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Elegant Rustic House In A Monochromatic Color Palette

Wed, Feb 25, 2015 | Country home designs

This Danish country home is an effortless blend of modern design and rustic simplicity — with a little industrial edge here and there, too. As a truly Scandinavian home its main color is white; you can also see calm light and dark grey touches and warm-colored natural wood beams that enliven the monochromatic color scheme. I just love beams and rough stone clad in various rooms – they really make a statement and give the character to the space. Some furniture and lamps are industrial but these touches are so slight that they don’t make the house look rough. Cozy textiles and rustic wooden furniture make it really inviting.


34 Farmhouse Dining Rooms And Zones To Get Inspired

Wed, Feb 25, 2015 | Dining room designs |

We continue sharing the coziest farmhouse décor ideas with you, and today’s article is all about dining rooms or dining zones as not everyone wants a separate dining room. Your dining room can continue the farmhouse kitchen design with a rustic dining table, wicker chairs, cozy lights above the table and blinds on the windows. A vintage cupboard, a wooden bench and a fireplace if there is one will give your décor a sparkle. Add a burlap table runner, a just rug, checked or floral textiles and voila! The great point here is that you can DIY lots of things: furniture, rugs or textiles – you can create exactly what you want for cheap! Get inspired by the cool examples below and go decorating!


Modern And Stylish Clear Band Pendant Lamps Collection

Wed, Feb 25, 2015 | Lamps

Designed by John Pomp Studios, the Clear Band Pendant collection gathers three different shapes blown with the same technique that sum up to a myriad of possible configurations. Any space, from sleek contemporary design to rustically influenced, can benefit from the raw, organic nature of these pendant lights. Their design is customizable in size, quantities and configurations, making it easy to choose the best piece or grouping for your home. Various canopy and density options are also available, but you must note that glass dimensions may slightly vary due to hand made process. These cool pendants can complement any modern space and give it an eye-catching look and a desired atmosphere.


Laconic Minimalist House With Multi-Colored Touches

Tue, Feb 24, 2015 | Minimalist home designs

This bold modernist house was designed by Maddison Architects and built for an art loving family. The screen with large perforated holes is the standout design element in the structure which gets echoed throughout the house. The concrete outer structure gives this house its shape and presence. The décor inside is stylishly minimalist, laconic yet colorful. All the surfaces are either concrete or covered with tiles, that gives the home that minimalist sleek look. The wide use of glass, including the ceilings, brings much natural light in, and that’s very important when many surfaces are black and dark grey. The moody canvas was made more cheerful thanks to colorful furniture pieces and decorations – sometimes multi-colored.


32 Cozy And Relaxing Farmhouse Bathroom Designs

Tue, Feb 24, 2015 | Bathroom designs |

I admire the farmhouse style because it’s amazingly cozy and inviting; spaces done in this style make me recall them often and with pleasure. Today I’ve rounded up some cool ideas to make your bathroom look like that, and I’m sure that it won’t cost you a lot. Extensive use of wood is rather popular now, and in a farmhouse bathroom it’s a necessity because what a farmhouse space without wood? A vintage ladder for storage, shabby and rustic signs, rough wooden frames – and you are on your way to a perfect farmhouse bedroom! Look at the creative examples below and get inspired!


Infinitum Table With A LED Optical Illusion

Tue, Feb 24, 2015 | Tables

Louise-Anne van ‘t Riet’s Infinitum table is designed for people who never tidy up. Her Infinitum table is an Arduino-powered light table that turns on when items are placed on it, but turns off when they are removed. The illusion of infinite space is in stark contrast with the finite space most of us live in. The table has a piezo sensor switch which converts vibration to voltage, and when activated, lights up the LEDs. The vibration of an object being set on the table triggers the sensor. The piezo, as well as the LEDs, are both connected to an Arduino computer hidden under the surface, accessible through the underside of the table.


Charming And Airy Oslo Apartment With Mid-Century Furniture

Mon, Feb 23, 2015 | Modern home designs

This charming Oslo apartment belongs to graphic designer Steffen Olsen and his partner. The interiors used to be gloomy and dark but white paint helped them to change into light and airy; mid-century furniture has carefully been selected throughout the apartment. There are a lot of colorful touches and fun details that create a mood; I love the use of industrial pieces that aren’t too rough and perfectly continue the décor theme. There are some glam touches like works of art and little statuettes that add fun and chic to the apartment. So, the space was turned into a playful, light and inspiring one, these guys really know what to do!


37 Farmhouse Bedroom Design Ideas that Inspire

Sat, Feb 21, 2015 | Bedroom designs |

Farmhouse style is one of the sweetest and the most inviting as its traditionalism makes any space super cozy. Wanna know how to create such a bedroom? Choose the color scheme you like: calm and pastel or, on the contrary, bright and cheerful. Rustic and shabby chic furniture will be the base of your décor; you can also add some industrial pieces or decorations – they’ll look good. To give your bedroom that special traditional rustic look, add natural and maybe rough wood and woven items. For French farmhouse style go for refined vintage furniture and light textiles. Look at the ideas below and get inspired for creating a wonderful farmhouse bedroom!


Focal Point Lamp: Direct Light Where You Need

Fri, Feb 20, 2015 | Lamps

Looking for a lamp that isn’t just a lamp? Check out the Focal Point Lamp by Designlump, which is a great example of a functional modern lamp with an original design.The cube-like, porcelain shade rotates on the lacquered, solid copper base letting you direct light wherever you need it. Depending on the direction of the light, you can use it for direct lighting, as a decorative light, or as lighting to bounce off the wall to create a mood. A 15 foot, mint green, cloth-covered cord completes the lamp. This piece is perfect both for your home and for an office due to its smartness and functionality.


Modern Rustic Holiday Home Renovation

Fri, Feb 20, 2015 | Modern home designs

Located in Belgium’s Walloon region, this inspiring holiday stone house by Dehullu Architecten flaunts a pitched roof reminiscent of the local architectural language. Underneath, spaces filled with light make you feel outdoors. Past floor-to-ceiling doors, a colorful display of light, texture and simplicity are collected in a rustic-inspired interior design, which is absolutely opened to the outdoors. Framed with tall windows running from floor to ceiling, the new living spaces were added in this wooden addition. Deep overhangs shape the glazed terrace, offering the possibility of lifting the deck to make the home seem like it’s hovering above the soothing hillside.