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Turquoise Nursery Design With Yellow, Black And White Accents

Wed, Jul 22, 2015 | Kid bedroom designs

The room that is now Roscoe’s nursery also serves as a home office. A dresser, which doubles as a changing table, divides the space. With such a bold wall color, the rest of the color scheme was kept fairly neutral: black, white, and grey, with yellow accents, which led to the idea of a moon and stars theme. The large moon print was actually a piece of Rodarte wrapping paper that was framed. The table/chest by the bed is vintage. The quilt on the crib was made by a relative, and the felt moon and stars mobile – by the mother. Looking at this nursery we understand that a designer isn’t needed to decorate a cute nursery with style and taste.


Small Vintage-Inspired Apartment With Lots Of Cute Objects

Wed, Jul 22, 2015 | Vintage home designs

This flat was built in 1980 and doesn’t have much architectural interest but with vintage pieces and greenery it got its special charm. The living area doubles as the guest room whenever needed; it has extra storage, functionality and cohesion. The entryway to the flat is styled with simple pieces that set the tone of the rest of the apartment. The dining table sits right in the corner with the largest windows and gets the best of the morning sunshine and a view straight into the trees outside. The owner says that the theme of décor is curiosities one, and the plants, objects and artwork that layer together make it beautiful and homey.


Budget-Savvy Renovations: 22 Inspiring Drawn Interior Elements

Wed, Jul 22, 2015 | Decorating

Sometimes an interior just doesn’t seem to have that special something to make it truly special. It can be that it’s too simple or too slick in its modern minimalism, and when you can’t rebuild it or buy it that’s when the drawn on elements come to help. Drawn headboards can accentuate your bedroom, a drawn doorway can highlight your interior, and drawn wall patterns – this is such an awesome activity painting them, let your kids take part and have fun with you! If you are going to display some photos, you needn’t hang frames – just paint them right on the walls! Just look at all the great ideas and get inspired!


Stylish Mobile Space-Saving Kitchen In A Box

Tue, Jul 21, 2015 | Kitchen designs

Austrian company Camp Champ presented an awesome kitchen in a box designed for modern-day camping. In terms of design, the company has not skimped on materials, the kitchen has usability, functionality and aesthetics. Steel hardware, aluminum edging, waterproof, weatherproof and UV-resistant surfaces all wrap the following: generous work and storage space, a knife block, a spice rack, kitchen utensils, a trash bag holder, complete first class equipment for up to 6 people. Camp Champ kitchen in a box is a super stylish way to get everything necessary, especially if you travel on some vehicles and have no additional space for carrying utensils. Go camping with this amazing kitchen!


Stylish Modern Apartment With Cork And Wood In Decor

Tue, Jul 21, 2015 | Modern home designs

This recent project by Stockholm-based interior designer Tina Hellberg is a showcase for her signature style — a look that features natural wood, cork and nature-inspired prints against black and white for a softened approach to minimalism. Simple furnishings and straight lines are done in a minimal palette are softened with touches of moss green and blush. There are industrial and mid-century modern pieces but the dominating style is modern. My favorite space here is the bedroom that looks minimal yet very cute and tender, with a pastel color combo and a color block accent wall. And which space do you like most of all?


Time As Art: 26 Really Unique Modern Clocks

Tue, Jul 21, 2015 | Clocks

A clock is a great accessory and a very practical piece at the same time as it can show time and date. Used to old-fashioned cuckoo clocks? Forget them! Here’s out roundup with the coolest modern clocks that will just blow your mind! Modern designers create clocks that resemble real wall art pieces, illusions, patterns and various natural phenomena: eclipses, sunrises and others. My favorite piece here is Coniferous Clock with real coniferous leaves that brown slowly over 365 days. Geometric, futuristic, surrealistic – all of them look amazing in modern interiors, and there are also super modern and creative takes on traditional cuckoo clocks for those who miss cozy old decor. Get inspired, guys!


Playful BFF Console Tables With Sexy Girl Legs

Mon, Jul 20, 2015 | Tables

Boys, I’ve just found a perfect console table for your bachelors’ digs! Designer Vick Vanlian brings us these BFF Console Tables – table with sexy human legs instead of regular ones. The table tops are available in different sizes and colors – you can go for a longer version for your living room or use the smaller one as a nightstand. The girls’ legs are also different for every table! Various poses, colors and shoes – I’m sure that some of them would fit your bachelors’ interiors and add a playful vibe to them. Bring a cool flirty touch to your bachelors’ pad, boys, get inspired!


Tiny Apartment Renovation On A Modest Budget

Mon, Jul 20, 2015 | Small home designs

Clare Cousins Architects renovated this tiny apartment on a modest budget for a young growing family in Melbourne. The new floor plan maximizes social areas and minimizes sleeping spaces through the creation of “micro” bedrooms that fit a single bed. Sliding doors can be drawn closed for intimacy or opened to extend the visual space. To increase the illusion of space, the architect raised the ceiling height and installed window treatments that let in plenty of light. Carefully chosen furniture and fixtures make every square foot count. Keeping the white walls mostly bare also helped the apartment feel less cramped. Whimsical peach accents play favorably against the pine floors and plywood joinery.


26 Delicious Furniture Pieces Looking Like Your Favorite Food

Sat, Jul 18, 2015 | Furniture

Furniture shaped after people’s favorite foods like pizza, cupcakes, and bananas is certainly something unusual to have in the interior but it is a super fun way to make your interior cheerful and awesome; such an item is suitable not only for a kids’ room, it can make a fresh humorous accent in any adult interior. If it doesn’t look fitting, it surely does make a statement! Pizza, burgers, veggies and cake pillows and bedding will continue the décor idea. Fun food furniture (most of it is suitable both for indoors and outdoors) is an absolute must for any party – believe me, your guests will be excited! Foodies and gourmets will definitely appreciate the view but will they be able to resist the temptation of eating those same foods when their models are constantly on display?


Modern And Refined Metamorfosi Washbasins

Sat, Jul 18, 2015 | Sink

If you are a fan of modern style yet looking for something refined and luxurious, these Metamorfosi washbasins are right what you need. From Olympia Ceramica of Italy, the product is, of course, top quality, and comes in five colors and five shapes, so from blue to green to orange – from oval to triangular to rectangular – you’ve got 25 different styles to choose from – there’s an option for every modern bathroom! The contrast between the black edge and bold colors inside really adds to the overall pleasure of the design, these washbasins are perfect for accentuating your bathroom. Go forth and be bold!