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Home With A Country Feel In Dark Shades

Wed, Sep 17, 2014 | Traditional home designs

In modern design dark colors are not often used much as they are considered gloomy, boring and depressive. But just look how dramatic they can be! This dark exterior home by Bureaux with it’s ominous facade is striking. Don’t start thinking about the heating and cooling bills – just get back to admiring the silhouette of the structure. The interiors are rather calm and dark also; warm teak or rosewood pieces give it a country feel. I love the outdoor terrace with a kitchen for cool meals and enjoying fresh air – wood and concrete make it look modern and hot. Enjoy the darkness!


27 Unexpected Colorful And Vibrant Halloween Décor Ideas

Tue, Sep 16, 2014 | Decorating, Holiday decor |

We got used to Halloween parties in black, red or orange but what about rocking some hot colors? Go green, purple, red, hot pink or any other colors that you like. Make colorful Halloween lights, crazy cheerful wreaths, try neon – it’ll look so modern! Put some googly eyes, spiders, snakes and blood drops in various colors – have fun! As on this day food becomes a part of décor, we advise you to add these colors to the food also – that’s gonna be fun! Such décor and food will make your party memorable and it’s also ideal for a kids’ party. Enjoy the pics below and get inspired!


Stylish Modern Bathroom Renovation With Wood And Concrete

Mon, Sep 15, 2014 | Bathroom designs

This stylish bathroom is in the house of furniture maker Chris Brigham, founder of Knife & Saw. He wasn’t satisfied with his bathroom and decided to rebuild it, so he planned out a complete overhaul of the room that features no shortage of custom built-ins. In order to give the redesign a seamless feel, Brigham carried the use of wood, which can withstand a high-moisture environment, throughout the room—including the shower. The focal point of the room is a glass fiber-reinforced concrete sink for maintaining the minimalistic appearance of the room and to avoid leaks in the areas that would be in direct contact with water. The bathroom became a welcoming, clean-lined setting in warm wood and cool concrete.


Train Depot To Cozy Modern Cottage Conversion

Mon, Sep 15, 2014 | Modern home designs

We’ve seen many conversions of industrial spaces like shops or factories into stylish modern homes but a train depot? Such a space is really difficult to turn into something cozy but look at this modern cabin design in Connecticut! Organschi Architecture gave the depot contemporary touches and prevailing cottage feel, which comes via the extensive use of glass and wood, which both invite nature indoors. Inside, bleached pine and a rustic, brick fireplace feature instantly evoke the feeling of a true countryside home. A well-used and no doubt well-loved fireplace feature warms up the space in temperature and in looks. This brick feature boasts an open firebox, which adds rustic flair to the flame. What an inviting space!


43 Stylish Home Coffee Stations To Get Inspired

Sat, Sep 13, 2014 | Decorating, Kitchen Appliances

A cup of coffee in the morning before work or one on a Sunday evening hanging out with your gal pals, if you’re a lover of coffee then the set-up needs to be convenient, functional and, of course, stylish too. That’s why we’ve gathered some cool at-home coffee stations to help you re-organize and re-decoration your sip-worthy nook! The ideas for décor can be different, it’s up to you but I think your coffee station should be more or less in harmony with the rest of the kitchen. Find out what you really need there: a coffee machine, several cups, napkins and maybe some cookies or other sweets. Your coffee nook décor can be various: playful and bright, calm and cozy, retro or shabby chic or any other, get inspired by the ideas below!


Multipurpose Pulse Daybed With A Rack And A Tray

Sat, Sep 13, 2014 | Beds

Functional furniture is hot and great for any space! This daybed is one of such things – it’s Pulse by Norwegian design studio Noidoi. The piece is multipurpose, it’s ideal for contemporary living spaces that are taking on the merged roles of what would once have been separate rooms. The solid oak daybed is covered with a Norwegian wool mattress, a section of which can be folded back, revealing an oak hatch covering a magazine rack below. When the hatch is removed, it can be used a serving tray. Norwegian-produced wool was used for the mattress, and the magazine holder is laminated with the same type of wool. The materials are long-lasting and they have an attractive texture both for the eye and the hand.


Tiny Scandinavian Apartment Decorated With Style

Fri, Sep 12, 2014 | Scandinavian home designs

This stylish Scandinavian apartment can be a great source of inspiration for those who love calm and cozy Nordic interiors. Here you’ll see that the size of a home doesn’t matter at all, and you can organize a tiny apartment so that it would be full of love. The color scheme is calm and traditional for Scandi spaces: black, shades of grey and white; natural wood makes the space cozier and warmer. Every corner is organized in a smart and space-saving way, for example, a cool white built-in desk. The bedroom is tiny but looks so sweet! The mirrors on the wall really open up the space; the grid tile on the walls is interesting.


Keeping Clothes Off The Floor: 28 Coat Racks And Stands

Fri, Sep 12, 2014 | Furniture

The cold time of the year has officially begun and the weather will get only colder. You, your family and the closest ones, who come to see you have a lot of coats, scarves and maybe hats, so every hallway need a cool coat rack or stand to store them all. A modern coat rack should have not only coo and eye-catching design but it should also be space-saving as hallways are often small. We offer you a whole bunch of amazing coat racks to rock in any space, from a hallway to your office. They are all different, cool, stylish and you’ll definitely find a piece for yourself. Get inspired!


Unique Voluminous Chassis Mirrors With Shelves

Thu, Sep 11, 2014 | Mirrors

Mirrors are considered mysterious from ancient times; they were used in magical rites. Today a mirror is used a lot in everyday life but it also can become an eye-catching décor object. Chassis mirrors by Belgian design studio MaDe add volume to what is typically a flat object. The volume is defined by a thin metal framework. In that way the Chassis claims a more important space in its environment compared to a regular mirror, but at the same time it oozes elegance and lightness. Behind the mirror is room to fix an oak shelf on which smaller personal objects can be placed. Available in two different versions, Chassis can be hung to the wall and an XL-variation can stand free in the room.


Cozy Upper West Side Combo Apartment

Thu, Sep 11, 2014 | Modern home designs

Upper West Side Combo is a prewar apartment renovation by design firm StudioLAB of two dark and tightly configured units into a single unified space, located in Manhattan, New York. The designers were challenged with the task of converting the existing arrangement into a large open three bedroom residence. So, the bedrooms were moved to the west wall of the combined unit, while the existing internally held living room and kitchen were moved towards the large south facing windows, resulting in a flood of natural sunlight. A concrete office cube was designed with the supplementary space which features walnut flooring wrapping up the walls and ceiling. The interior décor is kept modern with a traditional twist and very inviting; the calm and earthy color scheme here plays the main role.