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Tiny Scandinavian Apartment With A Smart Space-Saving Design

Thu, Jul 2, 2015 | Small home designs

This small Scandinavian apartment located in Gothenburg’s city center is just 36 square meters but it accommodates 1,5 rooms plus kitchen. The living room is exceptionally bright and airy due to the large windows in the north, exposed wooden beams on a white background set the tone for a stylish black and white color palette, subtly present throughout the...Continue Reading...


Modern Black And White Apartment With Art Nouveau Elements

Mon, Apr 6, 2015 | Modern home designs

This stunning modern apartment is designed by OOOOX architects. The two main colors are black and white, and they are mixed in absolutely right proportions for the space not to look too gloomy; concrete and warm-colored wood make the décor more lively. The space combines a variety of contemporary elements and art nouveau accents for a décor that’s...Continue Reading...


47 Cool Minimalist Easter Décor Ideas

Thu, Apr 3, 2014 | Decorating |

Easter is a colorful spring celebration but what if you like calmer colors and no excessive décor? Decorate your home in minimalist style for Easter! Black and white are classical minimalist colors, so take black and white candles, porcelain rabbits, nests and, of course, eggs! Easter eggs are not only the most traditional food but also a décor piece or...Continue Reading...


10 Traditional Black And White Hallways

Fri, Apr 6, 2012 | Hall and Entrance designs |

In order to continue showing you how cool traditional interiors in black and white colors are we’ve gathered for you a bunch of hallways. Interesting patterns are really popular here. Walls covered with stripes, checked floors, zig zag rugs a lot of other things with cool patters could be found there. Check out the gallery and you’ll find some...Continue Reading...


Monochrome Duplex Apartment With Complex Interior Geometry

This monochrome duplex apartment of about 280m² with a large terrace is designed by Paris-based architectural studio Pascal Grasso Architectures. It’s located in the center of Paris and features a quite complex walls geometry. There are a lot of plaster boxes on walls and floors. Some of them are just decorative elements while some other conceal...Continue Reading...


Black and White Duplex Apartment Interior That Features a Really Beautiful Staircase

Fri, Sep 17, 2010 | Contemporary home designs

This charming Swedish duplex apartment combines mostly black and white colors in its interior. Besides, it combines mix of modern design elements like glossy furniture and ones that look quite “old”, including and original kitchen cabinets, wooden floors and different small decorating objects. The total area of the apartment is 110 square...Continue Reading...


Black and White Flat Interior Design With Amazing Steel Staircase

This 95 square meter flat is designed by French architecture and design studio, Ecole. It’s facing the Eglise Saint-Gervais on one side and the Hôtel de Ville de Paris on the other. The whole of the the two top floors of an 18th century building are occupied by it. Of course the flat is a restoration of the existing space to become suitable for a...Continue Reading...


Cool Black and White Poufs – Binoculo by Italian Sofa Design

Fri, Dec 4, 2009 | Furniture

If you are looking for an interesting addition for your trendy black and white apartment design then you should check out cool poufs by Italian Sofa Design. They could become a great functional element of any black and white room. These poufs have an original shape and thanks to that one pouf can give enough place for two person. They look very stylish...Continue Reading...


Black And White Ceramic Tiles By Versace

Sat, May 9, 2009 | Ceramic tiles

Versace is perfect at all, even at creating ceramic tiles. Collaboration between Gianni Versace and Gardenia-Orchidea has generated and offered to consumers several awesome collections of ceramic tiles. Among them are collections for people who like black and white design and search for high quality tiles. Some people even could think that each of these...Continue Reading...


Contemporary Kitchen Furniture By Aran Cucine

Thu, Mar 26, 2009 | Decorating, Kitchen designs

Italian companies are always one step ahead in creating new stylish kitchen furniture. Among them, Aran Cucine is one of the best producer of kitchens in the world. This company always searches for innovative solutions in kitchens and creates original and high-quality models. Its the most luxury and contemporary collection is Volare. This collection is...Continue Reading...

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