it. When it turns green, your phone is fully charged. The idea is brilliant: it’s so comfy to work and to charge your phone at the same time!


Modern Home With Stone Walls And Wooden Beams

Fri, Nov 21, 2014 | Modern home designs

Dom Arquitectura have completed the renovation of a historic home in La Cerdanya, Spain. The ensemble consists of a haystack, a barn, a warehouse, a small house and badiu, and the owner wanted to rehabilitate the space set and make his home and several guest pavilions. The architects kept the volumes of the existing buildings, rehabilitating their facades and roofs and redistributing all interior spaces. Inside the house several rooms and guests living areas area faced keeping stone walls, wood coating, using iron elements and combining wood flooring with hydraulic tiles. The idea was to create large spaces, in a rural environment, where the surroundings privileged views become part of the interior, and the authors managed to do it.

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36 Super Elegant Black And Gold Christmas Décor Ideas

Fri, Nov 21, 2014 | Decorating, Holiday decor

Gold and black color combo is perhaps one of the most elegant ones, and it’s rather non-typical for Christmas. Gold and black are amazing for Christmas baubles – they sparkle though not too much, and look stunning. Black and gold signs, letters, numbers and candleholders are great for any type of décor and will make your Christmas look glam. Try this scheme for your Christmas table: tableware, table runners, glassware and centerpieces. If you think it looks too gloomy, then add red or white to get a more festive look. I hope that the pics below will convince you that black and gold is a fantastic and innovative color combo of Christmas!


The BeamBox: 100-Year-Old Wood And Modern Technologies

Fri, Nov 21, 2014 | Gadgets

The choices of home audio systems available today are endless, but how many out their function at a high level and provide a unique, truly quality aesthetic? Meet the BeamBox, a wireless Bluetooth speaker encased in repurposed wooden beams from barns that are centuries old. The beams got modern technology, and producing the coolest, most historically significant speaker you could ever own. The materials it is constructed of, to the hands that built it, and the rock, pop, and soul you may play through it. The BeamBox is about good sound, it’s about history, it’s about making your home a more enjoyable place, and it’s about starting conversations.


Stylish Modern Apartment With Bright Accents And Smart Storage

Thu, Nov 20, 2014 | Modern home designs

Working with visually tempting color contrasts, Design Studio Dragon Art planned and implemented a stylish apartment design in Gdynia, Poland. This impressive home is the result of interconnecting two smaller apartments and adapting the result to the modern living needs of a family of four members. The focal point of the house is an open space accommodating the kitchen, dining area and seating area. The color palette was kept simple, yet highly intriguing, with powerful blue hues contrasting the neutral grays and whites. I love the white bookcase in the lounge area that comes with a plenty of storage units, cleverly hidden from sight, it’s kind of a hallmark of this home.


Vivacious Dutch Home With Family-Friendly Decor

Thu, Nov 20, 2014 | Modern home designs

This Dutch family home can boast of vivacious, simple and family-friendly design. White color makes the home look more spacious, and warm light wood accents make it look rustic and inviting. Ultra-resistant and long lasting polished concrete floors and some great built-in solutions made a low-maintenance home perfect for a family with kids. The functional kitchen featured some gorgeous build-in cabinets and open-shelves, with timber doors and concrete bench-top. Some vintage decoration accessories add charm and personality to this beautiful home. I love cheerful but not excessive accents like pillows, textiles of flowers – they make the home fun.


35 Silver And Blue Décor Ideas For Christmas And New Year

Thu, Nov 20, 2014 | Decorating, Holiday decor

I love blue with all its shades, it’s calming and beautiful. Blue is one of the most natural winter colors, and it’s very popular for décor. Today we’ve rounded up a whole bunch of cool ideas of blue and silver décor for winter holidays. Take blue and silver ornaments and decorate your tree, doors, stairs or put them into a bowl to make a perfect centerpiece. Blue candles will look harmonious in silver candleholders; spray paint usual tree branches with silver paint and add blue ornaments – that’s gonna be an ideal decoration for your front door or stairs. Enjoy the stylish ideas below and find your perfect silver and blue décor idea!


Unique Eclipse Clock And Minimal Art Object In One

Wed, Nov 19, 2014 | Clocks

Designed by artist Iván Navarro, the Eclipse Clock is a minimal art object and functional digital clock made of aluminum, LED lights, acrylic and glass. Why such a name? Because the circular clock face begins completely dark at midnight and becomes gradually illuminated as dawn approaches until entirely lit at noon. As the hours pass, the word ‘PETRIFICATION’ gradually appears before the viewer, intended as a deliberate reference to the archaeological process wherein historical time is consecrated through layers upon layers of organic sediments. Beneath the art object’s immaculate composition lies a deep meditation on the theme of eternity, as well as the relationship between light, time and motion.


Super Stylish Family Apartment With Trendy Accents

Wed, Nov 19, 2014 | Modern home designs

This modern family apartment is full of some very recognizable pieces. I see this space not just like a living one but also as an artwork because every detail perfectly blends with the other and it all looks like a whole symphony of style. The diversity of textures and surfaces make the apartment even more harmonious; the marble in the bathroom is monumental in size creating large geometric blocks. The groupings are art are nice as well. I love warm copper and wood touches that are not only very trendy but also make the space very inviting. Things feel organized but it ale feels a little organic, not too much in place.


30 Eye-Catching Entryway Benches For Your Home

Wed, Nov 19, 2014 | Furniture

Whether it’s the back door or in the foyer, creating comfort as well as style in your entryways in a must. Your guests will get their first impression of your home with these glances and it’s important to transform these spaces into cozy, welcoming and “uniquely yours” type of nooks. And that comfy feeling cannot be complete without a bench to help within the decorating scheme. A good bench can accentuate the space, make a statement and act as a functional piece – you can store different stuff inside. Let’s take a peek at some entryway bench ideas that will help to inspire your rearranging, decorating and transforming!