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Seafront Sunflower House With Geometric Design

Tue, Jun 16, 2015 | Waterfront home designs

Cadaval & Solà-Morales have designed a home that overlooks the Meditteranean Sea in Girona, Spain, and it’s called Sunflower house. The house frames a multiplicity of different and specific views, and builds up content spaces that inhabit great big framed views. It got the name because of a big solar collector, a mechanism to bring light and heat into the house – like a giant sunflower. The design of the interiors is modern, stylish, laconic and focused at the sea views. The strength of the project relies on its geometry. Meanwhile, all the materials used in the construction are typical of the area, from the structure to the outdoor finishes of the walls.


31 Beautiful Feminine Terrace And Patio Décor Ideas

Tue, Jun 16, 2015 | Terrace and garden designs |

Girls, today’s roundup is for you! This is a great source of inspiration for those who want a terrace or a patio in feminine style. The styles that are typical for girlish spaces are shabby chic, vintage, modern and Provence – all of them will be ideal for a feminine patio or terrace. Rock bold colors: pink, turquoise, red, purple, green and blue, or go tender with blush, cream and white, especially if you’ve chosen Provence or shabby chic style. Create an atmosphere with beautiful textiles, planters and lamps – pick the most girlish ones! Look at the ideas below and find inspiration!


Interactive Bionic Sideboard With Rotating Hexagons

Mon, Jun 15, 2015 | Sideboards

Piurra design in collaboration with Luis Filipe Fernandes has designed Bionic Sideboard. This is a piece of furniture where the hexagonal elements, which can take on different configurations, outline what appears to the structure of a beehive. This is a perfect piece for those who like to play and change the items around as these hexagons can be rotated as you like – the item is absolutely interactive. Bionic will add a fun and playful touch to any interior, and luxurious wood is a great thing to get focused on. Get Bionic for your home and play, play and play!


Chic Modern Seaside Home With An Ocean-Inspired Pool

Mon, Jun 15, 2015 | Luxury home designs

Wahroonga House by Darren Campbell Architect is located on Sydney’s North Shore and is a modern take on a seaside home. The interiors are modern, bright and lively; some walls are glazed, and it maximizes the light and the view. White as the main color and bright warm-colored wood make the home very lively and inviting, touches or blue and turquoise here and there remind of the ocean. The focal feature of outdoors is a stunning bold blue pool that really makes you think of the sea, and all the rooms are arranged to enjoy the view of this pool. If you, guys, are looking for inspiration for a seaside home – here it is!


27 Gorgeous Suspended Cradles For Your Baby

Sat, Jun 13, 2015 | Beds

Waiting for your baby? Then I guess the first thing you are going to buy is a cot. Actually, in the ancient times all the cribs were suspended because it’s easier to swing such a piece and lull the kid. Modern cradles are mostly with legs but there are still pendant models from various designers. What are the advantages of such a crib? You can lull your baby faster just pushing the crib a little, and most of children like it; it saves the space a lot, so it’s a perfect variant for tight spaces and such a cradle is mobile: you can hang it near your bed for the night, then hang outdoors or in any other room. Get inspired by the stylish ideas below!


Industrial And Vintage Kitchen Design In Stockholm

Sat, Jun 13, 2015 | Kitchen designs

Industrial style is very popular today, and I’m sure that this industrial kitchen in Stockholm is a perfect example of styling. The kitchen features stainless steel drawers and a sink, some of them are from Ikea’s recently released Sektion kitchen line, it has unconventional storage in the form of a hanging pot rack and vintage wooden crates. One wall is clad in large subway tiles; an industrial pendant lamp as well as a vintage glass chandelier provide illumination. The eat-in kitchen has an old farm table paired with vintage chairs. The perfect balance between industrial, vintage and rustic elements make it so eye-catching and cozy.


9B Industrial Loft With Brick Walls And Metal In Decor

Fri, Jun 12, 2015 | Modern home designs

London architect Dimitar Karanikolov and interior designer Veneta Nikolova created this stylish industrial loft in Sofia, Bulgaria. A massive dark “cube” occupies the center of the living room, hiding the bathroom, it’s clad in thin (16mm) custom made concrete panels that continue inside as well. The entire apartment has been outlined with tall cantilevered aluminum planters – a green aura that surrounds the entire place and makes the terrace appear like a serene courtyard – completely sheltered from the outer world. An interior concept aiming at well-balanced hipster modernity garnished with pieces of vintage furniture and accessories. Every detail in this apartment is a perfect fit, and two years of hard work were really worth it!


34 Inviting Outdoor Dining Spaces In Various Styles

Fri, Jun 12, 2015 | Dining room designs

Summer is time to spend outdoors, and we do everything outside: talk, eat, swim, sunbathe, walk, read and do sports. To have meals outdoors you’ll need a cool dining space in some cool style, and we are here to get you inspired! Organize a cozy dining nook on your deck, front porch, pergola or right in the garden but kind of a roof or a tent above your head is a good idea in case of rain or excessive sun. now choose a style: boho, modern, Scandinavian, Provence, minimalist or any other you prefer. The center of this zone is the dining table, you can buy it or make yourself if you want to have something really special. Benches, chairs, sofas or even swings – chairs are up to you, just make them comfy for yourself. Look at the examples below and get inspired!


Chic Brick Bathroom Design With A Retro Green Bathtub

Thu, Jun 11, 2015 | Bathroom designs

Sarah Trotter is the mastermind behind her team’s artful conversion of an old garage into a studio apartment. We are featuring the brick-walled, tropical bathroom, which embraces the building’s past and present. Hearth paired the weathered brick wall with a romantic clawfoot tub (sourced secondhand and painted green) and a large-leafed Monstera deliciosa that together lend the space a tropical vibe. The sink and storage are tidily combined in a built-in wooden vanity that serves as a room divider: tub on one side, toilet on the other. The large round mirror visually enlarges the spaces. The vanity extends to the ceiling beams and offers cabinets as well as shelving. What a chic look!


Lively Eclectic Paris Apartment With Boho Allure

Thu, Jun 11, 2015 | Modern home designs

If Woody Allen was going to make a film in a Paris apartment, he would choose this one by Tatiana Nicol because of the spirit of old Paris, woodwork, fireplaces and parquet. The interiors is eclectic: all original features and old Parisian charm have been kept yet some Argentinian vibe is included with warm colors and bright fabrics, and Moroccan rugs, Ethiopian décor objects give the apartment an exotic feel. The furniture is a mix of modern and shabby chic, a little bit worn, and it give the apartment a personality. This is a great example of mixing French basis with boho allure!