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SuperMod 3D Printed Modular Wall Storage System

Sat, May 16, 2015 | Room dividers

As part of their residency at Bold Machines, Sebastian Misiurek and Arianna Lebed of Simplus Design created SuperMod, a modular wall system that has been 3D printed. This system creates a versatile aggregation of storage that is equal parts function and beauty. The wall fluctuates between different sized modules to accommodate various types of storage needs, making it an ideal place for your favorite books, plants, spirits and more. SuperMod makes an excellent partition, that can divide space or stand on it’s own to enhance it. Individual modules can be detached and swapped out to create more or less porosity and achieve different levels of visibility through the piece.


Vivacious Manhattan Townhouse With Eclectic Interiors

Fri, May 15, 2015 | Modern home designs

A 1840s red-brick facade in the heart of Manhattan hides behind its walls a beautiful family home full of contrasts. The house blends a classic style with contemporary pieces of modern art and a subtle industrial vibe: an eclectic multicolor sitting area is followed by a sophisticated master bedroom and ensuite, decorated with antiques and a soft neutral color palette. The large basement that opens out to the garden was converted into a family room and a spacious kitchen. I like how numerous bold pieces that make the interiors vivacious and more cheerful. This house is a perfect example of a well balanced eclecticism with big doses of glamour and sophistication.


Jaw-Dropping And Super Realistic 3D Epoxy Floors

Fri, May 15, 2015 | Other

Super realistic looking 3D epoxy floors will turn your bathroom or toilet into an exciting outdoor space and thrill you! Imperial, a company from Dubai, has cornered the 3D floor design market for now, but this product is too popular to remain exclusive for long. According to Imperial, liquid 3D floors are a recent innovation first used in hotels, offices, and shopping centers. However, they insist it’s a misconception that decorative screed can only be used in the bathroom or toilet – in fact, 3D floors are suitable for any room. Enjoy some jaw-dropping example of 3D flooring, if you dare!


Cozy Wooden Log Cottage With Eclectic Interiors

Thu, May 14, 2015 | Wood house designs

Located near Moscow, Russia, this wooden cottage is a cozy and welcoming retreat designed by Elena Sherbakova. Surrounded by lush forests, it makes the most of its location and takes advantage of the privacy offered by the trees. The house is built of wooden logs and this allows it to blend in easily. The design and the choice of materials and colors also create a soothing and relaxing ambiance, making the cottage the perfect retreat. The interior is eclectic and the way various elements combine and interact with each other is inspiring; also, it’s really great how numerous cozy nooks and features give the cottage a warm and inviting vibe.


34 Stylish Minimalist Closet Design Ideas

Thu, May 14, 2015 | Decorating |

Going to design a functional space? Pick minimalist style! Today I’m sharing my faves among minimalist closets – laconic, functional and clean. A closet is often a small space, so minimalist style will help you to use every inch of it and keep it uncluttered. White color is perfect for a closet: it visually expands the space and maximizes the light to see your outfits at their best. Add a lot of lights and lamps and a big wall mirror to save the space and not put it on the floor. You can go for grey or black shelves or dresser to create a contrast, or leave the closet in white to make it look more spacious. See how to do that in a stylish way below!


Creative And Original LED Lamps And Mirrors Collection

Thu, May 14, 2015 | Lights, Mirrors

Dutch designers Maarten Baas and Bertjan Pot have combined their distinct styles to create a range of lamps and light-up mirrors for handmade products manufacturer DHPH. The products are formed from unevenly molded colored clay wrapped around steel frames – a material that Baas has worked with for many years. Chunky gem-shaped LED bulbs that Pot has previously used to created carnival-style lighting are embedded into each of the pieces in various arrangements. The mirrors are surrounded by frames made from the clay-covered steel. A tall standing model with a rounded top has three panels, with the side sections angled slightly inwards. The wall-mounted edition has a flat square portion that supports another reflective surface above, which points down to show the top of the user’s head. Look at the pictures of their works below!


Lively Scandinavian Apartment Of Just 40 Square Meters

Wed, May 13, 2015 | Scandinavian home designs

Located in the Kungshöjd area, this delightful one-room Scandinavian crib is close to everything Gothenburg city center has to offer. Every inch of space has its own function, making this 40 square-meter home seem a lot larger than its actual size. The large hallway with plenty of storage space hidden in four white cabinets allows a sneak peek inside. Bright and spacious, the open-plan living, kitchen and dining area makes a powerful first impression. Boasting a dining area for eight guests, a large sofa, a lovely balcony with terrace and a sleeping area, the layout of this small apartment is inspiring to say the least. Lots of greenery make the space extremely vivacious and fresh, I love the idea!


37 Functional Minimalist Kitchen Design Ideas

Wed, May 13, 2015 | Kitchen designs |

Minimalism is the style of the 21st century – stylish, laconic, functional and clean. Designing a kitchen in this style is a great idea because you will get a super functional and elegant space with nothing unnecessary in décor. Black and white colors are a timeless combo, and if you are tight on space, choose only white. Stone and concrete are perfect materials for a kitchen as they are very durable, and if you want to add some luxury and warmth, go for natural wood. Maximize the light to see every inch and every corner and voila – a perfect minimal kitchen is ready! Look at the stylish examples below and get inspired!


Playful Furniture Collection With Unexpected Elements

Wed, May 13, 2015 | Furniture

Brooklyn-based Evan Z. Crane just recently launched a new collection of heirloom-quality furniture that’s complete with playful details, like fur, that will make you take notice. Crane’s work stands out with hints of unexpected elements on each piece. Partially covered in Icelandic sheep hide on the two doors and drawer pulls, the Creature Credenza is made with walnut and oxidized maple for a completely unique look. The Fuzzy Captain’s Chair is crafted out of reclaimed oak and lacquered steel, with Icelandic sheep hide covering the back and a custom upholstered fabric seat cushion by De Islas. The Ball Nose Coffee Table features three, oversized lacquered steel legs topped off with polished, gold-plated steel feet with an oxidized maple top.


Scandinavian Apartment With Eco-Friendly And Industrial Elements

Tue, May 12, 2015 | Scandinavian home designs

Scandinavian love! This simple and cozy style is so clear and so vivacious, it’s just created for life! This apartment is an amazing example of such design, it’s made in minimalist Scandinavian eco aesthetics with industrial elements and was created for a family with two young children. The main objective of this project was to save the height of the space around the house and to expose architectural craftsmanship – structural elements of the building – such as brickwork, wooden ceiling beams and roof purlins, and so designers managed to do that. I love lots of warm-colored wood in design, it makes the home very cozy and inviting.