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Modern Apartment With Industrial Features And Relaxing Ambience

Fri, Nov 20, 2015 | Modern home designs

The remodel of an apartment in Kiev, Ukraine, was done by SVOYA Studio and the focus was on creating a vast open floor plan and a quiet and peaceful ambiance. The overall design is a combination of modern and industrial features with a slight hint of rustic. The wood boards and ceramic tiles used for the flooring are locally-sourced, the studio also included a series of their own creations, which includes light fixtures and other accessories. The apartment was decorated with paintings by local artists which further supports the concept described so far. The team employed a series of rather unusual strategies such as including an indoor hammock in the living space and using pendant lamps as decorations. Other interesting accent features include a custom wine rack tucked in a nook between the kitchen and dining area.


26 Modern And Smart Kitchen Island Seating Options

Fri, Nov 20, 2015 | Chairs

The island is an important element in most kitchens. However, in modern and contemporary kitchens, it occupies a special place, being the element that usually separates the kitchen area from the living space. Most often, the kitchen island also doubles as a bar, breakfast table and similar options, that is why the seating also has an important role in determining the overall look and function of the whole space. Figuring out the best design option for the kitchen island and seating can be a real challenge. Stools are the most popular solution but you can also go for a pull-out bench. Look at the various ideas with and without cover below to choose the option!


Artistic Mizu Table For Creating Your Own Installations

Thu, Nov 19, 2015 | Tables

You can either set out to buy furniture that looks artistic, or you can make your own art with your furniture. The Mizu table is designed in a way that allows you to add your own artistic touch to it, the table is part storage, part installation. Designer Alicja Prussakowska felt that your emotional attachment to any object comes naturally if you have a role to play in the creation of it. The table has an array of horizontally suspended wooden sheets that can be bent and contoured according to your fancy. This allows you to leave your impact on the aesthetics. The variations are infinite, each prettier and more fluid than the next. I guess that’s one of the many things that attract me towards the Mizu table!


Tiny Studio Organized With A Smart Storage Wall

Thu, Nov 19, 2015 | Small home designs

Following a renovation by New York’s Framework Architecture, a wall running the length of a small studio provides generous storage and display. The slatted wood wall runs the entire length of the 450-square-foot studio, beginning in the entryway, where it displays two African paintings and a sculpture. Further along, the wall opens to accommodate a refrigerator and clothes storage. At the opposite end of the studio, Framework Architecture created a partially enclosed sleeping nook that is spacious enough to fit a full-size bed. Conceived as an extension of the wall, the bedroom juxtaposes the client with his possessions, souvenirs, and artwork at the start and end of each day. Though the renovation mostly steered clear of the kitchen, the new program impacts the entire apartment by improving organization and circulation.


How To Spruce Up Your Kitchen For Winter: 27 Ideas

Tue, Nov 17, 2015 | Kitchen designs

Winter is coming! And it’s high time to spruce up your home for winter and give you a festive mood this way. The kitchen is one of the coziest places in your home and it’ll be really easy to decorate it for winter. Add red and green as the main holiday colors; a small fir tree or a couple of fir branches will help you to create an ambience. Wreaths, candies, gingerbread cookies, holly berries and cranberries are an easy and cool way to make an atmosphere – just put them into jars or bowls or hang as garlands. Look at the ideas below and enjoy choosing them for your kitchen!


Modular Plane Shelves Adjustable For Various Functions

Tue, Nov 17, 2015 | Shelves

Colorful and graphic, Plane is a modular shelving system designed by Sebastian Bergne to show off your books, decor, or food. Manufactured by TEEbooks, the shelves can be adapted to fit any space wherever you might need some extra storage. Plane is made of folded sheet steel resulting in a strong, durable design. The diagonal cuts in the panels let light pass through while creating a cool pattern, and this universal modern geo look lets them to be incorporated into almost any place. The shelves are adjustable for various functions so they can be used within any setting, from your living room or kitchen to your office.


Modern Home Filled With Wood, Greenery And Artworks

Mon, Nov 16, 2015 | Modern home designs

This São Paulo, Brazil home is not only a stunning modernist mix of wood, concrete and greenery — it’s also home to one of the most important private art collections in Brazil. I love how the contemporary art looks so effortless in their space — so often there’s a museum quality to art collections. The white brick walls are a nice backdrop for photos and pics, and unique furniture pieces with a cool geometric look. original artworks like statuettes, photos and paintings really change the whole space giving it a character and a special look. The outdoor space is also very modern-looking and combines functionality with a unique look – there is a hanging garden that impresses.


28 Cool Ways To Cozy Up Your Living Room For Winter

Sat, Nov 14, 2015 | Living room designs

It’s rather chilly outside and sometimes we don’t feel comfortable with that. To raise your mood and feel warm you can spruce up your home for winter making it cozier and more inviting, so that your spirits raised immediately when you come in. Today we are talking about living rooms, and there are many ways to comfy up your space. Fur and knit blankets, cover, ottomans and pillows are a mush in this case because soft and warm fabrics do their best. Candles and lanterns will create an ambience; and why not add a couple of holiday touches already? Look how to cozy up your living room for winter below and get inspired!


Frame Storage Modules That Look Two-Dimensional

Sat, Nov 14, 2015 | Sideboards

With bold, black outlines, these storage modules look like two-dimensional images hanging on the wall or sitting on the floor. Frame, from by Lassens, comes from a Mogens Lassen sketch done in 1943 and the result is a collection of square boxes in cubic frames that can either be hung on the wall, joined together, stacked, or placed on the floor on their own. The options are limitless – you can create a classic shelf with one or two or a massive, sculptural grouping. You can also use them with or without doors. Frame comes in six colors: white, light grey, dark grey, black stained ash, oak, and pale green.


Divсibare House Consisting Of Two Different Volumes

Fri, Nov 13, 2015 | Modern home designs

The house is located near the popular tourist resort in Serbia. To minimize disturbance to the site and as a reference to the surrounding hilly terrain, the house is built into the hillside. The outside is designed by combining and connecting the two main monolithic volumes, light & dark. These forms merge with the natural environment of low pine vegetation and steep rocky terrain. The inner décor is simple and modern, and the traditional and the contemporary were merged to create a unique aesthetic and a structure sympathetic to its surroundings. I love ethnic touches added to the interior, they give it a character.


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