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37 Ways To Incorporate IKEA Ranarp Lamp Into Home Décor

Tue, Aug 11, 2015 | Lamps |

IKEA is a super famous brand that creates amazingly simple yet genius designs, suitable for modern, minimal, Scandinavian and many other interiors. Today I’d like to pay your attention to Ranarp lamp from IKEA and some ways to use it in the interior. This lamp is a cool take on traditional retro lamps and it looks very modern and universal now. There are several versions of it: floor, wall, pendant, and its height or length can be regulated; this makes it super functional and perfect for lots of rooms and interiors – from Scandi to retro and from kitchens to kids’ rooms. You can easily direct the light where you want it because the lamp arm and head are adjustable. Have a look how to use in décor in a beautiful way and get inspired!

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Frankfurter Brett Kitchen Workbench With Storage Space

Mon, Aug 10, 2015 | Kitchen Appliances

A small kitchen often feels bigger until you start cooking. If you face the same problem, then this kitchen workbench with storage is an amazing solution! This versatile, mobile and modern kitchen workbench by brothers Johannes Schreiter and Joseph Schreiter has an effective, patented bracket system that ensures a smooth workflow. There are containers that slide in and out to make cooking fast and easy; made out of light bamboo, the piece is built for double-sided use. There are three sizes available: Mono, Mini and Phoenix, which are great for various kitchen sizes; it’s easy to take it outdoors to cook for a barbecue with friends or have it handy for picnics.


Modern And Refined New York Apartment With Blue Accents

Mon, Aug 10, 2015 | Modern home designs

Tirmizi Campbell, a New York-based architecture and design firm, has recently finished a renovation in New York City. The scope of the project included combining two adjacent apartments into a single residence for a young couple. The result is a light-filled, spacious home filled with modern elements. Wood accents warm up the crisp white walls, which includes some of the original brick. The kitchen is custom and finished mostly in white. Bright red dishes decorate the built-in shelves. I love the bathroom with an adorable deep blue accent wall, it looks so amazing with white! Modern pieces are paired with traditional and vintage elements creating a cozy, yet sophisticated vibe.


45 Tiny And Cozy Dining Areas For Every Home

Sat, Aug 8, 2015 | Dining room designs

Today many of us face lack of space in our homes and a dining room is becoming an atavism because of this and because we are getting used to eating in front of the TV or a computer. Of course, we all need at least a small dining space to have dinner or breakfast together, so today I’m going to inspire you with some tiny dining zones, some of them take a corner in the kitchen, some of them are a part of a living room, others take a niche at the window. Your kitchen island can play a dining space role, it’s a very practical solution; you can use your window space, add a couple of seats and make a long and wide window sill to use as a table. Get inspired by more functional ideas to organize your tiny dining space!


Bold And Sleek Eye-Candy: Red Hot Ely Desk

Fri, Aug 7, 2015 | Desks

This hot red desk shows that the 21st century is here – it’s modern, bold, sleek and just striking! The Ely desk by designer Roberto Corazza is more than just your average workstation, it’s bound to attract second, if not third and fourth glances. Each detail is meticulously shaped with curves so fine that you’re never going to leave your desk. Being so eye-catching, this desk is also very functional: there are holes made for organizing cords, so your desk won’t look negligent. And that glossy red-hot finish just makes me dream of this piece! Working overtime’s never going to feel better!


Tiny Backyard House Filled With Mid-Century Finds

A small outbuilding is exactly what a couple needed for their Seattle property. The studio occupies the corner of a backyard filled with carefully-tended plants. First Lamp studio decide to cover the house with white siding and exposed Douglas fir, which is a great idea for a limited budget. The single main room features ample glazing to provide natural light for cultivation of artistic endeavors. The floor is polished concrete, chosen for its durability, low-cost, and minimal maintenance. A part of the furniture is modern, another part was taken from vintage furniture collection of the owners. The culmination of the collaboration was the design’s simplicity: a single neutral, durable, versatile volume that can easily host a changing collection of hobbies, art, furniture, and guests.


36 Impressive Glass Top Coffee Tables That Inspire

Fri, Aug 7, 2015 | Tables

We all got used to coffee tables as an indispensable part of any living room, so we don’t pay much attention to them but these glass top coffee tables are going to strike and surprise you! Modern coffee tables glass tops are combined with a very creative base or legs that you will see through the top. It can be a living terrarium or a fireplace, a storage space or a pet bed, a large piece of driftwood or even skateboards – this is incredible! A glass top makes everything under it one more decoration of the interior, and maybe even an accent. Get inspired and add a cool stylish piece to your living room!

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Tiny Monochrome Room Design For A Little Boy

Fri, Aug 7, 2015 | Other

This small room is for big boy Archie and it accommodates everything he needs. The décor is monochrome, and it makes the space feel bright and airy. There’s a reading nook using IKEA photo ledges, so that the boy could see the front of all his books and choose something to read. Archie’s bed is from RafaKids and is a really great option for transitioning toddlers from cots to beds as it is low to the ground. The rug, from Designer Rugs in Sydney is a great soft option for any middle of the night falls. Despite the black and white design, the room looks very cute and soft.


Minimal And Chic Taiwan Apartment With Turquoise Accents

Asian designers continue striking and exciting everybody with their designs, this Taiwan apartment by Ganna Design is just wow! The décor style is minimalist yet luxurious, a wide use of concrete and grey wood in décor creates a perfect background for colorful furniture and décor elements. The loft concept widens the space and even lots of dark colors in the interior doesn’t make it gloomy. I absolutely love turquoise accents and that floor cushions conversation area – it’s so awesome and inviting! The bathroom is one of the zones that grasp your attention at once: mixed tiles of the same blue shade and a surrealist black chandelier just incredible! This is new take on minimal and luxury spaces, and being mixed they look even better!


26 Unique Pillows That Will Make You Swoon

Thu, Aug 6, 2015 | Pillows

Sometimes a small accessory can change everything, accentuate your space and create an atmosphere. I think pillows are one of those accessories that can transform the whole space, make it cozier, friendlier and even funnier. The pillows stated below strike with creativity: some of them can be used as a TV remote control, some of them glow in the dark, on the others you can write. And of course, soft and cute pillows are my faves! You’ve already seen food-inspired furniture, and here are some food-inspired pillows – biscuits, ice-cream, donuts, burgers, carrots, strawberries, bread and pancakes – this is so crazy but awesome! Animal-inspired pillows can function not only as pillows but also as your kids’ toys. Enjoy the ideas below and get a couple of those cuties for your home!


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