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58 Cool Kitchen Pots And Lids Storage Ideas

Tue, Apr 15, 2014 | Kitchen designs

Storage of pots and lids is always a problem because we have lots of them and the storage space is not always sufficient. So, what can we do? Let’s start from pots: chandeliers that hang over the kitchen island, ladders with hooks, wall railings, peg boards with hook, a pull out draw hanger – these are just some ideas to choose from. Now for lids a large draw to keep pots and lids organized and stored on their sides, cheap adhesive hooks have been stuck to the inside of the cabinet door or a railing fitted to the wall hangs up the pot lids under the pots. Look at the ideas below to find out how to apply these ideas!


Minimalist And Functional HEXA Coffee Table

Mon, Apr 14, 2014 | Tables

Hexnuts became a source of inspiration for the creation of HEXA table by Daniel Vieira. The table reflects the modernist aesthetics while being functional and elegant. The piece is made of oak and walnut and can be placed in horizontal and vertical positions. In horizontal it works like a simple coffee table, in vertical it works like side table or bedside table. Its modular design allows it to fit into different spaces. In small rooms, it can be used only one module, in larger rooms it can be added more modules and combined with different woods. Ideal for a modern or minimalist interior, isn’t it?


Unique Cave House With Harmonious And Airy Interiors

Mon, Apr 14, 2014 | Unusual house designs

Cave House below welcomes the inhabitants in a sanctuary of tranquility – not a real cave but a cool imitation. Curved walls, transparent partitions between spaces and neutral tones worked together in order to create a natural, meditating ambient. The interiors are modern, dynamic though simple and uncomplicated, revealing a sense of relaxation and equilibrium. I’m impressed by the stone arches and domes, they look so airy! I’d never expect such a look from spaces in stone. The folded curtains in the living room together with the huge painting on wall bring a note of romanticism. Unique identity, harmony and purity – these properties identify this amazing house.


The Latest Décor Trend: 29 Ottomans As Coffee Tables

Sat, Apr 12, 2014 | Decorating |

The sofas are easy to bind together visually but the hard part is how to add the two coffee tables in a single area without cluttering the space. A soft, textured ottoman, right in front of a sofa is such an amazing solution! Still practical but more cushy and cozy, it easily doubles up as coffee table and extra seating. There are tons of various ottomans if you want, you can play with shape, use a pair of similar ones, play with the design or play with the textiles. Add a tray atop to create a solid surface to display decorative objects or place a cup of coffee, style it with favorite books or just put your feet up after a long day. Get inspired!


Minimalist Art Of Light: Concrete Lights Experiment

Fri, Apr 11, 2014 | Lights

Elim Cheng is an interactive designer who offers us a new way to experience concrete, combining it with the warmth of the light bulb, and volumes molded by unexpected objects, like plastic bags and paper boxes. Concrete Lights Experiment shows the problem of removing the plastic bottle without damaging the object, and the difficulty of obtaining results with the soft plastic of a bag. Just have a look at these lamps – the shape of each of them is special, with its own imperfections and peculiarities! The designer shows that creating a lamp is kind of art, and you get involved in the process.I’d say that every lamp is one-of-a-kind, take a look at the pics and get inspired!


Bright And Lively Vintage House In Amsterdam

Fri, Apr 11, 2014 | Vintage home designs

This amazing bright vintage home is located in Amsterdam, and though it has lots of vintage touches, it seems fresh, modern and very lively. A white background and a careful and sparse collection of furniture help this place look neat and tidy, although it brims with amazing finds of all sorts of styles, ages or colors. There is a trick that keeps the whole place together: thrifted items are kept together in collections instead of being scattered around the home. Ceramics are stored in view inside a glass cabinet, all the patterned pillows are on the sofa and the small canvas arts in one place on the wall. There are also lots of empty space, left untouched, that helps create a feeling of balance and broadens the space.


All Shades Of White: 30 Beautiful Living Room Designs

Fri, Apr 11, 2014 | Living room designs

Are you obsessed with white like I do? Doesn’t this color seem perfect and elegant to you? This perfect pure color is great for any décor (in case you don’t have too many pets) because it has lots of advantages: it easily combines with other colors, it visually expands even the smallest space and looks cool in every style, from minimalist to shabby chic. There are several shades of white color, warmer ones or colder ones, you can choose what suits you and your interior. White living rooms are so dreamy! All-white or mixed with other colors, these living rooms are very beautiful and create a romantic mood. Look at the gorgeous examples below and get inspired!


Functional Pleat Shelves With Clean Lines

Thu, Apr 10, 2014 | Shelves

We often have bulky shelf systems at home, they clutter the space. The creators of this Pleat shelf – Sofia Löser und Henrik Bettels – consider that a shelf shouldn‘t look too dominant visually, so that space remains for the objects which are positioned in it. That’s why Pleat is just like that – with clean lines and functional design. There are different material and color options, and due to the simple design the shelves may have various configurations. Pleat is ideal for any modern space, from your own home to an office or home office.


Modern And Fresh House Of An Old Workshop

Thu, Apr 10, 2014 | Modern home designs

Renovating industrial spaces into living ones has already become a trend. This house used to be a Victorian joiner’s workshop that’s been converted into a two-bedroom, loftlike live/work space. The ground floor features a small kitchen tucked under the stairs, which lead to a second mezzanine bedroom. The house was painted white but the original wooden beams and woodwork was left as it is. I like the old-fashioned hearth and brick clad in the center of the house. The owner, Anna Barham, a graphology artist, has furnished the interiors with a mix of antiques and midcentury classics and textiles, so the space feels fresh and unstudied.


30 Small Dining Rooms And Zones Decorated With Style

Thu, Apr 10, 2014 | Dining room designs |

Not every home has a dining room but you definitely have some dining zone or at least a breakfast nook. Can a small space be stylish? Sure! Today we’ve rounded up some examples of small dining spaces decorated with taste. Perhaps, minimalist or just modern style is the best one for such spaces because it means playing on contrast, a simple color scheme and minimum of details – and that makes the space look bigger. Shabby chic or vintage style is also to the point, the space would become very charming, and vintage tableware and accessories would help you to create the needed atmosphere. To speak about the colors – keep to the light schemes as they expand the zone visually, and if you want something original – just play with textures. Use smart storage solutions to save the space and get inspired by the pics below!