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Impressive Stirling House Clad With Weathered Wood

Tue, Dec 9, 2014 | Modern home designs

MAC Interactive Architects specified weathered timber boards for the exterior of this narrow Sydney residence, Stirling House. The three-storey building features an asymmetric profile that is at its highest on the building’s south-west corner. Inside, the ground floor is split into two halves – the front is a secluded living room overlooking the street, while the rear space houses a combined kitchen and dining space that can be opened out to the garden. Two equally sized bedrooms with accompanying en-suites occupy the second floor, alongside a double-height study squeezed into a narrow space. An eclectic selection of furnishings are accompanied by the owners’ artworks and other curiosities.


39 Cozy Fur Home Décor Ideas For Cold Seasons

Tue, Dec 9, 2014 | Decorating, Holiday decor

Fur and faux fur are not only warm and cozy but also look refined and make any space exquisite. I think fur is perfect for decorating in fall and winter because it makes you feel so comfy, whichever type of fur you take. What are the ideas to use it for décor? The most popular thing is a just covering a chair, a bed or a sofa with a piece of some fur; a soft fur rug will keep your feet warm. Putting fur on the table as a tablecloth or a table runner is a modern and awesome idea, so cozy for winter décor. You can also make some wonderful crafts of fur like ornaments, cup cozies or placemats. Enjoy creative ideas below and get inspired!


Timeless And Chic Flowerpot VP4 Table Lamp

Mon, Dec 8, 2014 | Lamps

Designed during the decade of ‘Flower-Power’, the Flowerpot is an iconic 1960s design. Originally designed in 1968, this Verner Panton classic, produced by Danish brand &Tradition, is made up of two interlocking lacquered aluminum spheres – one twice the size of the other. Perfect for the home or office, the Flowerpot is available as a table lamp, desk lamp or as two sizes of pendant lamp. The Flowerpot VP4 is a table lamp with a simple chrome frame base and color coded fabric electrical cable. Its simple yet timeless design makes it a perfect addition to any space from minimalist to a mid-century modern one.


Stylish And Peaceful Small Scandinavian Apartment

Mon, Dec 8, 2014 | Scandinavian home designs

This small apartment is located in Östermalm, a large district in central Stockholm, Sweden, and it measures 366 square feet. The first interior you are likely to observe upon entering this apartment is the bedroom, creatively separated from the rest of the project through glass walls. Its glass wall gives the small bedroom a more airy and spacious appeal. The living zone, kitchen and dining table are organized in an open layout. I love the calm color scheme used for décor – it’s so typically Scandinavian and so quiet and stylish! The small balcony extends living spaces, creating a charming venue for having coffee and breakfast during warm summer mornings.


26 Super Cool Outdoor Décor Ideas With Christmas Lights

Thu, Dec 4, 2014 | Decorating, Holiday decor

We’ve just told you about décor ideas using Christmas lights but that was about indoors, and let’s see what you can do outdoors. Christmas lights are ideal for hanging them everywhere: on the banisters, above the doors and the windows, everywhere on the front porch. Make a Christmas tree of lights right on the wall outside; make decorations of lights – gifts, reindeer, lanterns, decorate flower beds and so on. You can decorate even your fence with lights and fir branches – bring festive spirit everywhere inside and outside your house! If you live in an apartment and have just a balcony, you can also turn it into a fairy-tale with Christmas lights. Get creative ideas below!


Minimal Voluminous Volet Hooks In Bright Colors

Wed, Dec 3, 2014 | Other

Swiss designer Dimitri Bähler has created a series of anodized aluminium hooks that are laser cut and folded in a way to hide the fixation system – a simple screw. Such a system gives to the object an unexpected volume, it becomes a minimal jewel for the wall. Such a hook is a great idea for any minimalist or modern space, its simple design is highlighted with bright colors. Aluminum is durable and can hold much weight, so you can hang anything from a huge bag to a necklace. Volet is produced by Danish design brand Hay in black, green, brown, champagne and gold.


Vivacious Modern White Kitchen With Chalkboard Details

Wed, Dec 3, 2014 | Kitchen designs

White is popular for kitchen décor today because it’s laconic, light, widens the space and blends well with any other colors. This white kitchen is that of interior decorator Holly Mathis. It is stunning, and has a casual elegance about it that makes you want to pull up a stool with a cup of tea and breathe in the apple pie smell coming from the oven. I love the chalkboard walls and door where the owners can leave messages to each other or write their favorite quotes. The woven blinds and fiascos make it even more welcoming, bright and cheerful. What a wonderful and vivacious space!

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31 Gorgeous Indoor Décor Ideas With Christmas Lights

Wed, Dec 3, 2014 | Decorating, Holiday decor

Christmas lights are number one in creating a festive mood, and even if there are no other decorations, these lights will make you think of Christmas. We usually put them on the Christmas tree but there more ways to use them in décor. You can hang them above the windows, doors, in your hallway and on your stairs – your space will sparkle with lights! Make easy lights lanterns or wreaths for indoors, it’s a very original way to decorate with them and looks absolutely fabulous. Decorate your mantel with lights, it looks very holiday-like: letters made of lights or just lights on your mantel is so easy-breezy to make and so cool! Get more inspiration below!

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Kasokudo Bonsai Planter That Seems To Float

Wed, Dec 3, 2014 | Planters

Designer Adrian Magu’s interest for everything green and his work in the automotive industry has resulted in the Kasokudo Bonsai Planter; a stunning fusion of form and function. Referencing speed forms and manufacturing processes used in transportation design, this piece juxtaposes movement applied to what is usually a static object. Kasokudo Bonsai Planter gives the impression of an accelerating form that effortlessly floats to house a bonsai tree, evoking a perfect balance of dynamic harmony. The latest manufacturing processes of the highly polished finishes of the planter and 3D-printed ‘mountains’ contrast to that of nature that usually takes many decades to grow, sculpt and form the gnarled bonsai forms.


Inviting Italian Chalet Completely From Wood And Stone

Tue, Dec 2, 2014 | Wood house designs

Chalet houses are absolute love and joy, especially in winter, due to the fantastic coziness inside. This one is located in Italy, not far from the border with France, and was designed by architect Tanya Haug. Not only the house itself but also most of the furniture are made from natural materials like wood or stone. The stone clad around the fireplace gives the living room a special vintage touch, and reindeer statuettes and fir tree candleholders remind of Christmas. In the dining room everything is made from wood, and this makes it cozy, and thanks to the big windows it doesn’t look too heavy. The spaces look very inviting and cozy, this house offers you to relax after skiing and have a good meal and hot bath.