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1960s Iconic Twiggy Lamp Re-Edition By Foscarini

Sat, Jul 5, 2014 | Lamps, Lights

Twiggy Floor Lamp is an iconic piece by Lesley Lawson, originally made in 1960s. Foscarini released a limited collection of the same lamp adding seven new festive colors. The lamp is whimsical and intriguing, it uses a counter-weight principal to balance the shade with but the merest support of its ultra-thin disc-shaped base. A long, lithe, and lovely stem connects the two, as it establishes the central feature: resembling an elongated tree branch, the stem gives the piece its character while likewise explaining the name. New colors for the limited edition Twiggy include light blue, green, orange, yellow, red, purple, and petrol. Users may choose between LEDs, traditional incandescent, and halogen formats.


Unconventional Chair Design: Frame By Ola Giertz

Fri, Jul 4, 2014 | Chairs

Designed by Ola Giertz and produced by Materia, Frame chair works like a three-dimensional picture in different rooms and environments, and frames the person who sits in it. Made of a molded wooden frame, which is covered with foam and fabric, the chair acts as a sound absorber. Its base consists of four wooden legs that are done in ash. The chair has a high degree of spatiality because of the walls and the ceiling, which let you have your own quiet space. Frame invites to a number of different ways to sit on. You can place several Frames next to each other, which creates a longer tunnel and gives the feeling of being in a room of its own.


5 Useful Tips To Decorate A Summer Porch

How can you decorate a summer porch? Easily! These tips will help you to achieve cool and functional summer porch décor.

  1. Comfy seating paired with pillows. A seating is a necessary thing for every porch to enjoy fresh air or a meal, and with pillows it’ll become comfier and cozier. The best idea is a wicker one, it gives the porch an amazing relaxed look and make you think of vacation.
  2. Ferns. Ferns are the easiest, fullest and inexpensive porch plant to have, they are ideal for porch décor and won’t wither even in the hottest weather.
  3. Colors. Bold shades is right what you need in summer, so mix in a favorite color or two for your containers, flowers and accessories.
  4. Potted plants. Potted greenery will give your porch a desired green summer look, fresh and calming, and they won’t wither if you don’t forget to water them.
  5. Lanterns or candleholders. Lights make the atmosphere cozier, or more romantic, or more relaxing, or whatever you want it to be, so buy or make some cool light sources to enjoy summer nights.

Look at the cool examples below and decorate your porch with an amazing summer feel!


Storing Keys With Comfort: Honey, I’m Home!

Fri, Jul 4, 2014 | Furniture

Do you always forget where you’ve left your keys? Are you constantly late because you can’t find them at home in the morning? There’s a fantastic solution for you! Designers Malorie Pangilinan and Luz Cabrera creative a very original piece for such people, it’s called ‘Honey, I’m home!’. This is a cool and comfy key stand designed as honeycombs. These honeycombs are places for lots and lots of keys for every family member. The awesome board will not only help you to avoid looking for your keys for hours but also honeycombs can become a great key ring, thanks to which you won’t lose your keys anywhere.

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Flexible Openest Furniture Collection For Collaborative Spaces

Thu, Jul 3, 2014 | Furniture

The Openest Collection by Patricia Urquiola for Haworth is an ensemble of products for collaborative spaces where people work or relax, which includes sofas, a pouf seating, tables and space-dividing screens that offer design flexibility. These elements function as single pieces with different purposes or integrate in an open plan to create innovative environments that bring furniture and collaborative tools together. Sofas, poufs and screens can be configured in a range of applications that create visual privacy in collaborative areas. Curved lines and upholstery stitching invoke the craftsmanship of residential furniture; soft, familiar textiles put the body and mind at ease. Screens are made from supportive recyclable material sandwiched between soft, familiar textiles. Ideal for a modern work space!


Summer Home Décor: 26 Floating Flowers Arrangements

Thu, Jul 3, 2014 | Decorating

Summer décor for me means, first of all, fresh flowers as there are many in the markets, in our gardens and even in the woodland or fields. We often make bouquets of them and decorate our homes – tables or mantels; fresh flowers are amazing for every event or party you have. We offer an original option of flower arrangements, floating flowers, that’s a really amazing idea! Put flowers in a bowl you like, for this you can take almost any container, from a vintage China bowl to a usual kitchen pot, everything depends on the atmosphere you want to create. Such a flower bowl will be awesome for table and party décor; you can place one in your bedroom for a romantic atmosphere or in your bathroom to feel like a spa. Look at the arrangements below and let summer enter your home!

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Futuristic Cupiditas Table Controlled By Smartphones And Tablets

Thu, Jul 3, 2014 | Tables

The Cupiditas Table by Amarist is a lush furniture piece created to awake emotions and define unique atmospheres through its exclusive materiality and futuristic design. Made out of Alabaster, a unique translucent stone, the Cupiditas Table can be illuminated from its core with LED RGB Wi-Fi technology and controlled through your Smartphone and Tablet device. This technology allows you to change the light color and intensity in order to create the desired atmosphere for your social events or your emotional status. Each piece is individually made and handed in with a gold platted badge with the client’s name engraved. Pure luxury, functionality, art and high technologies in one, what a masterpiece!


Cozy Architect’s Home With Japanese Decor Ideas

Wed, Jul 2, 2014 | Modern home designs

Maison Amtrak was designed by architect Peter Cohen for himself, his wife Sally and his golden retriever “Daisy”. Located in the coastal forests near Ellsworth, Maine and just above the Union River, the design allowed Peter to produce the least amount of impact on the natural landscape and at the same time take advantage of the riverscape. The porch and the entrance are done in Japanese style, with beautiful horizontal Douglas-fir cladding in a clear finish, contrasting with the soft silvery grey of the vertical siding used on the rest of the facade. The interior is a mix of modern and modern mid-century styles, with calm earthy tones and lots of natural wood, I’d say that here Cohen’s love to Japanese designs is also seen clearly. Cozy, stylish and eye-catching – what can be better?

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13 Space-Saving Retractable Loft Beds

Wed, Jul 2, 2014 | Beds

Lack of space is a frequent problem in modern homes, and to maximize it any space-saving idea would do. Retractable sleeping platforms that literally disappear during the day, freeing up living space, are a fantastic solution for such homes. You can order such a bed, not only a retractable one but also combined with some other furniture pieces. This solution allows you buy a bigger bed than you would do if you couldn’t hide it. When you want some rest, you can take it down, and when you wake up – just raise it above and you’ll get lots of space! Get inspired by the ideas below!


Whimsy 3LEGS Table Collection Of Steel Sheets

Tue, Jul 1, 2014 | Tables

Designer David Tarcali shows us playing with geometry for a un and whimsy design with his 3LEGS table collection. At first glance 3LEGS Table should tip, but doesn’t, thanks to the clever geometry. Tarcali has designed three different types of tables inspired by geometric patterns and architectural shapes. Each table is folded from a single sheet of 3-millimeter-thick steel that gives it a characteristic abstract appearance when seen from different perspectives. Different sizes and colors are available, so you’ll find your own 3LEGS table to accentuate a mid-century modern or just minimalist interior. Get inspired by clever geometry and whimsy designs!