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Adorable Modern Kids’ Treehouse With Two Levels

Tue, Jul 28, 2015 | Home design

If you’ve been following us lately, you’ve already seen cool kids’ playhouses, and today we’d like to share another children’s dream – a treehouse from Sharon Davis Design. Situated off the ground giving it a treehouse status, the 350 square foot, multipurpose play space spans two levels – the main floor and the crow’s nest. You enter the structure via a custom climbing net and a trap door, with a ladder leading you up through another trap door to the crow’s nest. A custom stainless steel slide connects both floors as it curves around over a walkable lounging net. Fire poles take you back down to earth when you’re done. Up top, they installed a mahogany writing desk with meadow and apple orchard views for inspiration.


23 Practical And Stylish Tiny Nursery Décor Ideas

Tue, Jul 28, 2015 | Kid bedroom designs |

You are waiting for your first baby and suddenly there’s no ready space for him or her – this is a frequent situation in our modern lives. You can always design a pretty tiny nursery and accommodate there everything you need, tiny doesn’t mean not functional. Choose a space for the kid and accommodate a baby’s bed, this is the main item in any nursery. Create some storage – on the walls, under the bed, or just put a dresser next to it. If it’s possible, put a comfy chair next to the bed to sit next to the baby and look after him or her. Don’t forget the lights, they should be versatile: there should be a bright and a calm version for active time and bed time. Get inspired by the pics below and I’m sure I’ll convince you that a tiny nursery is no worse than a big one!


Original Volo Garden Rocker Lounger For Two

Tue, Jul 28, 2015 | Chairs, Outdoor furniture

This garden rocker lounge for two is by Sveglio of Italy and it’s called Volo – Italian for “I Fly”. Each piece is made to order and you can choose from white, silver, antique bronze and black for the geometric frame, and then from Sailcloth Shadow, Canvas Iris, Spectrum Denim, Spectrum Peacock, Heritage Granite or Canvas Tuscan for your color. In addition, custom color frames and fabric are available. The lounger is super comfy and relaxing due to its hammock pinciple, and it’s is built for two, which is non-typical for a lounger; invite your sweetie and have a great time lying and talking together.


Dramatic And Refined Black Historical Apartment In Paris

Mon, Jul 27, 2015 | Luxury home designs

The interior of this duplex apartment located in the historical center of Paris was envisioned by Ukrainian designer Iryna Dzhemesiuk in colaboration with Vitaly Yurov. Situated in a historic building, it has retained its unique character, while adding a modern and stylish touch. Dramatic visual effects are created offering an experience that comes close to living inside the rooms of a castle. Using noble marble, black gloss, dark glass and patinated brass combined with a magnificent oak parquet, the project developers created elegant and comfortable living zones. The interiors display modern furniture and lighting fixtures from various design brands. Each element has taken its place in the overall scheme, resulting in a harmonious and functional environment.


Feel The Summer: 26 Fruit Print Ideas In Home Décor

Sat, Jul 25, 2015 | Decorating

It’s summer now, and we all love staying outdoors to feel and enjoy it but you can always bring summer inside using cheerful fruit prints in décor. Accent walls with fun pineapple prints, colorful watermelon rugs and coasters and vivacious wall art pieces are the easiest way to rock bold fruit prints. You can always make some accessories and decorations yourself, for example, create a cheerful clock with citrus prints or make bedspreads or table runners with them. Fruit-printed bedding, magnets on your fridge, photo holders, pillows and of course, children’s toys will help you feel the amazing summer spirit. Get inspired by the ideas below and rock fruit prints this summer!


Scandinavian Furniture With Giant Bold Cross-Stitches

Sat, Jul 25, 2015 | Furniture

Copenhagen-based designer Ellinor Ericsson designed a series of furniture featuring giant cross-stitch patterns, and each piece looks very eye-catching, I just love them! Comparing Nordic furnishings to those of rococo, Ellinor tried to achieve a balance between the two styles using Nordic materials and rococo shapes. The cross-stitches are made in wool and woven into a braided birch frame, so the ornament was inspired by rococo but done in Scandinavian manner, that’s an amazing combo. Such furniture looks great both in kids’ and adults’ rooms, it’s a cool idea to make an accent and add a bit of humor to the space. Every chair and sofa is so cute, fun, soft and stylishly colorful that I just can’t help admiring!


Smart Wooden House Built With Beech Wood Plugs

This hi-tech wooden house was built without glue, screws or nails, it’s built with beech wood plugs. The whole house is made from spruce, larch, pine and birch wood, and built without using chemicals or artificial tools – this is eco-friendliness at its edge! The interiors are modern and almost minimalist – who needs much decorations with such beautiful wood textures? The house is totally sustainable with solar energy, a photovoltaic system, a heat pump and intelligent building technology. Heating, lighting and sliding shutters are integrated in the system along with individual room temperature settings. It’s so smart it can even tell you if you’ve left a window open! It’s almost net zero-energy and it’s cutting edge technology.


33 Tiny Yet Functional Home Office Designs

Fri, Jul 24, 2015 | Study room designs |

Lack of space is a frequent problem in a modern house or apartment, we take a lot of space for living rooms to spend time with friends and family, for eat-in kitchens to cook and eat there, for bathrooms to get relaxed, so the space that you dedicate to a home office is often incredibly small. If you feel that your home office is too tiny and you can’t organize it well, this roundup is right what you need for inspiration. Take a space under the stairs, on your balcony, in the corner of your bedroom, even a former walk-in closet is enough to design a cool workspace. Use every inch of space, put a desk or choose a built-in one, organize smart storage under it, hang some shelves on the wall – better open ones as they don’t look bulky. Hanging lights or a small table lamp will be a perfect solution. Get inspired!


Peaceful Bathroom Design In Neutral Colors

Fri, Jul 24, 2015 | Bathroom designs

Décor in neutral colors will always be in trend because such colors make you feel relaxed and comfy. That’s especially important when we are talking about bathrooms as it’s one of the main spaces where you can rest and forget all the problems: a bath with natural salts or just a hot shower that washes off all the concerns. We’ve already shared some beautiful neutral bathrooms, and here’s one more eye-candy by Sydney architect Tania Handelsmann. Light grey, beige and white are the only colors here, and the floor was clad with patterned tiles to add a zest. Such peaceful and calm décor makes me think of having a bath, and what about you?


Tiny Modern Loft Of Just 28 Square Meters

Thu, Jul 23, 2015 | Modern home designs

A tiny apartment can be a very cozy and cute space, even if it’s just 28 square meters like this tiny loft in Paris. Architect Aurélien Lespinas completely redesigned the layout and so that the only rooms combines the living area, the kitchen and bedroom area. The décor style is modern and simple, almost minimal because it’s the best way to keep the loft uncluttered. The main color is white as it makes any space look bigger, and natural wood gives the interior that warm feeling. It’s unbelievable how much storage can fit in such small space, without even noticing it. So, even if your home is really small, you can always get everything necessary, and this loft is a nice example.