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Closse Residence: Stylish 1960s Home Renovation

Thu, Apr 16, 2015 | Modern home designs

Within a suburban Montreal neighborhood, this bright Closse Residence was built by the owner’s father in the 1960s and its heirloom features were respectfully dressed in modern skin by NatureHumaine architects. The exterior of the house was restored and repainted and the windows were replaced. A contemporary dormer was added to the roof of the house containing the two second floor bathrooms. The interior now is modern, even minimalist, yet shining with personality. Removing the original partitions let the light penetrate deeply into the house. A new sculptural stair built of hot rolled steel, maple veneer, and frosted glass becomes the focal point of the house. This is a nice example of changing an old home into a new one saving its character and features.


32 Awesome Ideas To Use Raised Platforms In Interiors

Thu, Apr 16, 2015 | Decorating, Storage

Multifunctional furniture and loft spaces can really add dimension to a small home but what if we combine the two? A raised platform with storage space will allow you to make the most of your square feet and add function to every inch of space. Raised platforms are good for two things – storage and space division, so you can build in some drawers or hide additional furniture there while using its top for something entirely different. Thus a single platform can transform one room into two or even three functional areas plus storage space for everything you need. Platforms can be used everywhere, from a bedroom to a kid’s room, they can act as space dividers, for storage, seating, emphasizing some areas and so on – just look at the ideas below and see how to use them right!


Harmonious Combo: 100% Sand Vases From Glass, Sand And Concrete

Thu, Apr 16, 2015 | Vases

100% Sand is a project by Anabella Vivas that investigates if and how the process of design can benefit by using natural elements during creation. Wanting to seek a balance between the materials, Vivas chose to mix a concrete with sand and combine that with glass. Overall, each vase is 60% concrete and 40% glass. By using the most amount of sand possible in the concrete mix, Vivas was able to blow glass onto it because of the slightly cooler than normal temperature, which kept the pieces together. Each piece is handmade, showing a story through its texture and appearance, it looks very harmonious and original, this is a perfect vase for displaying your flowers.


Cozy And Lively Retro Home In Brown And Lime Green

Wed, Apr 15, 2015 | Mid-century home designs

Sarah Gallop Design have revived a 60’s house in Vancouver, Canada, into a contemporary home that features custom millwork throughout. The homeowner wanted a retro feel, but with the technology of today. What I love most of in this home is an amazing color scheme: beige, brown and lime green – it’s very lively and so cozy! The home is full of light, warmth and bright accents. The center is the kitchen, it natural lifestyle of the family. Custom millwork with contrasting white and dark colors gives it an eye-catching and inviting look. All the rest spaces including the outdoor ones absolutely continue the décor theme and look very stylish, scroll down to enjoy!


32 Smart And Stylish Folding Furniture Pieces For Small Spaces

Wed, Apr 15, 2015 | Furniture

If folding furniture still makes you think about bad decor and cheap interior these stylish items here will change your opinion. Small spaces just don’t allow the luxury of big sturdy wood furniture. But if you’re still driven to make your living space look stylish finding for folding furniture with nice design isn’t much of a problem anymore. Folding wall tables and chairs, beds and desks will help you to save the space and fold the furniture and hide it when you don’t need it. Got a small balcony? Pick a folding table and chairs! Got a small mudroom? Choose foldable seats! Look at the ideas below and we are sure that you’ll find something useful!


Smart Accents: Log Lamp With Bright Green Cord

Wed, Apr 15, 2015 | Lamps

Remember we told you about Winnie lamp by designer Nikolo Kerimov? Today we’d like to share one more piece by him – Log, is a fresh take on a simple pendant lamp. The item is made from light-colored plywood, its design is pretty simple but the twist is bright green cord. The lower part of the lamp is done in light plastic, and this way the piece looks more creative and eye-catching. The simplicity of the design is highlighted with a neon accents, what a cool idea! Such a lamp is nice idea for any modern space, from a kitchen to a home office, and other spaces like cafes and bars.


Stylish Mid-Century House With Warm-Colored Wood Decor

Tue, Apr 14, 2015 | Mid-century home designs

This project was a thorough remodel of a 1950s house by prominent Portland architect Saul Zaik. The architect thoroughly reworked the interior floor plan, relocating the master bedroom and bathroom to the rear of the house, creating a mudroom, office, and laundry room, changing the proportions of a family room that had been expanded and was out of scale with the other rooms, upgrading the windows throughout, and vaulting the ceilings in the addition. The interior is light and inviting, with super stylish modern and mid-century furniture. Lots of warm-colored, almost orange wood and patterned textiles all over make the interiors very cozy.


20 Beautiful Vintage Closets You’ll Never Want to Leave

Tue, Apr 14, 2015 | Decorating |

A vintage closet is a dream because an elegant and refined interior will always inspire you to dress in a beautiful way. Make it light or pastel to visually expend the space and achieve a light and inspiring feel. Adorable vintage or vintage-inspired furniture will be the base of your closet: dressers, mirror armoires, beautiful mirrors, a refined couch or bench, maybe an exquisite dressing table. Polish the look with a vintage chandelier and several lamps and voila! A vintage closet isn’t always a feminine thing, it can easily become gender-neutral or masculine, to make it feel manly add industrial touches and details or go art deco. Look at the ideas below to get inspired!


Minimalist And Functional Noneli Floor Lamp

Mon, Apr 13, 2015 | Lamps

Noneli is a LED floor lamp with a simple and harmonious shape unveiling a charming personality. The contrast between the solidity of the base and the thinness of the graphic stem is also emphasized by the choice of both materials and finishes. The three feet base is made of wood ash, while the stem is made of tubular steel. It seems to stand out against the empty space of the room, by drawing a trajectory impressively ending with a LED light source. With its twiggy while important presence, Noneli imposes itself in the domestic environment and creates a beam of light to place near to the sofa, in a reading corner or on the working desk.


Minimal House With Glazed Walls And Stylish Accents

Mon, Apr 13, 2015 | Minimalist home designs

I’m a sucker for minimalist interiors, and I just couldn’t walk past this house. Located north of Copenhagen, this beautiful early 1960’s house in the woods is pretty much the perfect retreat from the busy noise of the city. The interior is open plan, it’s done in the classical minimal color scheme: black, grey and white, there is just a couple of bright accents here and there. My favorite place here is the dining zone that is located next to the glazed wall – this is perfect for having a meal and enjoying the outside as if you were there. Actually, there are more glazed spaces and that really makes the inside merge with outside.