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26 Beautiful Burgundy Accents For Fall Home Décor

Wed, Aug 13, 2014 | Decorating

Burgundy is on top of fall colors, it’s very beautiful and refined. As the fall is not so far, it’s time to think over your fall home décor but using burgundy for the whole room is rather overwhelming. We offer to add just several burgundy accents to make your space pop. For example, a burgundy accent wall will make your living room or bedroom exquisite. Burgundy chairs or sofas are great to make a statement in any room; throws or bedspreads are also great for this aim. In the kitchen some burgundy flowers or fruit are the easiest way to add a fall touch. Look at the ideas below and find out how to rock burgundy shades this fall!


Eye-Catching Black And White Chair Composition

Tue, Aug 12, 2014 | Chairs

Modern design and chair basic functions are interwoven in this chair design – Chair Compositions by Gilli Kuchik and Ran Amitai of Bakery Studio. Actually, the Chair Composition consists of Chair Composition 1 and Chair Composition 2, a set of chairs that are made of bent steel tubes and a plywood seat. The motive of the project was to combine two elements and colors that form a functional object that’s also an intriguing 3D shape. By composing the individual elements in a certain way, the chair becomes an ergonomic shape that also catches the eye. The chairs are available in black and white, classic and perfect for every modern space.


Colorful House Decor With Shabby Chic Details

Tue, Aug 12, 2014 | Modern home designs

Colors raise the mood, make the space lively and cheerful. This crazy colorful house is located in Great Britain, and the interior is nothing of a traditional one. The owner is a young Englishman who likes passionate colors, so he showed his personality is every room of this house. The calm-colored walls became a great background for bold pieces. I love shabby chic furniture pieces in different colors and pop art wall pieces that really make the house a colorful paradise. Every room of the house looks bold and relaxed, even the home office with a shabby chic mint desk. Get inspired by the crazy yet chic mixes of colors and enjoy!

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38 Practical Attic Bathroom Design Ideas

Tue, Aug 12, 2014 | Bathroom designs |

Attic spaces are considered to be difficult to decorate due to the roofs of various shapes. But the challenge is accepted! Let’s look at some examples of attic bathroom décor that use every inch space at maximum and look very stylish and elegant. The main secret is to put your bathtub, shower cabin or storage under the lowest part of the roof as you don’t need height to relax in the bathtub or store the towels and other bathroom stuff. All the other pieces can be put in the rest of space as you like it and as it looks practical for you. Below you’ll find some ideas to do that in the best way, enjoy and get inspired!


Modern Bernardes Bench With A Religious Сonnotation

Mon, Aug 11, 2014 | Furniture

Andreu Carulla shows the essence of a spiritual place with Bernardes Bench created for a former convent, Les Bernardes Cultural Center, that needed special seating for their many events. This is a Beech wood, handicraft wickerwork bench that “captures the austerity and discretion attached to a religious convent’s ambiance and translates it into a seat, while making it comfortable as well.” Its appearance is lightweight but the materials make it robust and enduring. Such a seating is great not only for a religious place but also for your space – both indoors and outdoors, due to the durable materials and modern design.


Modern Residence With Practically Organized Interiors

Mon, Aug 11, 2014 | Modern home designs

Located in Milan, Italy, Casa con Dependance by Disegnoinopera is a modern residence with a casual yet sophisticated design and décor. There are no dead spaces here, and every little area has a function. The interior is modern and eye-catching, with simple yet beautiful details. The sitting area is a very organized space, where everything has a designated place, including the TV. A tiny dining area is tucked in the corner of the room and features an eye-catching chandelier with a modern-industrial appeal. The bedroom has a very relaxing and intimate feel, with an earthy, neutral color palette, long curtains, a chic chandelier and glass doors that open onto a beautiful terrace. What a cool example of modern designs!


Rock The Colors: 32 Neon Home Décor Ideas

Sat, Aug 9, 2014 | Decorating

Summer is time of bright colors, add some to your interior! Neon shades are very modern, cool and bring freshness to any space, and in winter when you miss bright hues, they will raise your mood. Implement neon carefully and with taste into your interior, don’t be excessive. A neutral space with several bright neon splashes will look fantastic, whatever you take: a neon chair, shelf, lamp, painting, or even the whole wall or door. An unusual solution for a bathroom is a neon bathtub or sink, it looks very eye-catching. Dip into the gallery below and rock cool neon hues!


Misfits Sofa System Expressing Perpetual Movement

Fri, Aug 8, 2014 | Sofa

Perpetual movement in a stable furniture piece? It’s real with the Misfits Sofa System by Moroso! Designer Ron Arad experimented with the possibilities of physical dynamism when designing it. In what seems like a drift away from the typical static sofa set structure, Arad’s creation is designed to evoke a gracefully continuous motion. The Misfits Sofa System consists of five wool-covered modules—three seats with a backrest and two low-lying ottomans. Set on a metal frame, it features sinuous heat-resistant polyurethane foam padding which tightly hugs each swaying curve of the frame’s silhouette. Each unit that makes up this sofa system can be altered, rearranged, and modified in an almost unlimited array of arrangements for optimal comfort.


White Cube House On A Long And Narrow Lot

Fri, Aug 8, 2014 | Modern home designs

The Cube House by AR Architects is a great example of how a cool house can be built on a long and narrow lot. The long concrete bench that runs the length of the house and then continues into the exterior courtyard is my favorite part of this clever house. This bench also plays the role of a seat and a storage – so comfy and practical! The way the home opens to the exterior makes this smaller house bigger, expanding its living space. The interior is rather modern and simple: neutral colors, mostly white, not much furniture not to clutter the space.


26 Daring Graffiti Statement Interior Wall Ideas

Fri, Aug 8, 2014 | Decorating

Graffiti for home décor? Unexpected! Modern and industrial design can really welcome such solutions – just a statement wall in your room. The theme and colors of this graffiti can be any that you like – from a giant panther to something pop art like. The colors are often very bold and contrasting because a statement wall should attract attention. Such a decoration looks good on brick walls, in a skater’s home, in teenager rooms. The best place for it is a living room but a graffiti is also suitable for almost any space, from a kitchen to a bedroom. Would you dare to design such a wall?