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Spanish Villa With Mediterranean And Ethnic Touches

Wed, Sep 16, 2015 | Dream home designs

This Spanish villa in fusion style wows at first look! Designer Ana Bejar mixed Mediterranean, Andalusian and ethnic styles to create such décor and they don’t look excessive or fussy – this mix looks whimsy and bold! Crispy white floors, walls and ceilings create a perfect backdrop, which really needed a couple of bright spots. The designer used bold textiles, furniture pieces and art pieces that created an atmosphere. To make the home cozier, Bejar went for natural worn wood items like lanterns, mirrors, bowls and shelves. The smart use of patterns like chevron in the bedroom and geometric in the bathroom spruced them up a little and helped to make them more eye-catching. Brilliant work!


22 Beautiful Nut And Acorn Wreaths For Natural Fall Décor

Wed, Sep 16, 2015 | Decorating |

Fall has come and we should welcome it with various cool decorations, among which a wreath is perhaps the simplest and the most universal. Today I’ve prepared a bunch of wreaths that are jaw-dropping and will excite those who love original décor – these are nut and acorn wreaths! Nuts and acorns look amazing separately or together, with pinecones, cinnamon sticks, fir branches and beautiful ribbon or twine bows: they have that special and charming rustic vibe that transforms any space. What’s more, nut wreaths are appropriate not only for fall décor but also for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Get inspired, guys!


Modern Furniture Collection With A Japanese And Ethnic Vibe

Tue, Sep 15, 2015 | Furniture

Italian brand Marchetti produces furniture in classical style adding touches of Japanese and ethnic aesthetics. Originality and excellent quality are the distinctive features of the new collection. Each model has its personal and unique decor, which isn’t repeated on the other items. I love the stunning contrast between minimalist furniture lines and shapes and delicate floral patterns. Minimal drawers with different geometric patterns look eye-catching in any modern interior. The furniture is made of high quality wood and finishes by Marchetti have unique complex textures and shades. This furniture collection is a pure luxurious mix of traditions suitable even for the most refined interiors.


Airy Eclectic Loft With A Collection Of Art And Furniture

Tue, Sep 15, 2015 | Modern home designs

With its breathtaking views of Table Mountain and fantastic collection of art and furniture from a three year stay in New Delhi, this Cape Town home is a stunning space both within and without. Its eclectic style is a crazy mix of various decorations and finds that belong to the owners, and that gave it such a vivacious look! Some areas are minimalist, some of them have a shabby chic flavor, some zones have a mid-century feel, and all in all they comprise a whole symphony of décor. Despite of the loft-like plan, all the areas are perfectly separated and accentuated. My favorite place is the master bedroom, which is opened to outdoors, cozy, airy and very inviting. And yours?


34 Faux Flower Fall Arrangements For Indoors And Outdoors

Tue, Sep 15, 2015 | Decorating |

Faux flowers are perfect for any type of décor, they won’t wither and you can arrange and change them as you need – these two points are super important for fall. The weather conditions are sometimes hard, so faux flowers are better than natural. Faux flowers can amazingly mix with pumpkins, faux veggies, fruit, pinecones, twigs and any other fall pieces. Make arrangements and decorations in vases, baskets or just in cones – for your front door; faux veggie and flower decoration will be great both for indoors and outdoors. Take faux flowers in fall colors and go create a masterpiece for your home!


Rustic Kitchen With An Extensive Use Of Rough Wood

Mon, Sep 14, 2015 | Kitchen designs

This cool and simple kitchen is a collaboration between deVOL Kitchens and wood man Sebastian Cox. The style is rustic, I’d say very natural because due to the lots of natural wood in décor, which is very light-colored and almost rough; it’s everywhere – on the floors, on the ceiling and all the furniture is made of wood – thanks to that the simple kitchen looks very inviting. Whitewashed brick walls make the kitchen cozier and perfectly mix with light-colored wood. The black cabinet is a centerpiece in décor, it’s a great contrast to all that light wood, and antlers make a hint on a woodland retreat. Simplicity is a real genius!


Relaxing And Inspiring Modern Residence In Neutral Colors

Mon, Sep 14, 2015 | Modern home designs

Finding inspiration in the work of Tadao Ando, a Houston couple designed the concrete house of their dreams. Designers Christopher Robertson and Vivi Nguyen-Robertson conceived their house as an unfolding sequence of simple geometric forms: a low concrete wall, a concrete cube, and a boxclad in Siberian larch. The inside décor is rather minimalist yet very inviting, though there’s a lot of concrete in design, warm-colored wood and neutral colors make it cozier. Located off the kitchen, Vivi’s office disappears behind sliding walls covered in black chalkboard paint. The low windows in the master bedroom focus the view on the backyard, not the neighbors, and the bed is placed on a platform for the same reason. This residence looks really relaxing and it invites you to spend there as much time as you have.


Wicker Furniture In The Interiors: 23 Cool Ideas

Sat, Sep 12, 2015 | Decorating

Wicker furniture is often used for outdoor décor, patios and sunrooms but can we use it for outdoors? Of course! Wicker furniture is amazing for rustic, farmhouse, coastal and beach-inspired interiors, and such a piece will look great in a vintage or shabby chic interior. Wicker stools, chairs, sofas, beds and various storage pieces will look harmonious if you incorporate them right, you can decorate them in various ways and paint. Any living room, bedroom, dining zone, home office or kitchen will look cozier with wicker pieces; if you have kids, spoil your little ones with a piece or two. Get inspired and bring a comfy vibe to your interiors!


Unique Fluid Ferrolic Clock To Show Time Flows

Sat, Sep 12, 2015 | Clocks

Although the development of the electronics, software and physical structure has reached a very solid and durable level, this fluid Ferrolic clock really charms with its look. Designer Zelf Koelman took the idea of time and created fluid Ferrolic clock showing the run of time. The clock is made of ferrofluid polarized on a magnetic area and it takes the shapes of numbers with the help of magnets and an aluminum frame. Besides numbers, Ferrolic can show images and letters – this is a new series of clocks, done in a limited line of just 24 pieces. Hurry up to get one!


Airy Minimalist Home Full Of Vintage Finds And Greenery

Fri, Sep 11, 2015 | Minimalist home designs

This beautiful minimal house is a nice and cozy example of Scandinavian décor, it’s a fantastic and beautifully edited mix of vintage finds. The color scheme is all about cozy and warm neutrals, and the materials used support the cozy vibe: natural wood and wicker pieces warm up the spaces. Every single room is full of natural light due to big windows and neutral colors used in décor; what I especially love about this home is that it’s absolutely uncluttered and looks very airy. There are lots of stylish succulents and plants in cool planters that add to the décor. Enjoy the fresh and cool looks of this home!


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