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Stylish Modern Sandringham House With Energetic Interiors

Mon, Sep 22, 2014 | Modern home designs

Techné Architecture and Interior Design with Doherty Design Studio gave a new life to an old home turning it into a stylish, colorful and energetic space. The interior is modern with an open-space plan to expand the place visually. The colors used are mostly calm: beige, grey, white and with addition of light-colored natural wood, that makes the home fun and energetic. You can see splashes of bright colors all over the house – lamps, furniture, paintings and planters that make the space fun. The bathrooms can boast of hexagon tiles and cool use of concrete with bright details. I love the kids-friendly front yard with tiny colorful stools – such a good idea to realize!


20 White Bathroom Appliances With Patterns And Textures

Sat, Sep 20, 2014 | Bathroom Appliances

White color used to be traditional for bathroom décor but today it’s replaced with all shades of blue, grey and lots of other colors. But this year white bathroom décor comes back as one of the hottest trends, and not accidentally as white color has many advantages. White is a classical color that can mix well with many others, so why not rock this color in your bathroom? You can make white color rock with the help of textures and patterns. Embossed textures, cut outs and white on white patterns bring subtle decoration to washbasins and tubs. Look at the cool white bathroom appliances we’ve gathered for you and get inspired!


Exotic Tree Sideboard With A Mesmerizing Design

Sat, Sep 20, 2014 | Sideboards

A piece can be exotic not only because of shapes or colors, this incredibly exotic sideboard, The Special Tree looks stunning because of its textures. Three types of exotic roots are featured in their natural colors with a gleaming, high-gloss finish. The interior of the sideboard is satinwood, the base and trunks made of oxidized brushed brass. The piece has a signature stamp on one trunk and look closely inside the cabinet – the glass shelves are supported by wavy branches. The wood veneer patterns are almost mystical and certainly mesmerizing. It’s not only the perfect piece of furniture for a modern dining area, but also a stand-alone piece of art.


Whimsy Sculptor’s Home With Lots Of His Works

Fri, Sep 19, 2014 | Unusual house designs

This renovation was done in a 1920’s 80m2 bungalow in Island Bay, Wellington, and is the home and gallery of artist Max Patté. The fact that this home belongs to a painter and a sculptor is quite clear, from the moment you set foot on the property. The design is quirky and whimsy, the interior is eclectic with lots and lots of art works of the owner. White and light-colored natural wood were chosen as for background for colorful sculptures and pieces of furniture. I love the living room with an animal pattern rug and wood logs – so unexpected! What a lovely interior for those who love eye-catching spaces!


Winter Decor Trend: 34 Stylish Silver Accessories And Decorations

Fri, Sep 19, 2014 | Decorating

Silver is the most clear, shining and winter-like color ever. This color symbolizes winter, and it’s often used for winter décor but it also looks glam and cool – that’s great for any time of the year! Yeah, winter is rather far still though it’s good to think over décor beforehand. We’ve picked a whole bunch of silver decorations to bring winter spirit inside in a stylish way. Add silver pillows, bowls and candleholders to make your space sparkle with winter charm. Adding silver wall decals, wallpaper or headboards is ideal for winter and any other season as it looks glam and chic. Find some cool ideas below and make your home ready for winter!

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Original Tilia Coat Stand Resembling Of Skis

Thu, Sep 18, 2014 | Furniture

We’ve recently told you of cool coat stands, and here’s on more amazing piece that wasn’t included – it’s Tilia by Kraków designer Alicja Prussakowska. Being a dual-purpose coat stand, it provides storage for outerwear and hallway seating. Curved hooks at the ends of the lengths of pine are arranged at different heights to hold coats and accessories. The white lacquered MDF base offers storage space for shoes and somewhere to sit while putting them on. Each length of pine was shaped using traditional wood-bending techniques, with the hooks hand-cut into one end using a chisel. Tilia is a freestanding piece of furniture designed for flexible use within the hallway of a family home.


Spacious Kiev Apartment Decorated With An Artistic Twist

Thu, Sep 18, 2014 | Modern home designs

This 100 square meter apartment by Rina Lovko is located in Kiev, Ukraine. The apartment was designed entirely with prefab walls, which gave it great flexibility, as each and every one of the walls offers the possibility to be removed. For the interior, the designer chose a combination of modern, rustic and industrial features and to emphasize the different textures and materials used throughout with eye-catching combinations. An artistic twist was added to every room of the house, including the kitchen where the island is the central element that connect the rest of the décor. The juxtaposition of finishes, colors and materials creates interesting focal points and brings out the organic beauty of each feature.


46 Cool And Creative Shower Designs You’ll Love

Thu, Sep 18, 2014 | Bathroom Appliances, Bathroom designs

There’s no shortage of ideas when it comes to creating cool bedroom designs or decorating living rooms. But utilitarian spaces such as the bathroom or the shower put your design skills to the test, though these spaces are no less important. If you want to make a shower look cool and unique, you have to be clever and to see beyond the functional part of the design. They all have the potential to look amazing and you just have to find the right design approach. Horizontal showers for maximum relaxation, showers that lead outside for amazing views, rain showers for a unique experience or SPA ones with a massage effect – we’ve gathered a cool pack of ideas for you, enjoy and get inspired!


Concrete Furniture With Pockets For Living Plants

Thu, Sep 18, 2014 | Furniture

Set in a field amongst crop circles and paths, the setting highlights the new and modern aesthetic presented in this amazing collection of indoor and outdoor furniture by Opiary. Even from a distance its easy to see the unique aspects like the voids or the soft and subtle plantings within the various incorporated planting pockets of the concrete furniture. The concrete furniture in the Opiary collections all have exceptional strength and durability perfect for any location, even exposed high rise roof tops. The pieces are all polished to a smooth suede finish and each sport planting pockets for that little extra touch sophistication. Such furniture will make your outdoor space very eye-catching, and you can also use it inside.


Home With A Country Feel In Dark Shades

Wed, Sep 17, 2014 | Traditional home designs

In modern design dark colors are not often used much as they are considered gloomy, boring and depressive. But just look how dramatic they can be! This dark exterior home by Bureaux with it’s ominous facade is striking. Don’t start thinking about the heating and cooling bills – just get back to admiring the silhouette of the structure. The interiors are rather calm and dark also; warm teak or rosewood pieces give it a country feel. I love the outdoor terrace with a kitchen for cool meals and enjoying fresh air – wood and concrete make it look modern and hot. Enjoy the darkness!