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Eye-Catching Modern Home From An Old Warehouse

Fri, Jun 26, 2015 | Modern home designs

Corben Architects converted a large empty warehouse into a residence to accommodate a couple and their three teenagers. The design of the warehouse revolves around a newly created courtyard that brings sunlight and natural ventilation into the primary living areas and to all the bedrooms. The design of the interiors is minimalist, laconic and very eye-catching. Storage and appliances are contained in black poly and stainless joinery on the first floor. The main entrance and stair have been encapsulated by a piece of black and walnut joinery providing useful storage and containing the air conditioning units. Some ESD features of the warehouse are a rainwater tank, photovoltaic panels and solar hot water. The courtyard can be closed off with remote controlled retractable awnings.


29 Joyful And Beautiful Backyard And Garden Fountains To Inspire

Fri, Jun 26, 2015 | Decorating

A water feature always transforms a space, harmonizes it with its freshness and sounds of water flowing. We’ve already shared waterfalls, ponds and water walls, and now it’s time to have a look at fountains. Fountains can be different – classic and glam, shabby chic and zen, designer’s and DIY – find the best option. If you want to harmonize the outdoor space, try a vase planter or some zen variant with bowls. I love the creative piano fountains, especially with flowers on the top, it looks very original and fun, and it’s kind of a word play – sounds of music and waters that it symbolizes. Get inspired!


Modern And Stylish Portable Mangal Barbecue Grill

Thu, Jun 25, 2015 | Other

Barbecues are awesome, and summer is the best season for it. We’ve already shared lots and lots of barbecue grills, and today I’m going to share to a very original one – it’s Mangal from Cisim Design. Cisim Design’s latest collection ‘Mangal’, which literally means barbecue in Turkish, demonstrates the design philosophy of the office; turn an everyday object and transform it into an object with totally different function. Although ‘Mangal’ suggests an object of heating and cooking, it offers a comfortable resting place with storage place in the interior. The final touch of ‘Mangal’ is its inter-changeable grill inspired from another daily object which is the regular fabric patterns.


Modern Lively Apartment In An Industrial Building

Thu, Jun 25, 2015 | Modern home designs

Interior designer Anne Sophie Goneau gave an apartment in a former factory a bright makeover. The space was reoriented in order to accommodate a third bedroom for the residents’ second child. The adjustment required reducing the size of one of the existing bedrooms and relocating the kitchen, which now is an open-plan space next to the living room. The interiors are modern with a minimalist vibe, neutral color scheme and just a couple of bold touches. The bright kitchen features a wall of cabinets with a gray glass tile backsplash. Glass panels divide the living spaces, allowing natural light to carry through the space. The bathroom contains white epoxy flooring, while the bath shower is lined in gray epoxy.


36 Comfy And Relaxing Screened Patio And Porch Design Ideas

Thu, Jun 25, 2015 | Terrace and garden designs

We’ve already discussed and shared a lot of porch and patio ideas but we haven’t talked about screened ones. Screened porches and patios are extremely popular because they function as sunrooms, porches, patios and protect your from excessive sun or rain. Screening doesn’t mean only a roof, these can be windows, folding windows or screens or just blinds of your choice – these are one of the best ideas for screening because you open them when you need and get an absolutely open outdoor space. Blinds or screens can continue the style of the space and even actuate it if you choose original patterns, colors and textures. Get inspired by the ideas below!


Color-House: Modern Take On A Traditional Cuckoo Clock

Thu, Jun 25, 2015 | Clocks

Designer-maker Pedro Mealha has created Color-House, a modern cuckoo clock inspired by the original Black Forest cuckoo clocks. An added bonus to this design is that it’s equipped with a light sensor, so at night when there is no light, the little bird doesn’t come out and chirp. It has a black frame complemented by 7 different colors on its face: turquoise, grey, blue, white, yellow, pink and orange. The large pendulum which is as wide as the clock itself swings elegantly through the two side windows which have a natural birch finish. What a funky take on a traditional piece! It’s a great idea to add a colorful fun touch to any space.


Eclectic Victorian Farmhouse With Shabby Chic Furniture

Wed, Jun 24, 2015 | Traditional home designs

This Victorian farmhouse in Portland was renovated by the owners, they wanted to get a nest and they got it. The home décor is eclectic and lively as the owners focused at decorating trying to make a lovely and cozy retreat. They made big windows to let as much light in as possible, the main color is white – and the ceilings and walls are painted in white; that was also done to make the spaces look bigger and lighter. The furniture is shabby chic, there are many flea market finds restored – this gives the home a unique and cozy charm. The owners managed to make the home very inviting – get inspired!


36 Modern And Stylish Teen Boys’ Room Designs

Wed, Jun 24, 2015 | Kid bedroom designs

Designing a teen boy bedroom is rather a difficult task because it’s not easy to please a teenager, to make the room functional and stylish. Puzzling over what style to choose? Then try modern, industrial, minimalist and just add bright and neon touches to make it look teen-like. Choose a stylish industrial pipe bed and cover it with some colorful bedspread, create efficient storage ideas – under the bed, under the windowsill, make floating shelves. A great idea for any teen room is to express and reflect the tastes and hobbies of your kid, so display surfs, sport balls, sport clothes or prizes, musical instruments and so on. Get inspired by cool ideas below!


Innovative SNAP System For Making Furniture Yourself

Wed, Jun 24, 2015 | Furniture

SNAP by Be-elastic is so named for its innovative mechanism that allows you to design endless one-of-a-kind tables with just a snap, in a snap! Create TV stands, shelves, coffee tables and more from a variety of materials and objects from dartboards to bicycle wheels. No tools, no hole drilling, just snap it on to create custom made piece that’s perfect for your living space. This is an absolutely new and cool concept right in the spirit of the time – creating unique and comfy furniture objects in just a couple of seconds. All the legs are colorful and fun, perfect for making a usual and boring item a cheerful one.


Minimalist And Airy White Loft From A Forge

Tue, Jun 23, 2015 | Minimalist home designs

An old country forge in Poland can become a stunning minimalist loft, and designer Jacek Kolasinski proved it. I love lots of white everywhere: it makes the home airy and reflects and invites the light in. Original brick walls and ceilings with beams were left but to make them look softer designers painted them white; the floors are also white and so cozy. The furniture was made in warm natural wood – partly renovated and partly left as it is, that gave the space a warmer feel. The working and cooking surfaces are mostly steel – this is minimal vibe shown. Slight Scandinavian touches are also present: fur wraps, greenery and furniture.