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Lively Multicolored House Of A Brazilian Designer

Thu, Jul 17, 2014 | Modern home designs

This colorful and creative house belongs to a Brazilian designer, it was bought and renovated according to the needs of the whole family with several pets. The interior is very original and personalized – bold colors, retro furniture, lots of unique details. The accent wall in the living room is made with rough brick; the kitchen boasts a multicolored backsplash and the dining zone is accentuated with a turquoise wall. Every room can be described by some color or colors and many patterns; the terrace looks very unusual with green grass and floors. The house is very lively and multicolor, such a place really raises the mood!

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26 Relaxing Coastal Dining Rooms And Zones

Wed, Jul 16, 2014 | Dining room designs |

If you have a beach cottage or planning to decorate your own beach-inspired zone to relax, think over a coastal dining room or dining zone. The best colors for such décor are aqua, blue, turquoise, grey and white, and what’s good about them is that they stimulate brain activity. Add neutrals and distressed or wicker furniture – that’s the most actual pieces for a beach-inspired interior. The accessories are very important for creating an atmosphere: wicker shutters, seashells, sea horses, corals and urchins – and you’ll feel sea breeze in your dining room! Look at the inspiring ideas below and take some examples for your own dining zone!


Modern Vanilla Sky Bathroom Collection With A Classic Touch

Tue, Jul 15, 2014 | Bathroom Appliances

Furniture that makes a statement with its functionality and durability impresses, and the Vanilla Sky Bathroom Collection by Dezign Market is one of such things. It boasts clean lines, fluid shapes and rounded edges which add to the flow of the lines. The collection is comprised of a sink, mirror, wall cabinet, and stool. They are made from solid walnut and feature handcrafted floral decor. The sink has a marble top and comes in different versions: an oval shape, a square-like shape, or a table-like shape. The collection excellently blends old and new materials to create a timeless look, these are contemporary bathroom accessories with a classic touch.


Industrial Apartment Design With Touches Of Various Styles

Tue, Jul 15, 2014 | Modern home designs

This apartment is located in a 1960s condo, and it was remodeled by its owner. The interior is industrial, modern and kind of philosophical. The ceilings and some walls were left as they were to achieve a shabby chic look. Some furniture is by modern famous designers, and some of the pieces are bought at flea markets. Here you can see industrial concrete walls and ceilings in the kitchen and a French farm table; a plaster Buddha on a chest and books stacked on the floors as this is the most convenient storage place. Every detail helps to create a harmonious atmosphere and a perfect symphony of taste!


33 Cheerful Summer Living Room Décor Ideas

Tue, Jul 15, 2014 | Living room designs

It’s middle summer now and we mostly spend time outdoors as the weather is fantastic! Outdoor bedrooms, patios, terraces and sunrooms are favorite places to spend time now. But what about bringing a summer feel indoors? It’s not really difficult and expensive as it seems. Start from your living room! To get a summer feeling take bold and juicy colors – you can buy colorful furniture or wallpaper but it’s often enough to get some accessories like throws or curtains to get a necessary atmosphere – easy and budget-friendly! If you are not a fan of bright colors, pastels will look no less charming and summer-like. Adding a couple of details like a hammock or a surf is a simple and fun idea that will make your room charming. Get inspired by the perfectly styled examples below!

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Timor And Ithaca Ceiling Fans With Low Power Consumption

Mon, Jul 14, 2014 | Gadgets

Ah, this summer is so hot! If you don’t have an air conditioner or don’t want to use it for some reason, you should pay attention to ceiling fans. Faro Barcelona has created several models that will fit different needs and budgets. The Timor is a ceiling fan with white reversible wood blades on one side and white maple on the other. The most important innovation is that it works with light LED technology so its power consumption is very low. The second model, Ithaca has a more innovative and streamlined design. It works by remote control and can choose from six different speeds with low power consumption. Choose your own ceiling fan to make your summer chill!


Kuća Kamena House Mixing Shabby Chic And Modern

Mon, Jul 14, 2014 | Modern home designs

Designers always impress with their houses and rock the things that we don’t expect. This Kuća Kamena house in Novigrad belongs to artist and designer Boris Kajmak, and it impresses at first view. The whole house celebrates the rustic and vintage beauty: wood and brick bring personality and warmth to the interior. Here every room is almost a still life with its own plot, design and details, and together they merge into a single and harmonious work of art. The special feature of the whole house is rough brick floors; lots of vintage accessories mixed with modern furniture create a personalized and cool impression. I also love the rough wooden beams on the ceiling almost in every room, they bring that rustic and vintage feel that makes any space so inviting. Enjoy the pics!


23 Beach-Inspired Home Office Designs

Sat, Jul 12, 2014 | Study room designs |

If you have a home office, you should try to decorate it beach-like! Why? Because it’s very relaxing, and when you feel too tired, you can just lean back, look around and feel relaxed at once. Such a design will continue the holiday effect after it finishes. Take blue, aqua, turquoise and white and mix them as you like to create a desired coastal atmosphere. Natural rough wood, white or distressed furniture is the best choice for such a home office. Add rough natural wood accessories, corals, shells and sea urchins, maybe a surf for a fun touch. Get inspired by the examples below and feel your toes sandy in such an office!


Design As Art: Best Friends Chair By Martin Mostböck

Fri, Jul 11, 2014 | Chairs

Austrian architect and designer Martin Mostböck shows us that design can be understood as an instrument of retribution. He created the Best Friends Chair demonstrating people from his native city of Vienna which is, along with its a lot of advantages, also acknowledged for its not often likeable idiosyncrasies of its inhabitants, people paraphrase exceptionally vile behavior between individuals shut to each other with a range of colorful expressions. A stab in the back is a one of them, and the designer showed us that the closest people can be the most dangerous, so never relax and lean back!


Cozy Scandinavian Apartment With Vintage Touches

Fri, Jul 11, 2014 | Modern home designs

Scandinavian design is popular more than ever, and we continue telling you of the most adorable spaces in this style. This beautiful apartment is done in perfect Scandi style, with white as the main color and some black touches. What I love about the interior is amazing works of art here and there, they give charm and character to the space, and brass details make it chic. The furniture in the apartment is mostly modern but the kid’s room can boast of vintage furniture and accessories, which give a sweet touch to the space keeping it Scandinavian as the rest of the home. Chic, stylish and inviting!