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Coniferous Clock Inspired By Japanese Traditions

Wed, Sep 10, 2014 | Clocks

In Japan there was a tradition: boughs of fresh cedar branches were tied together, clipped into a sphere and hung up when sake was pressed. When the cedar leaves had dried and turned completely brown, it was a signal that the sake was ready to drink. This idea was taken as a base for Coniferous Clock by design collective Bril. The coniferous leaves brown slowly over 365 days; a swinging pendulum gives the timepiece a more clock-like appearance. The frame is lathed by local craftsmen who usually work with Japanese lacquerware. The leaves are attached by hooking them over small nails inside the frame. The bundle of sharp leaves create a fine-pixel picture that makes the gradation from green to brown exquisite and art-like.


St.Pancras Penthouse With Luxurious Modern Interiors

Wed, Sep 10, 2014 | Luxury home designs

TG Studio has transformed this three-bedroom penthouse located in London, United Kingdom. As the property is of highest public interest and the interiors listed by English Heritage as very significant, the floor plan had to be broadly maintained but all staircases, balustrading and partitioning, where possible, were replaced. The interior was turned modern and cozy though with remaining old touches, and that gives it personality and special features. The color scheme is neutral, with several orange and black touches. The master bedroom, which is located on the top floor, is now reached through a new staircase that turns around an oak clad storage room reached off the main entrance hall. The lower open floor plan is laid out as a relaxed kitchen zone, dining area and TV watching area. Wow, so spectacular!


38 Glam Gold Accents And Accessories For Your Interior

Wed, Sep 10, 2014 | Decorating

If you love luxury and glam looks, then add some gold accents to your interior. Gold is universal for any season and many types of décor but I think in fall it’s especially actual. How can you bring gold in and mix it? Wall decals or just painting some stripes with gold paint is the easiest idea to decorate the walls. If you don’t want to be radical, make some gold polka dots. Gold textiles look awesome and luxurious: curtains, bedspreads or even rugs are ideal and won’t cost you much. Gold candleholders, vases, planters, pillows, furniture or just furniture legs are cool for making your space more glam and chic. Gold goes well with black, red, pink, blue, grey, ivory or white, so you won’t have problems blending this color. Enjoy the ideas below and get your pin button ready!

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Mysterious Pina And Misha Lamps Of Hardened Fabric

Wed, Sep 10, 2014 | Lamps

Misha and Pina lamps are parts of the series of exploration of fabric’s behavior in lighting. The shade of Pina uses the fabric 95% cotton and 5% spandex, while Misha fabric is made of 100% post-consumer plastic bottles. The technology of making both lamps is alike: the fabric is dipped into fabric hardener, then hung in a framed structure, and after is pulled upwards from certain points by thread with spherical weight placed in between the pulled points so the fabric will create specific creases. The hung fabric is left to dry and the resulting piece is then placed upside down to create a lampshade. Four corners of the fabric create Pina legs, and for Misha, the fabric is placed above the black plastic tube that contains the light bulb inside. When the light is not turned on, it presents a kind of draped structure flowing above the table, and when it’s on, I think, the effect is even more mysterious. That’s a cool idea for Halloween, isn’t it?


White Scandinavian Apartment With Natural Wood Accents

Tue, Sep 9, 2014 | Scandinavian home designs

This home is a real eye-candy for those who love Scandinavian décor. This apartment is truly Nordic but with soft and shabby chic details. The apartment is white and ivory as these colors visually expand the space; it’s also an ideal background for almost any furniture and accessories. The owner left the rough wooden beams on the ceiling as they are, and added some cool accents of natural wood of the same shades. The shabby chic furniture pieces here and there are of the same natural wood color, and I can say that they create a unique cozy atmosphere with white décor. Fur accessories make the space look warmer and are necessary during cold Scandinavian falls and winters.


30 Chic Scandinavian Fall Décor Ideas

Tue, Sep 9, 2014 | Decorating |

Nordic décor became popular several years ago, and it still is because of its minimalism and natural touches that make every space stylish and cozy without much effort. I think that this type of décor is very actual for fall or winter as during these seasons we need more comfort and coziness than in spring or summer. So, what’s a Scandinavian fall space? The color scheme is truly Nordic: black, shades of grey and white or ivory but as it’s fall, go for some splashes of fall colors. Naturalness is one of main features of such décor, so add natural wood, bring pinecones, apples, antlers, pumpkins, branches and fall leaves. Knitted and fur or faux fur accessories will be great for fall or winter décor as it’s so pleasant to bundle up into a knitted blanket sitting in front of the fireplace or just on the sofa, when it’s raining outside. Get inspired by the ideas below and create your cozy fall space!


Contrating Hi-Lo Shelving Of Marble And Plywood

Mon, Sep 8, 2014 | Shelves

Any modern furniture piece should be functional and eye-catching, and Hi-Lo Shelving by Moving Mountains is right what a modern home needs. Equally sculptural and functional, this shelving piece pairs high and low materials to generate intrigue from a familiar stepped form. The contrasts in textures and colors create a graphic play between the fractured marble and common plywood, as the composition of colored shapes wax and wane when viewed from different angles. I love the marble additions, which make any belongings look sophisticated. Bold enough to stand alone, this shelving piece will command attention, while feeling right at home amongst beloved possessions.

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Versatile Proplamp That Can Hold Any Shape

Mon, Sep 8, 2014 | Lamps

Designer Erwin Zwiers is always experimenting with new materials, and she came across a multifunctional non woven plastic, which was ideal for designing a light. That’s how she create the Proplamp, which you can crumple as often as you like, as the biodegradable non woven material is made of will hold its new shape. Led lamp designer Margje Teeuwen helped to realize the idea. I think that this is a really modern concept of a lighting feature, kind of a lamp of the future. Each lamp is pre-shaped by Margje and Erwin, but the unique features of the material allow the lamp to be reshaped over and over again, by the new owner.


29 Cozy And Inviting Fall Living Room Décor Ideas

Sat, Sep 6, 2014 | Living room designs |

Fall is officially here, even if in your place its breath isn’t felt yet, the colors and air around tell that. It’s high time to add some cozy fall touches to your living room to spend days and nights in comfort. Transforming your living space into a fall-inspired one is an easy task: textiles and accessories in autumn colors will help you to change the space fast and budget-friendly. Don’t forget the fireplace! A fall mantle with leaves, pumpkins, candles is easy to create yourself and personalize. Knitted or fur furniture and accessories will warm you up and comfort on cold fall and winter nights. If you like brights, cheer your space with orange, burgundy and yellow; for a calmer look go for chocolate, dark purple and ivory. Find inspiration below!


Sweet Tooth Twist: Playful Confetti Credenza

Fri, Sep 5, 2014 | Sideboards

Do you have a sweet tooth like me? If yes, you’ll be just excited with this credenza! Its design reminds of sweets like no other! Lying somewhere between a dot and a line, the confetti marquetry pattern on this credenza bestows a playful quality to a serious piece. I love the contrast of the light wood and dark patterns and hardware, it looks very eye-catching. The door and drawer fronts use solid and veneered maple; hardware and base are blackened steel. The design is kind of a fresh approach to mid-century modern furniture, with a twist. Such a playful and whimsy piece will be a compliment for any modern interior.