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40 Hot Red Valentine Home Décor Ideas

Wed, Jan 21, 2015 | Decorating, Holiday decor |

Red is a color of love and passion without any doubt, so there’s no more natural shade for Valentine’s Day décor. Hot red is an amazing color for your Valentine’s Day night and not only, and adding just a few accessories in this color will make your space holiday-like. Red buntings, garlands, wreaths and signs are good for both indoors and outdoors; red table runners, tablecloths, centerpieces, red tableware and glasses will help you to create a beautiful table setting. Red roses are, of course, stunning for décor in this case and as a gift for the girl. Get inspired by the ideas below!


Dynamic, Graphic And Modular Hash Bookshelf

Tue, Jan 20, 2015 | Bookshelfs

Max Voytenko of Line Studio designed a modular bookshelf with graphic, diagonal lines. Depending on how you hang the Hash shelves and how many you put together, you can create a really cool, visually dynamic wall piece and personalize it according to your needs and desire. Made of black painted steel, the shelves house your books and stuff behind its thin, diagonal slats that act almost like a cage. Such a laconic and almost industrial design is perfect for a masculine space or just for those who love graphics. Find a perfect combination for your space and rock it!


Modern Perfumer House With Vintage And Industrial Touches

Tue, Jan 20, 2015 | Modern home designs

How do you imagine a home of a perfumer? Something really unusual, full of art and colorfully-tinted glass bottles? Now you have a chance to discover how it looks in reality, and this is a 780-square-foot 1900s brownstone in New York. It’s filled with a balance of cobbled-together furniture from antique stores and family, multifunctional pieces and plenty of glass and Lucite to keep things visually light. Because the home serves as a perfumer’s office as well, functionality was of top priority, followed by highlighting the turn-of-the-century features such as the gargoyle in the entryway and original wood doors and beams — while still keeping it contemporary.


25 Creative Outdoor Valentine Décor Ideas

Tue, Jan 20, 2015 | Decorating, Holiday decor |

Make your outdoors Valentine-friendly! A sign or a wreath is the most popular and cool idea here, you can easily DIY one from branches, green leaves, berries, with various lights. Grab a couple of old pallets and paint them in red, pink and add hearts – so easy and perfect! Hearts and various letters like LOVE or XOXO are on top for decorating both indoors and outdoors. Take a planter and put heart toppers there – such a cool and easy decoration! If you have some furniture, put some cute heart pillows, candleholders, table runners and so on. Use fresh greenery and flowers for décor as spring is almost here and its breath can be already felt. Get inspired!

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Eye-Catching Booleanos Cabinet With An Architectural Facade

Mon, Jan 19, 2015 | Sideboards

We’ve already told you of Booleanos chest of drawers inspired by the algebraic system of logic from the mid-19th century and that strikes with unique design. Its author, Mexican designer Joel Escalona, continued the theme with intriguing Booleanos cabinet. The storage piece’s architectural facade is formed from the illusion of layered squares that are emphasized with various shades of gray panels. Despite the offset angles, the cabinet is built for storage with three doors, one drawer, and one flap that open up to reveal storage space. Shelves on the interior are made of glass. Such an eye-catching piece!


Black And White Minimalist Apartment With Warm Wood Inserts

Mon, Jan 19, 2015 | Minimalist home designs

Minimalist style in black and white can’t be more stylish and elegant than here, in this black and white minimal apartment by Felipe Hess, which features a great example of contrast. The black floors provide a nice visual anchor for the rest of the furniture and built-ins. That island in the kitchen is pretty radical with it being so long, you could invite the whole neighborhood over. Besides black and white there are warm natural wood touches in every zone, and such a cool storage and headboard at the same time make the bedroom cozier. The bathroom features concrete with wood inserts that looks truly minimalist yet rather warm. Enjoy!


30 Fun Pink Valentine’s Day Décor Ideas

Sat, Jan 17, 2015 | Decorating, Holiday decor |

Pink is such a natural color for Valentine’s Day décor, that I just can’t imagine this holiday without it. That’s why I’ve gathered a whole bunch of pink Valentine decorations that will inspire even those who don’t like this color! If you have some pink or blush roses – just make cool decorations of them: centerpieces, topiaries, take a bowl with water and make floating flowers with candles. Make cool pink wreaths or garlands of paper or cardboard and decorate outdoors and indoors with them; signs with pink paint and hearts are incredibly cute! Continue the décor theme with pink food: sweets, macarons, cookies or cupcakes. Get inspired by the ideas below and get your Pin button ready!


Multifunctional Secretary Desk With A Storage Space

Sat, Jan 17, 2015 | Desks

In response to the growing number of people who work at home and a need for increasingly multi-functional spaces, this writing desk was designed to blend into a modern living room. The Secretary is a writing desk by Isabel Ahm with hidden storage under a hinged countertop. The raised level functions as a shelf for home accessories, books or a lamp – helping the workspace to look at home in a more informal environment. Pens, cables and other office accessories can be hidden inside the body, underneath the main writing surface. The desk is part of the Need furniture collection, designed to improve everyday life for young families based on research into their behavior in the home.


Stylish Ultra-Minimalist Home In Sweden

Fri, Jan 16, 2015 | Minimalist home designs

Located in a picturesque area of Swedish canals and surrounded by a lush green landscape, this minimalistic and ultra-stylish Swedish home ticks all the boxes to enjoy sunny summer days with family and friends. Big steel windows let sunshine in filling the interior space with natural light. Walls have been replaced by glass doors to open visually the space. The minimalistic color palette of black, white and shades of grey has been combined with discreet touches of green that show shyly here and there. White interiors provide lots of light, and glass doors create a feeling of an open space.


27 Cute Valentine’s Day Signs For Outdoors And Indoors

Fri, Jan 16, 2015 | Decorating, Holiday decor |

A sign is an easy and very budget-friendly decoration for any season and holiday. Today we’ll see what signs are suitable for Valentine’s Day. So, almost every sign is based on some piece of wood: take any wood pallets or other reclaimed wood and paint something on it. There are hundreds and hundreds of ideas to realize: hearts, your initials, LOVE or XOXO letters, any quotes or phrases that are meaningful for your couple; pink, red, blush, black and white are the top colors for Valentine’s Day. Give your sign a creative shape like a heart or some letters. Of course, if you don’t want to DIY anything, you can always buy a ready variant. Get inspired, guys!