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Mediterranean Holiday Home With Moroccan Touches

Wed, Aug 19, 2015 | Country home designs

This Vacation Dream house in Spain makes me dream of endless summer! Quiet pastoral life, an orchard and a garden, a cozy patio and a pool – do we need anything else to feel relaxed? The décor style is Mediterranean with cute touches of Moroccan motifs like iron lamps or decorative birdcages. The color scheme is vivacious and cheerful: white, beige, dusty blue and touches of orange and turquoise here and there – very refreshing! I love the patio decorated with wicker furniture and even a vintage bike with a scarf and flowers became a décor detail. Surrounded by olive and chestnut trees and centuries-old oaks with a magnificent view of the mountains, the house looks like an illustration from a fairy tale.


IKEA Foto Lamp: 27 Ideas For Your Home Décor

Wed, Aug 19, 2015 | Lamps |

When I was collecting these IKEA Foto lamp ideas, I was surprised by its versatility – it’s very simple but it looks so different in various interiors! Foto lamp is a pendant piece inspired by mid-century modern items, it’s available in various colors from emerald to silver to fit any interior. It can be used in Scandinavian, modern, minimal, retro and mid-century modern interiors, and to speak about rooms – just anywhere! Foto looks organic and harmonious in kitchens, dining rooms, home offices, bedrooms, entryways, bathrooms – anywhere you want it! If one piece isn’t enough, it can be used in groups, just choose your color and hang Foto where you want. Get inspired!


Minimal Black And White Kitchen With A White Brick Wall

Tue, Aug 18, 2015 | Kitchen designs

This adorable kitchen is another successful project by la SHED. The style chosen is minimal with some touches of industrial: a white painted brick wall, matte black lower cabinets with a white countertop, a display shelving running along the top instead of uppers and how they cut into the wall of cabinetry, an island blending into the floor – it’s fantastic! I love the combo of sleek matte black and white surfaces and natural warm-colored wood; lots of white in décor makes the kitchen look very airy and full of light. A whitewashed brick wall makes the design a bit more homey and cozy, enjoy all the pics of this masterpiece!

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Airy Scandinavian And Mid-Century Modern Apartment

This beautiful Copenhagen apartment designed by Natalia of Spatial Code is a perfect mix of mid-century and contemporary pieces, all in rooms flooded with natural light. The décor has a strong Scandinavian feel due to white walls, ceilings and floors, and the use of colors continues it: though there are many shades, all of them are dusty and calm. Warm-colored natural wooden furniture make the home look cozier and more inviting, and I love the accent blue glass coffee table in the living room. The whole apartment looks very airy and with lots of light, its décor is very eye-catching and spacious, one more great example of merging Scandinavian and mid-century modern styles.


24 Functional Ways To Rock IKEA Hol Table In Your Decor

Tue, Aug 18, 2015 | Tables |

Hol table by IKEA is a very cool piece that can fulfill many functions: from a side table to a storage space. Take Hol and use it as a bedside table – it has everything necessary including a comfortable top and a storage space inside. A cool idea is to transform Hol into your pet’s home – for a dog, a cat or a turtle, it has a size enough for a cat or a small dog. Use Hol in your entryway for storage and as a seat to put on your shoes, or put it in your living room as a coffee table. Get more creative ideas below and rock this awesome IKEA find!

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Functional Zoo Chair Without Any Screws Or Nails

Tue, Aug 18, 2015 | Chairs

Functional furniture just couldn’t be more popular in the 21st century when we want a lot of functions from one piece and lack of space makes us look for super practical items. The Zoo chair by Mayice might just be magic. This impressive piece of furniture works as a chair, shelving, table, magazine rack, really it’s just up to how creative you are. They come in several colors and are stackable which make a great shelving unit with pops of color. 100% handmade in Spain, the Zoo chair is made from pinewood, derived from sustainable forests, and does not include any substructures or screws in its manufacturing.


Eclectic Paris House With Lots Of Antique Finds

Mon, Aug 17, 2015 | Modern home designs

An old shop hidden away in a courtyard of the 10th arrondissement in Paris has been transformed into the warm and welcoming home. Architect Stephanie Lizée reworked the space for family life, only preserving the century-old staircase in the heart of the house and the living room floor. I love the striking contrast between white walls and white ceilings with beams and black wooden floors, which make a perfect background for various eclectic pieces: a mix of modern and retro furniture, souvenirs, books, objects from antique shops. The black and white mix is warmed up with natural wooden shades of furniture and colorful accessories. A Berber carpet from Morocco, Chinese souvenirs, a table made from an ancient Chinese pagoda door – all these finds make the home really personalized and eye-catching.


20 Smart IKEA Oddvar Stool Hacks For Your Home

Sat, Aug 15, 2015 | Chairs |

IKEA Oddvar stool is one of absolutely necessary things for any interior because it can be used for lots of various goals. First of all, it’s a stool, so use it in that way; you can hack it a bit painting or stenciling it, or maybe add a comfy fluffy seat. Oddvar is perfect to use as a nightstand or just a side table, especially if you don’t have enough space because it’s rather small and comfy, and you can even make a storage compartment under the top. If you have kids, they will be happy to get a play kitchen from this stool – it’s very easy to make. A plant stand, sink stand, vanity – there are so many ideas to use your Oddvar stool, just use your imagination and go!


Daphne Faucet, Shower And Handshower In One

Sat, Aug 15, 2015 | Bathroom Appliances

Daphne by Park Geun is a unique piece comprising a shower, handshower, and a faucet, Daphne does a brilliant job as all three, going as far as using its own form to its advantage. It’s very functional as you can keep your hands free attaching Daphne to a higher place. It can be used as a faucet pressing the beneath button. After pulling the grip, pressing the button upward, you can use it as a shower. It’s possible to use in effective place by exposing the shower-tap when it’s used and the shower head, playing a role as a faucet when it’s not used. Sure to be the coolest thing in your entire house!


Micro Yet Airy Apartment Of Just 13 Square Meters

Fri, Aug 14, 2015 | Small home designs

This apartment in Wroclaw, Poland isn’t just min, I’d say it’s micro! The apartment was designed by Szymon Hanczar and measures only 13 square meters which is around 140 square feet. But despite its very limited surface, the apartment is far from small or cluttered. In fact, it actually feels airy and spacious if you can believe that. In these 13 square meters he was able to fit a kitchenette, a loft bedroom above it, a small bathroom, a closet, plenty of storage and a series of really practical features such as a wall-mounted bike storage system and a hammock. Bright colors visually expand the space and the overall simplicity allows the apartment to stay fresh and airy.


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