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Exquisite Black Kitchen Design With A Vintage Feel

Wed, Oct 8, 2014 | Kitchen designs

Remember that black and yellow kitchen that we’ve told you about? Continuing this theme, I’d like to share this luxurious kitchen in dark shades by designer Patricia Stuart. Don’t believe those who say that dark colors are moody and can only make the space look smaller. The same is with this kitchen: dark wood looks very elegant ad creates special atmosphere. The floor, walls and ceiling are kept light not to overweight and not to make the kitchen too gloomy. The lights above the sink and refined suspended lamps continue the design and make the kitchen more stylish. The black kitchen island is in the center of attention, due to its texture it looks vintage. Wanted some dark kitchen inspiration? Then enjoy!


Secluded Paradise: Casa AL With Natural Decor

Tue, Oct 7, 2014 | Tropical home designs

The latest project from design studio Arthur Casas, Casa (house) AL, is built in Joa, in the hills outside of Rio de Janeiro, and is fully integrated with its natural surroundings due to the choice of materials. Upon the owner’s request, stone, wood and glass have been used throughout. Each of the three floors has a self-contained ambiance: with the ground floor comprising living quarters for the gardener and maid as well as two guestrooms, the third floor the owner’s main bedroom and office, while the second floor, which opens out onto the pool deck and a magnificent ocean view, also houses’ the entrance. The interior décor is modern, very natural and the ocean views are highlighted in every room. On the whole the house looks really like a secluded paradise!


31 Original Home Bars And Cocktail Mixing Stations

Tue, Oct 7, 2014 | Decorating

Home bars and cocktail stations are great and it’s not luxury, believe me, any home, even the smallest one can host one. What you need first is a credenza, a sideboard or just a table to store the bottles, shakers, glasses and all that stuff you need. Add some fun signs, chalkboards, marquee lights, clocks and other decorations that seem appropriate to you. You can actually give any style to your mixing station using wall decals, appliques or other decorations like that. If you are tight on space, go for some creative storage like a high vertical sideboard, or a credenza with drawers for everything you want. Look for more creative ideas below!


Unique Blooming Vases Shaped With Explosives

Mon, Oct 6, 2014 | Pots

Designer Andrea Mancuso and architect Emilia Serra have collaborated with ceramicist Alessio Sarri to create vases in a curious way. To create the Booming Vases, white refractory ceramic clay is hand-formed into hollow geometric shapes and colored slips are applied to the outside of the resulting blocks. Gunpowder is placed inside and detonated while the fresh clay is still wet and therefore malleable, opening the top when it explodes. This transforms the column into a vase and reveals the white clay beneath the colored slip. The pieces are then dried and fired following a more conventional ceramic process. A new exploration of one of the most traditional hand-making processes makes the vases so unexpected.


Gorgeous Scandinavian Farmhouse In Denmark

Mon, Oct 6, 2014 | Scandinavian home designs

What’s gorgeous rustiness? It’s the first thing that comes to my mind when I see this house. This Danish farmhouse by German duo of Studio Oink is just beautiful and charming! Decorated in a sweet vintage style, the house was filled with Danish mid-century pieces of furniture and beautiful textiles to add a bit of color and texture. The amazing hearth is a very eye-catching piece and it gives coziness, romance and invites you to sit next to it. The beauty is in the simplicity and the poetry inside this home, in the most pure Scandinavian style, so calm, so rustic and so special!


28 Cozy And Comfy Crocheted Pieces For Home Décor

Sat, Oct 4, 2014 | Decorating

We’ve already discussed knitted and fur pieces for home décor – they are extremely cozy and great for fall and winter. Today I’d like to tell you of some crocheted pieces to continue the theme of cozy décor. Crocheted bedspreads, table runners and tablecloths are very popular all year round, they make your home look shabby chic or vintage like. Another more original idea is crocheting a pillow cover or a rug – it’s so welcoming! What would you say to a crocheted storage? Crocheted baskets or cubs, especially colorful ones, look amazing and are very comfy in using. Crocheted furniture looks just stunning! Chairs or poufs are so soft and so inviting! Crocheted pieces are so cool because you can make them yourself and change as you like. Look for creative ideas below and get inspired!


Modern Reinterpretation Of The Lantern: Andle Lamp

Fri, Oct 3, 2014 | Lamps

The Andle Lamp is a fun, contemporary reinterpretation of the lantern and iconic old-timey miner’s lamp that brings elegant style with a touch of whimsy to anywhere from the man-cave to the modern office thanks to its shape. The white ceramic exterior is contrasted with vibrant interior color options (acid green, light blue, rust, white, silver, copper, and gold leaf) that peek through 3 round openings where light is emitted indirectly. A beech wood, branch-style handle adds organic character and makes it easy to tote and possible to hang from a simplistic wall mount. The piece is very eye-catching and organic at the same time, that it will compliment any interior.


Eclectic Elegant Apartment With Green Walls

Fri, Oct 3, 2014 | Modern home designs

SVOYA Studio have designed an apartment with green walls in Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine. The views of the River Dnipro became the base of the interior, and it was done eclectic, comfortable and ergonomic. The space of the apartment is divided into logical zones of owner’s bedrooms with bathrooms and space of a living room with a kitchen which leads to a small study. The transit between rooms is oriented so that right from the entrance the window framed panels of vertical gardening overlooks the city. The vertical gardening on the area between the windows served as the portal from a cozy apartment to the metropolis.

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35 Eye-Catching Metallic Accents For Your Home Décor

Fri, Oct 3, 2014 | Decorating

Metallic décor can make any space more exquisite and any piece more eye-catching, that’s why today we’ve gathered a bunch of cool metallic accents for you to use. Actually, you can choose almost any accessory or furniture piece that you like and make metallic – from a lamp to a jewelry bowl. There exist also trendy metallic wallpapers with various patterns, and I can say that they look really spectacular. For your bathroom you may find a cool metallic bathtub and faucets, and for a kitchen a metallic backsplash is a chic and very original idea. Furniture, lamps, wall art and many other ideas are all up to your imagination and taste, just don’t be excessive and make perfect accents!


DINN: A Minimalist Clock With A Brass Bell

Fri, Oct 3, 2014 | Clocks

Alessandro Zambelli’s DINN is a ‘musical clock’ for the Italian brand Diamantini&Domeniconi, that takes inspiration from La Campanella (The Little Bell), Paganini’s most famous concerto, in which the orchestra’s hand bell plays a key role. The round face of the clock takes bare essentials almost to an extreme, and within the circle is one bright, attention-grabbing spark of originality – it’s a small, unexpected bell that contrasts brassily with the essential face of the timepiece. The precious detail stands out as the clock’s dining ‘heart’. No numbers, no patterns, just pure minimalism and an eye-catching detail! Genius!

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