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My Bag Washbasin That Turns Into A Portable Case

Thu, Oct 16, 2014 | Sink

Olympia Ceramica reinvents the bathroom furniture and appliances by offering an innovative unexpected approach with My Bag. Why is it called so? Because My Bag is a combination between a bag, a sink and plenty of storage, it’s a washbasin that folds into a single easily transportable case. Clever and colorful, this system stands on a base made of raw wood that contrasts with the rest of this creation. Inside this box, the valve can be folded to hide in this amazing case. The basin is accessorized to suit many configurations, it can receive a soap dispenser, a storage compartment leather, mirror and so on.

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30 Cozy Thanksgiving Front Door Décor Ideas

Thu, Oct 16, 2014 | Decorating, Holiday decor |

Thanksgiving is a wonderful family holiday, and home décor should be cozy and inviting because your family and the closest ones will come to your place. Today we’d like to share some decorations for your front door because it’s one of the first things that your guests will see. Try faux fall leaves, flowers in fall colors, dried herbs, garlands and wreaths – how many you’ll take and what kind they will be is up to you. Distressed signs are extremely trendy now, so you can make one for your entrance; lanterns will bring soft light. Don’t forget that it’s a harvest holiday and use vegetables and fruits for décor, especially pumpkins! Get inspired by the ideas below and make your entrance inviting!

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YOHANN iPad Stand That Really Stands Out

Wed, Oct 15, 2014 | Furniture

A modern person can hardly live without iPads, iPhones and iPods, and I think that most of use have at least one such thing. Storing them comfortably for users is a very actual problem to discuss, and YOHANN iPad stand is one of the most eye-catching solutions. In a unique combination of high functionality, minimalist design and intuitive use, the YOHANN iPad stand is one of the few to grab attention. Despite being incredibly simple, the single piece props your tablet at 3 different viewing angles in landscape or portrait mode, on any surface or even on your lap. Available in a glassfiber-reinforced polymer covered in white or black piano lacquer finish as well as handcrafted wood versions, this stylish stand is one to add to the iPad’s desirability.


Glass And Wood Lake House For Complete Relaxation

Wed, Oct 15, 2014 | Waterfront home designs

How do you imagine a house for complete relaxation? Dutch bureau 2by4-architects designed this amazing home in Loosdrecht, Holland, right in a lake, on a tiny island. The surrounding nature embraces the house and lamost comes inside due to the lots of glass used in decor. When the weather is fine, the northern part of the house can be opened, and the living room can become a large terrace and deck in one. The wooden part of the façade can also be taken off and the house can become an open space under roof. Thanks to the glass walls in the western and eastern part of the house, it’s always full of light and the panoramic views are stunning!


40 Cool Halloween Front Door Decor Ideas

Wed, Oct 15, 2014 | Decorating, Holiday decor |

Two weeks are left before Halloween and it’s high time to get ready for it! Start from outdoor décor, and first of all, have a look at your front porch – it will be the first thing your guests will see! Decorating your front door isn’t ’ difficult task, it requires just some materials and imagination. A door wreath is a popular and simple decoration, available in any store and easy for DIYing it. A couple of spooky garlands, spiders, snakes and witches’ stuff will continue the décor theme. Faux bats, cheesecloth for a spider web, or even a monster instead of your door – let your imagination go wild!

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Unique Lanterns: Nomadic Lamps From Leather And Concrete

Tue, Oct 14, 2014 | Lamps, Lights

Designed by Katharina Eisenkoeck, the ‘Nomadic’ lamps are inspired by early 20th century travel items such as leather flasks, suitcases and armory. These lamps are modern lanterns that can be carried around and used in a variety of different positions. The lamps’ angled leather handles are made using ‘Cuir Bouilli’ – an ancient method of boiling and shaping leather, and it develops its own unique character, becoming more personal to the user. Made from cast concrete, the three lamps are cordless and can be recharged via an induction charging system built in to an accompanying shelf. The charging system and the light source were developed in collaboration with the Austrian LED research company Lumitech. The light itself can simply be switched on and off through a touch sensor. Genius!


Sweet Colorful Cottage With Shabby Chic Furniture

Tue, Oct 14, 2014 | Vintage home designs

This cheerful cottage by the beach belongs to designer Alison Kandler, and its décor shows how much the owner loves bright colors and pretty shabby chic pieces. Here every room is like a bright fairy-tale, with its patterns and colorful accents. How can a room not look happy with periwinkle and green diamonds painted on the floors? Have a look at the bedroom: reclaimed barn beams give this room instant patina, while whisper-pink floors add a feminine touch. I love the bathroom! Vintage, feminine and so warm with this pink bathtub it makes you think of having a cool bath feeling a vintage pin up diva. Every corner of this house is amazingly sweet!

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35 Original Radiators That Won’t Spoil Your Space

Tue, Oct 14, 2014 | Radiators

If you don’t live somewhere on a tropical island, it sometimes gets cold in your place. To avoid freezing you’ll need a fireplace and maybe a radiator. We got used to hiding radiators to prevent them from spoiling the décor of the space but this roundup will change your mind! These designer’s radiators look so eye-catching and so cool that can complement any room design and become a great part of décor. Radiators with storage space, glass ones with beautiful geometric designs, eye-catching metal pieces or colorful heaters, vintage or super modern – I’m sure you’ll find an idea for you here! Get inspired!


Handcrafted Walnut Para Hammock For Complete Relaxation

Mon, Oct 13, 2014 | Outdoor furniture

Everyone needs some rest from time to time, and this article is really relaxation-inducing. The Para Hammock is a highly welcoming, tension-relieving furniture piece by Chaffee Graham. The unconventional swing is made using over 700 pieces of walnut that are all connected in an integrated and flexible grid via a Para cord. Flexing walnut tiles provide ultimate comfort and relaxation. The hammock is especially treated and finished to be outdoors and resist all types of weather. Each piece is handcrafted one by one, providing value and diversity. Place it between two powerful trees and enjoy a state of relief. Let this swinging hammock slowly take you away in one gentle, lazy afternoon.


Eclectic Dwell Loft In Chocolate, Beige And Grey

Mon, Oct 13, 2014 | Modern home designs

This eclectic loft residence designed by Slesinski Design Group is located in Hollywood, California, United States. Every inch is designed here with perfect taste and elegance, the color scheme is very beautiful: beige, brown, grey and cream. Here you’ll see a cool mix of touches of different styles: concrete walls and ceilings, industrial pipes, refined floors and exquisite works of art. The master bedroom is stunning: though it’s small, the bed can be hidden inside the wall – so smart! I also love the art works here and soft gold and bronze touches, they make the room light and refined. The living room is amazing – the colors, sculptural furniture and simple lights make it special. On the whole, the loft looks airy and very inviting.

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