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26 Ideas To Accentuate Your Living Room With Marsala

Fri, Jan 9, 2015 | Decorating |

You already know that marsala has become the color of 2015, and we’ve already told you of some ideas for marsala home décor. Today I’d like to tell you about living room décor in particular, about accents that you can make. I’d advise you to use such a rich color carefully if you don’t want the space to be too much in your face. The most popular idea is a marsala accent wall, it’s an easy and budget-friendly idea, just choose the shade you like. Marsala furniture or textiles would make your room stylish and trendy yet not to gloomy or old-fashioned. Get inspired by more cool ideas below!


Touch Of Spring: Grass Stool Collection

Thu, Jan 8, 2015 | Chairs

In winter the things we need most is sunshine and green grass, if you want to bring a piece of spring to your home, there’s a way to do that. Grass is the name of new collection of Stools made by Jean-Marc Attia from Marron Rouge in France. GRASS is the discovery of an unexpected material, which recovers sports fields equipped with synthetic grass. The top of the stool is in recycled synthetic grass slightly padded with foam. The edge of the seat is in denim canvas, feet are eucalyptus wood. I think, this is a nice idea to bring a nature touches and remind yourself of spring.

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Luxurious El Mirador House From Natural Materials

Thu, Jan 8, 2015 | Luxury home designs

CC Arquitectos have designed El Mirador, a single bedroom home located in Mexico. The structure is a combination of steel and wooden beams, and almost everything is made out of materials from the area. El Mirador is half buried on one of its sides with the purpose of protecting the habitation spaces from the climate where nature, views, and rustic finishes are the main components, seeking as a goal that these characteristics will last through time. The color scheme is earthy and calm , the interiors are rather simple yet luxurious and chic, with natural wood, stone and textiles, which looks very impressive.


28 Dreamy Attic Sunroom Design Ideas

Thu, Jan 8, 2015 | Decorating |

Sun rays – that’s what we lack on these cold days, so if you still don’t have a sunroom, or just some sun space – maybe a part of some room – get inspired by the ideas below! We’ve already told you of some cool sunroom design ideas but today’s article is special: it’s about attic spaces. Guys, if you have a free attic space or even a corner – turn it into a sunroom! An attic space is especially easy to turn into a sun-catching one as you can get glass ceiling and walls and just enjoy lots and lots of sunlight. The design of such a sunroom is up to you, below you’ll find some awesome ideas to decorate it, enjoy and get inspired!


Refined And Polished Wooden Shell Bathtub

Thu, Jan 8, 2015 | Bathtubs

I can say that wood bathtubs and sinks are super trendy right now, and this bathtub is right one of them. One of the most well-respected design awards in the interior design sector, the 2015 Interior Innovation Award, has been awarded to Nina Mair for the solid wood Shell bathtub. The Shell bathtub is carved from a solid block of aromatic walnut using a precision CNC milling machine. The final form is refined, polished and oiled by hand many more times. With extremely high precision and a great love of detail, this concept is at the edge of what is possible – a wood bathtub cannot be made any more delicate.


Warm And Comfy Nest With Cozy Touches

Wed, Jan 7, 2015 | Modern home designs

This house in Minnesota is decorated especially for long winters – so cozy and comfy! Over the course of two years, the owners (who are architects) transformed this once dilapidated and damaged home, opening up floor plans, exposing hardwood floors, and giving the interior a fresh coat of bright white paint. Faux fireplace, antlers, sheepskin and beeswax candles are aimed at making the space cozier at long winter nights. The home, now freshly renovated and overflowing with warmth and light, is exactly the sort of place that can grow and evolve along with this young family; a charming, yet unfussy space that is filled with memories and room to create new ones.


23 Beautiful Boho Sunroom Design Ideas

Wed, Jan 7, 2015 | Terrace and garden designs |

What do we lack in winter most of all? Sunlight! That’s why I’ve decided to share some sunroom eye-candies, and there’s nothing more relaxing than boho style. The main thing in a sunroom is lots of light and sunlight, so you’ll need big windows, maybe transparent ceiling or panoramic walls. Then just take all the things that make you feel comfy: a daybed, a sofa, a bench, a chair and a table or any other furniture that you like, the main condition is to take shabby chic or boho-styled furniture. What a boho space without colorful textiles? Take curtains, rugs, covers and tablecloths of various colors and maybe with tribal patterns. Find out more boho details and space inspirations below!

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Creative Patio Furniture: Bells Side Table

Wed, Jan 7, 2015 | Tables

Designed by Henrik Pedersen, Bells is an hourglass-shaped occasional table for the patio. Two aluminum bells joined together make up the shape of this small outdoor side table, while a removable buffed teak lid provides a handy storage area – so simple and so cool! It’s very stylish, elegant and functional; it’s won’t take much space yet will let you store lots of things. I’d say there’s no better table for a party: here you can cool your drinks and place some starters on another table. Bells is available in various colors, you can buy several pieces and create a cool party zone.


Modern And Functional AB9 Apartment In Lisbon

Tue, Jan 6, 2015 | Modern home designs

Apartment AB9 by Filipe Melo Oliveira is a renovation and refurbishment of a compact apartment in a building built in 1938, in a now-flourishing area of an old Lisbon neighborhood. A key challenge for the interior architecture of this apartment was to find a more contemporary way of inhabiting, with better-lit environments, bigger spaces and better connections in between them. The new layout is one wall that runs through and organizes the functions of each space, keeping them fluid; it’s library, storage, fridge, wardrobe, and space connector. White surfaces, glass transparencies and pine wood texture help to enhance the wideness and continuity of spaces. The natural and artificial lights are treated with special care and provide even more comfort to all environments.


120 The Most Cool Home Office Designs Of 2014

Mon, Jan 5, 2015 | Best of 2014

Here are the most cool home office designs that we showed on DigsDigs in 2014. Btw, don’t miss the most cool home office designs of the previous year. They are great too!

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