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Portable And Wireless Hue Bulb To Take With You

Wed, Apr 22, 2015 | Lights

The long-praised Philips Hue smart bulb has a new iteration and it’s portable. Limited by light sockets? Not anymore! Good news, smart lighting fans: the Philips Hue—and its full spectrum of colorful illumination—is now available in a portable, wireless version. A rechargeable battery powers the bulb and will provide six hours of run time. This idea solves a common issue with lighting: getting it exactly where you want it to be. For example, why kill a party’s vibe with overhead lights when this’ll do the trick? Going to the patio or porch? Take Hue bulb with you for creating a romantic and relaxing atmosphere without worrying about recharging! What an awesome idea!


Vintage 100-Year-Old Home Full Of Charm And Personality

Tue, Apr 21, 2015 | Vintage home designs

Vintage décor is everybody’s love due to its cuteness, exquisiteness and inviting looks. Today we are sharing a wonderful 100-year-old Minnesota home full of charm and personality. The owner of the house has restored many old features of the house creating a very special family home that blends present and past, modern and vintage. The interiors are very cheerful and vivacious, lots of white in décor and furniture helps to feel the space with light, while colorful furniture and accessories make it cheerful. There are a lot of DIYs, smart organized storage and beautiful restored vintage items, the owner did that all herself. Get inspired to change your own home!


Creative Décor: 39 Bathrooms With Half Walls

Tue, Apr 21, 2015 | Bathroom designs

A joined bathroom can be as comfortable as it can be inconvenient but there is always a solution to any problem, and for joined bathrooms it’s a half wall. A half wall can give you a much needed privacy in a joined bathroom. It’s a very functional element as it can be used for hanging towels, storing toilet paper, and other toiletries while also giving a glass shower stall a bit of privacy. You can make the half wall a part of your vanity and imitate the furniture material to blend it into the interior, or choose a contrasting material to make it more interesting. Find cool and functional examples below and get inspired!


Plame Coffee Table Inspired By Female Body Curves

Mon, Apr 20, 2015 | Tables

Inspired by urban agriculture was born the concept of Plame table, the main objective of which is the cultivation of medicinal plants to keep them at home, which are used in teas, herbal and nutritional supplements. Designer Jaime Andres Quinapallo Salcedo took the idea of the design of the subtle curves of the female body, and it was realized using MDF with a water-based lacquer finish. The Plame coffee table plays double duty as both a surface to display objects in the living area and a place to grow herbs and plants indoors. Its design is very eye-catching and will definitely compliment any modern interior.


Uncluttered Scandinavian Home With Lots Of Wood In Decor

Mon, Apr 20, 2015 | Scandinavian home designs

Daniel Lee, founder of a London-based software development house, works in the digital world but is an architectural enthusiast and designer on the side. For a late-19th century, 3,000-square-foot terraced house in Fulham that he and his photographer wife and their two small children lived in until recently, he designed and oversaw the renovation himself. The result? A clean-lined family house with a warm, calm, and uncluttered Scandi aesthetic. To highlight the natural oak floors all the rest – wall finishes and furniture were kept simple. The house looks really calm and stylish, there’s a lot of wood in the interior that makes it very cozy and inviting.


27 Stunning Indoor Water Features You’ll Love

Sat, Apr 18, 2015 | Other

Sometimes you have to think outside-the-box to create a unique space in your house. Instead of going with the latest trends and most stylish of accents, why not add a feature to your house that’s personal, inspiring and something that will always make your feel comfortable and relaxed? Inserting some watery additions into your home will certainly make for a much more zen, welcoming and surprising ethos. It will also transform a dull, simple area into a more lively and refreshing space. From small ponds to waterfalls, let’s have a look at the exquisite indoor water feature ideas and photos that not only go well with any style theme but also any family’s personality.


Breathtaking Sea Waves Vases Collection By Kela Glass Artists

Sat, Apr 18, 2015 | Vases

Missing the seaside? Wanna feel in summer on the beach? Kela artists will give you this opportunity! These guys feel and breathe the sea, they have a unique talent to feel the movements and power of the sea, so they created a whole series of vases that resemble of sea waves. There are several shapes available, and each piece resembles of some wave of absolutely natural sea color and even with foam. Have a closer look – even the air bubbles can be seen! These vases are perfection, of course, you can display your flowers in them but even without flowers they look breathtaking! Get some fresh sea waves for your interior!


Inviting And Cozy Light-Filled Scandinavian Apartment

Fri, Apr 17, 2015 | Scandinavian home designs

Scandinavian interiors are adorable, stylish, relaxed and serene! Today I’d like to share this light-filled Swedish apartment, very relaxed and livable. The main color, is or course, white but every room can boast of some other shades, which gives a character and personality to every room: black, blue, brown or grey. The design is modern, Nordic with light vintage touches, just a little bit – a furniture piece here and there or some accessory. I love the stylish industrial brick backsplash, which doesn’t look too coarse, and the attic bedroom and study in one – it looks incredibly inviting and cozy! And what do you think?


30 Adorable Fireplace Candle Displays For Any Interior

Fri, Apr 17, 2015 | Decorating

Have a faux fireplace? Or maybe you don’t want to burn anything? Take candles! Candles are an awesome way to bring subtle charm and coziness! We’ve rounded up some cool displays to transform an under-utilized space into something that gets praise from your family and guests. Logs are number one as a candleholder in this case as they perfectly imitate real fire; if you are worried about safety, then take faux logs. A fireplace screen is a refined idea to display candles in a romantic way – choose the design that suits your interior. Got some lanterns? Use them for your fireplace candle display! Depending on the styling, they’ll actually fit any season and still give off a homey, cozy feel. Find more ideas below and get inspired!


Aesthetic Altar: Unique Ecstasy Dressing Table

Fri, Apr 17, 2015 | Furniture

The Ecstasy project by Cristina Celestino is an elegant study on the symbolism of food – pure in form, full of value and meaning and inspired by the Catholic host. The resulting concept is largely stripped of its religious value and used as texture or employed in an oversized format adorned with digital print. With Cristina’s design, the traditional idea of a romantic dressing table that we all know and love has been purified, enlarged and transformed into an “aesthetic altar”. The pure white scale textured material actually represents the host’s repeated form. The idea was to create in a dressing table a very intimate space for hedonistic enjoyment, and the designer succeeded in it!