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Compact, Stylish And Portable Kangeri Nomadic Radiator

Wed, Nov 19, 2014 | Radiators

The cold season has started, and many of us have already started using radiators. We’ve already told you of some uniquely designed ones, and here’s one more model you may like. Satyendra Pakhale designed the Kangeri Nomadic Radiator to be a plug in and portable heater that is meant to warm up spaces close to the user. Its name comes from a kanger, a pot filled with hot embers, it is usually held by the Kashmiri people beneath their traditional clothing to keep warm. The main bulbous body of Kangeri Nomadic Radiator is made from powder-coated aluminum with an integrated oak wood handle. A power cord extends out from the base of the unit, which is held off the ground by three easy to maneuver wheels. Easy to move around, the Kangeri Nomadic Radiator can be placed easily within any domestic or office space – instantly creating a comfortable zone of warmth.


Ibiza Home With Vavacious Textiles And Shabby Chic Furniture

Tue, Nov 18, 2014 | Contemporary home designs

This luminous home is located in Ibiza, Balearic Islands, Spain. The interior creates a perfect balance between white to add space and richer colors to add personality. The home creates a strong impression of a vacation home and being in some resort. The walls and ceiling are just whitewashed, and the floors are covered with natural wood, that looks very inviting. The furniture is rustic, shabby chic and upcycled – it looks very relaxing, and lots of sunlight (that’s typical for Ibiza) make the home just paradise-like. Textiles in rich and juicy shades accentuate the décor and make it more vivacious. This is an adorable island home, a perfect place for a vacation!


26 Awesome Rugs That Accentuate Your Floor

Tue, Nov 18, 2014 | Rugs

It often seems like a room just isn’t complete without a rug. As soon as you add this piece everything changes – it gets cozier, the décor becomes complete and harmonious. There is a bunch of really unusual and cool rugs on the market to choose from if you want to change the mood in your home or if you think a room could use a cheerful and unusual accent detail. Some play with shapes and proportions, others use colors in really interesting ways and others are so intriguing you can’t even decide what’s their best feature. We’ve prepared a whole pile of rugs that can really excite you, so get inspired and find one for your own space!


Natural Yet Minimalist Milano Study Light

Mon, Nov 17, 2014 | Lights

The LED lamp in ‘Milano Study’ is directed to its wooden surface giving it a warm, atmospheric glow. The young designers of Politecnico di Milano, Alessandro Grasso, Alexandra Lunardi, Sara Flamigni and Emanuele Colzani say that their work was inspired by the organic, natural shapes – such as leaves, flowers, drops of water. That’s why the material used is bent and molded thin ash veneer, it’s a material found in nature yet very flexible. The thickness of the veneer has to be very precise in order to reach the right kind of radius. The solid wood base is also made of ash. The lamp combines minimalist design with a natural material is a very cool and unexpected way.


Turquoise And Amber Living Room Design With Upcycled Items

Mon, Nov 17, 2014 | Living room designs

This living room was styled and shot by Souraya Hassan of BINTI HOME. She’s a genius – just look at this color combo! A neutral palette of white and soft shades of grey is combined with turquoise and warm tones of orange to create a perfectly balanced composition. The wooden ceiling beams are whitewashed, and that gives the ceiling a light and airy look. Copper and warm wood touches make the interior very inviting. I love the idea of mixing trendy and fashionable items by famous designers and some upcycled vintage pieces, like the beautiful buffet painted in blue. Get inspired by the decor!

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32 Cute And Cozy Knitted Christmas Decorations

Sat, Nov 15, 2014 | Decorating, Holiday decor

Knitted pieces always bring coziness and cuteness to any space, despite of the season and the item. We’ve already told you of some pretty knitted ideas for fall and winter, and today we’ll talk about Christmas and the prettiest knit pieces for the holiday décor. if you are good at knitting, then try to make some cute knitted ornaments, and then you can use them for tree décor, garlands, wreaths, stairs and furniture décor. Candleholders, mug cozies, wreaths and even knitted Christmas trees are fantastic for creating a very cozy and inviting atmosphere. In case you aren’t good at knitting or don’t want to do it, then you can always recycle some old sweater into a cool knit decoration. Get inspired!


Cement Counting The Rice Table And installation In One

Sat, Nov 15, 2014 | Tables

Moroso has released 30 cement editions of the combined seat and table that Daniel Libeskind designed for Marina Abramovic’s live art piece, Counting the Rice, earlier this year. Libeskind’s design is a series of connected angular planes that form the back, seat, base, supports and tabletop. The work surface is angled down towards the user and features a small lip to prevent the grains from rolling off. ‘The slab of cement folds over itself, enfolding and pushing the body to carry out the performance, while the vigorous gestural expressiveness of the form is embossed across its surface with complex geometries that give a sense of visual fragmentation,’ said a statement from Moroso.


Eclectic And Bright Moscow Apartment With Accent Walls

Fri, Nov 14, 2014 | Modern home designs

This two room apartment in Moscow was designed by Uniquely studio, and it shows how different styles can be easily mixed within one space. The living room merged with a dining space is done in industrial and pop art style, and here lots of details attract attention. A geometric wall art is, without any doubt, the focal point of the room, and I can say that a denim sofa with neon edges strikes no less than the artwork. The opposite brick wall is very calm and adds harmony to the room. The kitchen is minimalist, black and white, and the brick wall motif is continued here. The bedroom strikes with a rough wood wall, it accentuates the space giving it a rustic touch. The problem of the lack of space is solved easily with hidden storage space.


25 Fun Candy Cane Christmas Décor Ideas For Your Home

Fri, Nov 14, 2014 | Decorating, Holiday decor

Candy canes are cool and tasty Christmas symbols that always remind of the holidays and bring a strong Christmas feel. That’s why I offer you to look at awesome candy canes-inspired ideas and decorations. You can use these little candies for place cards, wreaths, garlands, chair and fir tree décor, and no special changes are needed – just hang or put them where you like. Cane-inspired decorations also look amazing: cane-inspired ornaments, tree and door décor and candleholders. To make a cool Christmas centerpiece you need just some container, candy canes and flowers – just put the canes into the container or attach them outside. Get more creative ideas below!


2014 Kids-Friendly IKEA Holidays Collection

Fri, Nov 14, 2014 | Decorating

This year, IKEA is celebrating creativity and togetherness by letting children decorate their homes for the holidays. The smallest ones are in charge – supported by the collection, which includes decorations, candleholders, and warm textiles for the bedroom and living room. All of the pieces are intended to create an inviting space filled with holiday warmth and loved ones. Let your little ones paint and draw what they want on these items and have fun, and you’ll get personalized pieces created by your own kids! Most of the items are flexible, which allows to create your own decorations – so cool for both adults and kids!