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34 Adorable And Romantic Provence Living Rooms

Wed, May 6, 2015 | Living room designs |

Can you find a more refined style than Provence? Today I’d like to inspire you with Provence-styled living rooms, and be ready to swoon! Provence style is something ephemeral, light and exquisite, and so are the living rooms decorated in this style. Go for whitewashed (maybe rough stone) walls and wooden beams on the ceiling, and you’ll get a perfect base for a Provence living room. A whitewashed hearth or fireplace will not only make you feel warm on a cold night but also will create a cozy and stylized atmosphere. If you want to add a rustic touch, then try rustic furniture and accessories; for a polished look find an exquisite chandelier and beautiful candleholders. Look how to do that in a stylish way below!


Elegant Listy Desk With Storage Space Between The Tops

Tue, May 5, 2015 | Desks

This adorable desk is called Listy and was created by Prague designer Lucy Koldova for Krehky gallery. Listy consists of two sheets of curved veneer, the rims of which are finished in bold colors. The top sheet is positioned above the lower one at some distance, and this is a great space for storage! You can put paper, pens, notebooks, newspapers, magazines and everything you want here, and all the things will be invisible – so stylish and so smart! Elegant proportions, beautiful, thin curved lines, an attractive combination of bold colors with wooden textures look extremely cool, eye-catching and suitable for both a female boudoir and a masculine home office.


Contemporary Lively Apartment With Works Of Modern Art

Tue, May 5, 2015 | Contemporary home designs

Located on the fourth floor of a classic building in Oslo, this 94 square-meters apartment blends the beauty of classical architectural features with contemporary pieces of furniture and modern art. The interior is modern, lively and feels like it is breathing with art. The small yet functional kitchen is done in white to visually expand the space and it contains all the necessary zones. I love the living room which is modern with trendy geometric furniture pieces, and the interiors is perfectly supplemented by modern art pieces. The tiny nursery is also a place to admire: though it’s really very small, it’s filled with light and cute kid’s bed and decorations are amazing!


Best Furniture, Product and Room Designs of April 2015

Mon, May 4, 2015 | Best of the Month

Here are some best product and furniture designs which were covered on DigsDigs during April 2015. If you’ve missed them than don’t hesitate to check them out. Don’t forget to check out best house and apartment designs of April 2015 too.

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Best House and Apartment Designs of April 2015

Sun, May 3, 2015 | Best of the Month

Here are some best house and apartment designs which was covered on DigsDigs during April 2015. If you’ve missed them than don’t hesitate to check them out.

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38 Smart Concealed Kitchen Storage Spaces

Fri, May 1, 2015 | Kitchen designs

Many housewives know that the smaller the exposed surfaces in the kitchen for storage, the easier it is to maintain order, or at least to do that visually. If you do not like the open storage systems – we offer you a great choice of ideas to hide everything you need. Drawers hidden within some panels, backsplashes, kitchen islands will give you a perfect storage space. Rotary drawers are perfect for storing tableware and utensils. To speak about spice storage, there is a plenty of super creative ways to store them – and you can see them and more creative finds below, get inspired!

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Forget The Gravitation: Levitating FLYTE Light

Thu, Apr 30, 2015 | Lights

Ready for some magic? Designer Simon Morris has always dreamt to create a levitating object, and finally – here’s FLYTE! It is a levitating light, which hovers by magnetic levitation and is powered through the air. FLYTE requires no batteries and powers light through the air via induction. Wireless power transfer transmission has been around since the days of Nikola Tesla. This wireless power module transmits about 5V and is completely safe and harmless. Power is transferred wirelessly from the base to the bulb. So, guys, if you are looking for an original and eye-catching light like no other, then FLYTE is right what you need.


Completely Hand-Built Wooden Cabin Filled With Light

Thu, Apr 30, 2015 | Wood house designs

Zecc Architects and Roel van Norel created a cabin atop the foundation of a previous greenhouse – can you believe it? With one side of the house closed off, views are directed through the glazed south and west facades to the grassy clearing beyond. The west side is clad with six shutters made of horizontal, western red cedar slats that can be opened or closed with a single movement. The house’s open plan is neatly divided into public and private spaces, with the front containing the kitchen and living areas and the back holding the bedroom and bath, overhung by a small mezzanine. Fine wood craftsmanship defines the dwelling’s interior, where all the facilities—from the kitchen cabinets to the fireplace to the bathroom—are integrated into a single oak wall, handmade by van Norel.


Modern Surface Trend: 30 Geometric Tiles Ideas

Thu, Apr 30, 2015 | Ceramic tiles

Geometric décor is very trendy and popular today, it’s perfect for almost any type of interior and easy to make an accent. We’ve already spoilt you with cute geometric décor ideas, and today I’d like to share some creative geometric tiles for your home décor. Bold geometry and vibrant color palettes combine to create show-stopping surfaces perfect not only for bathrooms or kitchens but also for hallways and any other rooms. There are various tiles with geometric patterns but you can also create larger patterns with them, and don’t be afraid of bold colors – this is fashionable! Find stylish and eye-catching ideas below!


LEVEL: Shelf, Lamp And Device Recharger In One

Thu, Apr 30, 2015 | Lamps, Shelves

Multifunctional pieces are very popular today as they are budget and space-savvy, and I’d like to share one of such items. Italian designer Filippo Mambretti has created LEVEL, which is a combined floor lamp and shelf that has built-in USB slots for charging devices. It’s a multifunctional piece of furniture within the home environment: it can be used as a light source but also a shelf or a charging point for electronic products, thanks to the USB sockets placed under the shelf. LEVEL’s design is characterized by clean and modern lines that visually lighten the entire structure, making it minimally functional and harmonious. Thanks to the design of the circular shelves that vertically repeat. LEVEL hides cables and electrical components and maximizes shelf space and light diffusion.